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Do You Believe You Can & Will Lose Weight?

Do You Believe You Can & Will Lose Weight?

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As you may well know, here at New You, we actively promote a growth mindset as we feel that during a journey of transformation, changes in your mindset are as equally as important as changes to your physical health.

A big part of a healthy mindset set is having the ability to believe that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. What’s great with our 4×4 System is that it gives you fast results to give you that feeling of belief quickly. You can then harness that self-belief to motivate you to continue on with your transformation and achieve your goals. 

Self-belief isn’t just about your weight loss, it works for every part of your life. You can take that confidence and use it in your career, social or personal life to make positive changes. Learning to believe in yourself is critical to achieving the life that you want to live. In order to learn self-belief, you must find control over your feelings and thoughts.


How to control your mindset to achieve self-belief:

  • Create a growth mindset. If you’re limiting your beliefs due to mistakes from the past, you will struggle to believe in yourself. You need to work to rid yourself of your limiting beliefs.
  • Change your perspective. Believing in yourself means that you understand that only you can create your own success.
  • Love yourself. Loving yourself inspires true faith in yourself. Add in some healthy routines for good measure.
  • Embrace supportive people. Surrounding yourself with positive people and cheerleaders does wonders for your self-belief.
  • Adapt your focus. If you feel negativity switch your focus onto something more positive, no matter how small.
  • Understand your strength. Life is a journey and whatever you deal with adds to your strength and increases your skills. Remember that and harness that.
  • Feed your mind. Be mindful of what you read and watch. Ask yourself if it aligns with your goals. Always seek new knowledge and perspectives to challenge your new mindset.


One way in which our mindset coach Pascale helps with encouraging you to believe in yourself is by using a combination of manifestation and affirmations. Some may see this as a bit ‘woo’ but there is some science behind it. 


So What is Manifesting?

Manifesting is the process of bringing something into your life via belief and attraction. Simplified – if you think it, it will come. 

To manifest something, you need to have a clear goal of what you want and it needs to be as specific as possible. For you, it may be that you want to fit into size 8 jeans by January which will mean losing 3 stone. Even better would be to know in your mind what you would look like at your goal and how you imagine you would feel.

The misconception about manifesting is that once you know your goal and have declared it to the universe (via letter or even shouting out loud) you can just sit back and relax and let the magic happen. That’s not how manifesting works! You have to put half the work in and the universe will put in the rest. You have to start taking action or making changes in your life in order to receive what you’ve asked for. 

It’s also important to consider with manifesting that you may not get what you ask for all at once or how you expected. The important thing however is to be grateful and thankful for what does come your way.


The great thing about manifesting is that its process naturally pushes out any limiting beliefs you have in favour of a mindset that is open to growth. 

What is Affirmation?

Affirmation is when you give yourself emotional support and encouragement  – out loud. To begin with, telling yourself that you are amazing can seem weird and a little narcissistic, however giving yourself positive statements can really help to challenge any negative thoughts you may be having.

The great thing about affirmations is that they are simple to do. You can do them in front of the bathroom after you’ve brushed your teeth or in bed just before you go to sleep. And what you say doesn’t have to be complicated either. If you’re looking to increase your water intake, for example, you can affirm this a few times a day by saying to yourself, ‘I will drink 4 litres of water today.’

It’s handy to have pre-prepared affirmations as they are a great tool against intrusive and negative thoughts. If you’re feeling particularly down during the day or something has happened to make you feel less than great, then you can whip an affirmation out of your arsenal and keep repeating it until you feel some relief.

What’s the Science?

For affirmations and manifestations to work they need regular work and practice, especially if you are looking for long term changes, like weight loss. 

There have been various studies that have shown that positive affirmations increase neural pathways in the brain. And social studies have shown that positive affirmations can boost physical endurance by up to 18%.

Further evidence from empirical studies have suggested that practising positive self-affirmation can:

  • Lower your stress levels.
  • Improve your academic performance.
  • Help you make better decisions about your health.
  • Increase your confidence.
  • Encourage optimism.

Believe in You

Having self-belief can be so powerful as not only is it a motivator, it can also raise your mood and squash your anxiety. It could be the difference between getting that promotion at work and not. Passing your driving test or not. Maintaining your transformation or not. Not believing in yourself puts you at a clear disadvantage when it comes to moving forward in any part of your life.

Move your transformation forward by learning how to believe that you can. Create some affirmations and do a bit of manifesting. You’ll never know if it works if you don’t give it a try!

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