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Send Your Challenges Packing with Pascale

Send Your Challenges Packing with Pascale

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Life will always throw you challenges, it would be boring if it didn’t. However, some challenges can be trickier to navigate than others, especially when it comes to losing weight. 

The best way to deal with a challenge is to not only be able to identify it but also be prepared for it.

This week, Pascale is helping you to recognise a challenge when it comes knocking and then teaching you how to close the door in its face! With these skills, you will be more successful in implementing your new healthier habits and reaching your transformation goal.

The most common challenges that could make you stumble in your journey will be temptations and excuses-yes excuses! 

The excuses that we make for ourselves can be very creative and not really excuses at all – just things that we use to convince ourselves to keep doing the same old easy things and not make changes. Pascale advises that to avoid these so-called excuses you need to have a word with yourself, be honest and set yourself some rules that allow you the flexibility you need. 

In the beginning, as you make new changes, temptations can be hard to handle and often cause people to fall off the wagon and quit.

To overcome temptation, Pascale has a great method that you can implement that means accepting your specific temptations and writing them out. For example:

  • “I really want X right now”. 
  • Then “But I know once I have X, I am going to feel Y”. 
  • Read over it a few times and vividly imagine it. 

The ultimate weapon against stumbling when it comes to your excuses and temptations is to have a plan prepared in advance that will deal with these eventualities. In this week’s part of your workbook, Pascale helps you to make your plan by asking:

  • Are there events, moments in the day/week, people that may cause you to stumble? 
  • Where would giving up and continuing this thing get you? 
  • What are the lessons from your past stumbles and what could you do differently? 
  • What can you do to handle the situation and feel better about it?
  • How can you reduce the possibility of it happening again? 


  • Detail your plan for each possible stumble.
  • Detail your plan, your rule and your exception if you find yourself making excuses.

For more in-depth coaching on handling your excuses and temptations, you can catch Pascale on the Secret Slimmer’s Facebook group live on Sunday or any other time under the Guides section. Don’t forget to download the workbook to help you out too.

Make sure you become a priority in your life and make those positive changes today.


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