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Your Body Is Amazing – So Love It!

Your Body Is Amazing – So Love It!

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We’re still on the subject of self-love and this week it’s all about loving your body. Pascale will be helping you to reconnect with your body and find a new appreciation for it.

Oscar Wilde once said, ‘To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.’ And he was right. When you love yourself, so many other things make sense and slot into place. Sadly, though, like most things, it doesn’t happen overnight, but it is quite easy to make a start.

In your workbook this week you will be able to record ways in which you can reconnect with your body. Pascale suggests breaking it down into 3 sections:

  • Invigorate
  • Care
  • Talk

When you do something to invigorate your body, first thing in the morning, you become more aware of it. You can shake, tap or stroke your body in a bid to wake it up. It will take you around 3 minutes and could easily fit into your morning routine.

Everyone’s body needs to be cared for and cheered up. Pascale suggests you do this by grabbing a notebook and writing down how much you love and are thankful for your body. You can even shout it out loud, even if you are the only one listening!

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘have a word with yourself,’ and you really should! Tell each part of your body how much you appreciate it and how much you love what it does for you 

There are many other ways in which you can show appreciation for your body. How about doing things that your body enjoys? Such as having a hot bubble bath, walking barefoot on wet grass or getting a friend to give you a shoulder massage.

Lastly, Pascale will encourage you to write yourself a letter from your imagined future self to you today. A letter of thanks for all you have done during your weight loss journey and congratulations on reaching your goal. 

Remember it’s your body and you only have the one, so make sure you give it love, respect it and show it some gratitude.

You can Join Pascale over on the Secret Slimmer’s Facebook group and if you make it live you could win yourself £25 in New You credit. If the day and time aren’t ideal then you can catch up with Pascale’s sessions in the Guides section. 

Oh and don’t forget to download your workbook, it’s so handy to refer to again and again.

With January done and its pressure of success behind you, it’s time to really focus on yourself and your needs. Love is all around and there is enough for you, so join Pascale on Tuesday and go and grab yourself some!


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