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Above All, Self-Care Matters

Above All, Self-Care Matters

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If you don’t look after yourself and take care of your own needs then you will never be 100% when taking care of others – if that’s what you desire.

As February draws to a close, Pascale wants to help you learn how to listen to your own needs and understand how to practice self-care.

After all, self-love and care aren’t just for February, it’s skills for life. 

But what does self-care mean?

Well, it’s definitely a lot more involved than the occasional bubble bath (although they help)! Self-care is about cutting out self-criticism and being more complimentary of yourself. If you are able to be kind, patient, generous and accepting of others then you can be all of these things to yourself.

In your workbook this week, Pascale will encourage you to write at least 15 compliments about yourself. And don’t worry, she has provided you with a long list of words that you can choose from! You can look at things like your physical features, your personality, your skills, your taste – anything. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many compliments you will be able to attribute to yourself.

Once you have found some nice things to say about yourself then Pascale will help you work on the physical side of self-care. Namely a self-care box!

There are two layers to your box, one is filled with concepts of emotional, mindset and social self-care systems and the other layer is tangible items of self-care.


Some example concepts are: 

  • How you move or relax your body in order to show it self-care. 
    • Walking, sleeping, sport or dance for example.
  • How you nourish your body inside and out.
    • Water, nutrition or skincare routine for example.
  • How you practice self-love daily.
    • Affirmations or coping systems for example.
  • How you communicate with others.
    • Friendships, relationships, support systems and social media for example.
  • How you treat yourself.
    • Schedule ‘me’ time, rewards and self-reflection for example.

The tangible element of your self-care box will be designed to help you feel grounded, feel good, bring you joy and will link to all of your senses.

Some of your items could include:

  • A photo.
  • A physical memory.
  • A lucky charm.
  • A crystal.
  • Cards with positive messages.
  • Affirmations or positive mantras you can read.
  • Favourite movies.
  • A song playlist you love. 
  • A screenshot of an SMS that you love.
  • A rock that holds a memory.
  •  A fluffy item.
  • A stress ball.
  • A candle.

And the list goes on.

Be your own reason to smile and join Pascale this week to cement self-love into your transformation journey. You will find her, as usual, over on the Secret Slimmer’s Facebook group at 7 pm UK time.

If you’ve missed any of her sessions, you can watch them on replay which can be found in the Guides section. 

Oh and don’t forget to download your workbook, it’s so handy to refer to again and again.

For you, loving yourself is the most important thing you can do.

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