NY – New You

TFR – Total Food Replacement

VLCD – Very Low Calorie Diet

RDA – Recommended Daily Allowance

Ketosis – This occurs when the body switches its primary fuel source to its fat, to promote fast weight loss and high energy

Mr K – Customers often refer to ‘Mr K’ arriving when they are in ketosis, usually 3 days after starting the plan

Ketosis breath – this can be a side effect of ketosis

Fast Focus – This is our Total Food Replacement Plan where you follow our plan 100% of the time. It is ideal if you are very focused on getting super fast weight loss results and you want to break the bad habits and addictions that are keeping you overweight.

Fresh Focus – This is intermittent fasting, which involves following our plan for at least 2 days a week, and eating fresh foods the rest of the time. This is ideal if you are focused on losing weight but want some flexibility to add fresh foods into your diet plan or you want to maintain your weight loss.

Blip – This is the word that is used when you have had a non-plan food– we do not want to specifically name foods as it may cause others to have cravings

SS – Secret Slimmers

Nom Noms – These are little New You Plan muffins made using our Porridge

PFB – Pineapple Fat Burners 

TOTM – Time of the Month – Female Menstrual Cycle 

DPD – This is the name of our courier service

BMI – Body Mass Index

5:2 – This is where you would eat healthy for 5 days of the week and do 2 days full TFR

Ibs – This is shortened down from pounds as a weight conversion

Customer Hub – This is our online free toolbox, where you will have access to the media and resources you need to start your New You journey

Selfie Saturday – Every Saturday in Secret Slimmers, we encourage our members to share a selfie of themselves so that they can celebrate how amazing they look!

Slimstory Sunday – Every Sunday, members of Secret Slimmers share their weight loss story and the reasons they started the plan

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