What happens after the diet?

what happens after the diet

One of the biggest worries many of our customers express is the fear of reaching their weight loss goal and not being able to maintain it. Why lose all that weight and put it back on? At The New You Plan we fully understand the importance of maintaining your amazing weight loss, which is why we focus on not just losing weight, but helping you change your mindset. In doing this, you will learn to develop a new relationship with food, by understanding what it is that led you to putting on weight.

The great news about our plan is that our meals and snacks can be easily incorporated into you new healthy eating plan to help you stay on track and not go back to old habits. This year we have introduced our brand new New Year, New You Bundles and our Fresh Focus Plan is the perfect way to maintain your weight loss.

With our Fresh Focus Plan, you simply follow our Total Food Replacement Plan for a minimum of 2 days a week. On the other days you consume fresh, healthy foods. You also have the option of one cheat day a week. This gives you a little structure to your diet and is flexible around your lifestyle.

Our Fresh Focus Plan includes some amazing benefits:

  • Fasting 2 days a week turns on a gene that removes hunger on other days
  • Flexible for lifestyle – if eating out you can order salads, chicken, fish etc
  • Speeds up the metabolism
  • Improves your eating
  • Improves your immune system
  • Helps clear the skin and prevents acne
  • Improves your brain
  • Fasting reboots your immune system
  • Proven protection against disease
  • More energy

New You Plan What Happens After

With Fresh Focus, simply follow the Fast Focus Total Food Replacement Plan (4 packs a day) at least 2 days a week. This will switch on your weight loss / appetite gene. Research has shown that intermittent fasting causes beneficial changes in your body’s risk factor for age-related disease. It is also suggested that intermittent fasting can rejuvenate the immune system and could reduce the risk for certain types of cancers (Cell Metabolism: Clinical and Translational Report (2015)).

On FRESH DAYS you will eat FRESH HEALTHY FOODS following these rules:

1) No white starchy carbs

2)  No sugar and very limited fruit

3) No bad fats, only healthy fats

4) Lots of fresh vegetables, protein, wholegrains

5) Optional one cheat day a week

6) Women advised to consume no more than 2000 calories on fresh days

7) Men advised to consume no more than 2500 calories on fresh days

So with The New You Plan, you can feel safe in the knowledge that not only can our plan be used to help you lose weight, you can maintain it too!

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