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The Time has come to Start Your New Habits

The Time has come to Start Your New Habits

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Having spent the last few weeks deciding on what new habits you want to adopt and the ones you need to ditch, this week Pascale helps you focus on how to start those new habits – now! 

Just how you break your ultimate transformation goal into smaller goals, you should do the same with your habits. Creating smaller mini habits makes them much easier to implement and does away with any overwhelm you may be feeling.

As always, to move forward you need a plan!

To start with, your plan should include:

  • Each mini habit (broken down from your overall habits).
  • Your milestones of each mini habit.
  • Your rewards for reaching each milestone.

Remember, milestones are a way of measuring your progress, while rewards encourage repeated behaviours, restore your willpower, and reinforce actions.

Once you’ve broken your habits down into mini ones, you should choose three that you feel are the most important. You can’t do them all at once, and between two and three is definitely manageable. Choose the ones you feel will have the biggest impact on your transformation or life priority right now. With your chosen three in mind, you can flesh out your plan.

Ask yourself of your mini habits:

  • When will you take action on your habit?
  • At what time will you carry out your habit every day?
  • What activity will your habit be attached to?

The more detail you have, the better. 

Pascale’s downloadable workbook comes into its own this week as there is plenty of room to list what your new mini habits will be and your specific plan for making them successful. She has also provided you with a tracker so you can make sure you are working at your habit for at least 30 days in a row. After 30 days, your new habit will have become natural to you.

For more in-depth coaching to help you start your new habits, you can catch Pascale on the Secret Slimmer’s Facebook group live on Sunday or any other time under the Guides section. Don’t forget to download that workbook that we mentioned to help you out.

It’s about time you started a habit today that your future self will thank you for.


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