About Our Meals

About our meals

The New You Plan Diet Meal Replacement Plans are specially created for safe, rapid weight loss through a natural fat burning state called ketosis. This is a safe way to lose weight fast! It simply means your body’s primary fuel source is your fat, rather than food. Many customers experience high energy and no hunger as your body taps into your body fat for fuel. More information on the science behind how our plan works can be found here.

We at The New You Plan focus on making your weight loss journey as easy as possible. We have proved that losing weight does not mean eating bland, boring, flavourless foods… we currently offer an extensive range of almost 40 great tasting meals and snacks, with new products continuously being added! 

All of our meal and snacks are AMAZING, and our customers always comment that they don’t feel like they are on a diet. There are so many different textures, tastes and sensations meaning there is something to suit every taste! Also, while on plan our tastes change so if there is something that you didn’t like initially, try it again in a few weeks and you will be amazed to find that you may actually like it now. Finally… you can lose weight and enjoy chocolate!

About New You Plan meals

The good thing about our products is that when you have your 4TFR meals a day you are getting 100% of RDA’s – meaning that you are getting everything you need for your body to function as normal while losing weight. And, what’s even better about a Total Food Replacement VLCD diet is that it takes all the guess work out of dieting. There is no need to calorie count.

Typically, on The New You Plan you will consume 800 calories or less per day following the guide lines of four TFR products per day. In addition to this our diet is also ketogenic, which quite simply means that your body is going to switch its primary fuel source from food to your body’s own reserves which is why you lose weight so rapidly.

As mentioned above we have a wide variety of products, over 35 so this means that you are never going to be stuck for choice!

We have a total of:

Each of these TFR products are going to make dieting so much easier for you.

All our delicious products are suitable for vegetarians, except the wafers as these have gelatine in them, however this does not lessen the choice – you are still able to have all our main meals…. AMAZING!!


The New You Plan wanted to make the bundle selection process as easy as possible and by doing this we have created 2 special allergen bundles:

What’s so brilliant about out special offer bundles is that you can choose from our entire range to ensure you create a mix that suits you! 

Diet! What diet?!

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