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Top 7 Motivational Tips

Top 7 Motivational Tips

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Here at the New You Plan, we’re always harping on your ‘why.’ Find your why, write down your why, remember your why. It’s all about your why. It’s the best motivational tool in your arsenal, that’s why we won’t ever stop mentioning it!

That being said, sometimes you need more than just one motivator. Not in the form of reasons, but in the form of dealing with situations around you that might veer you off track.

So here are some additional ways to keep yourself motivated on your weight loss journey.


1. Set Yourself Goals

It’s great to have an end goal but that can feel unobtainable at first, so it’s important to set yourself smaller goals. Break your weight loss plan down into more manageable sections. Making your goals too hard will set you up to feel like a failure if you don’t meet them, leaving you feeling completely unmotivated. You don’t need to feel that negativity during your weight loss journey – or any time in your life!


2. Build Your Plan Around Your Life

Never try to shoehorn your weight loss plan into your life as you will never be able to maintain what you lose. You will end up squeezing out your weight loss plan once you reach your goal and end up putting your weight back on again. You need to make a plan that will slot easily into your life so it becomes a routine, an easy addition or tweak to your current lifestyle. Major life changes are hard and you want to make losing weight as easy as possible. For example, attribute a new healthy habit to something you already do. If you’re looking to drink more water, make sure you grab yourself a bottle with each meal – this will make it easier to remember to drink. 


3. Be Mindful

Being mindful ties in with remembering your ‘why’. It’s important to be in the right frame of mind when you embark on a weight loss journey. If you’re not you will be distracted by the slightest bit of negativity or temptation that floats your way. Being mindful helps you in food decisions and social situations. 



4. Consistency Not Perfection

Having high expectations is unrealistic when it comes to weight loss, even when you have a steadfast plan. Deviating from your plan for any reason doesn’t make you a failure, as long as you reassess and move on. Life in any situation isn’t perfect so you shouldn’t expect your weight loss journey to be. As long as you are consistent in your efforts, you will be successful.


5. Be Accountable to Someone

It’s always great to have a weight loss buddy. Someone you can check in with regularly and discuss your highs and lows with. Knowing that you have someone who will give you a boost when you need it will give you motivation. 


6. Keep Those Jeans to Hand

If you have a favourite item of clothing that used to fit you then keep it. Don’t throw it away! In fact, to raise your level of motivation even more, hang whatever it is on the front of your wardrobe to remind you what you’re working towards.


7. Find Your Groove

Studies have shown that music can make you happy if you choose the right tunes. To help with motivation and take your mind off any negative thoughts you have, play some uplifting music, sing along and get into the groove. Even have a dance if you like, it’s great exercise!


So there you have it, 7 ways to make sure your motivation is top level. If you need even more then we have lots of blogs with advice and tips, along with our amazing community of Secret Slimmer’s on our Facebook page who can give you a big boost.



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