Magical Mindset Sessions – June 2021

Are you ready for a magical New You? Why not start right now? Join Pascale In our Secret Slimmer’s Community This June each Sunday at 5pm! One lucky viewer each week will win £25 New You Credit!  These sessions are FREE, exclusive to customer’s of the New You Plan in our Facebook Community group! Your transformation isn’t magical in the […]

Introduction: A big hello to all New You Plan members.

A big hello to all New You Plan members. I’m delighted to have been appointed the Clinical Dietitian and Nutritionist for the New You Plan where I will be supporting Julie-Ann and her team, and New You Plan members to help create very low-calorie diets. To tell you a little bit about me I’m a UK-registered dietitian, living in London, […]

Exercise And The New You Plan

On The New You Plan, your body will typically be receiving approximately 800 calories per day and by doing this you will start to lose weight quite rapidly. This may be quite a change to the norm for you and so it is not recommended to undertake any new strenuous high intensity exercise regimes at this time as your body […]

Calories – An Overview from our Dietician

Calories – an overview What is a calorie? The amount of energy in an item of food and drink is measured in calories. The energy we take in via calories is important as it is needed to fuel all of our body’s internal processes as well as our physical movements such as breathing and our daily activities (1).   An average […]

Diet and Immunity – Essential Nutrients

What does the immune system do? Our immune system is active throughout our body and exists to protect us from exposure to harmful external pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites as well as environmental pollutants and food toxins, in essence it helps to keep us and our Diet and Immunity healthy! The immune system is continually working in […]

Don’t Stress – Be a Hero!

Relationship between stress and weight gain – Be a hero and don’t stress!  During the first COVID-19 lockdown there was an increase in behaviours related to weight gain (1). The significant behaviours linked to this were frequent intake of ultra-processed food, snacking, being less active having less portion control, higher reported levels of stress and emotional eating (2,3). Stress and […]

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