Let’s Work on Your Healthy Holiday Mindset

Well done, you made it to December! This time of year can feel so magical! Do you remember when you were a kid, how easy it was to believe in Santa? And not just him but fairies and the elves? Well, our mind coach Pascale remembers and she thinks it’s now time to believe in yourself.  Whether you’ve been on

Building A Confident Self – Image

Having started to take action on improving your confidence in certain areas of your life, it’s time to work on your self-image. The problem is that when you look in the mirror, what you see could be real but it could also be a distorted view of who you really are. Based on what you view, you develop either a

Your Confidence in Action!

Now you understand yourself a bit more and you know the area’s of confidence that you need to work on, it’s time to take action and start to build on your self-belief and confidence. This week in her coaching session, Pascale will offer suggestions on tools you can use to take action on a regular basis and flex and build

Do You Understand Yourself-talk Wants and Needs?

Now you know that you can start working on your confidence by cultivating a growth mindset, you can really examine what it is that you want and what areas of your mindset need particular attention. This week, it is Pascale’s mission to help you become clearer about the areas of your life you want to increase your self-confidence in, and

Don’t Wait to be Confident – Find it Now!

By now, you’ve probably all realised that one of the benefits of losing weight and becoming healthier is an increase in self-confidence. But you may also know that being confident is a fantastic tool when it comes to making your transformation a success. So what if you had that confidence now and didn’t have to wait? Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

How to Make Your Habits Sticky!

No, we’re not talking about crafting with paper and glue! We’re talking about making those habit’s you’ve been working on – stick! And that’s what Pascale is helping you work on this week in her mindset session. There’s no point in doing all your habit hard work if it’s not going to last for the long term. So to help

The Time has come to Start Your New Habits

Having spent the last few weeks deciding on what new habits you want to adopt and the ones you need to ditch, this week Pascale helps you focus on how to start those new habits – now!  Just how you break your ultimate transformation goal into smaller goals, you should do the same with your habits. Creating smaller mini habits

Send Your Challenges Packing with Pascale

Life will always throw you challenges, it would be boring if it didn’t. However, some challenges can be trickier to navigate than others, especially when it comes to losing weight.  The best way to deal with a challenge is to not only be able to identify it but also be prepared for it. This week, Pascale is helping you to

Your mindset can go from Strength to Strength

Trying to establish new positive habits in your life can be hard. One of the reasons for this is owning limiting beliefs that you weren’t even aware of. This week, Pascale is helping you to identify the limiting beliefs that could be holding you back from sticking to your new habits. She will help you move on and make your

Prepare The Change In Your Habits!

Pascale is back after her well-earned break and plans on helping you bring in some changes just like the month of October does!   October is the perfect month for you to set some new strong habits which will not only support your transformation goals but your whole new healthy, strong, and happy lifestyle. Pascale kicks off week 1 by

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