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13 Tricks to Avoid the Treats this Halloween!

13 Tricks to Avoid the Treats this Halloween!

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‘Tis the spooky season of spirits and sweets but there’s nothing to be scared about when it comes to staying on plan, because we’ve got 13 tricks for you to try to stay on track, and still have fun!

At New You HQ we love Halloween, with the dressing up and the scary films. But did you know that here in the UK we’ve only been seriously celebrating since the 1980s? You probably already know that the tradition of trick or treating (as we know it today) comes from America, but it wasn’t popularised in the UK until TV and movies like ET acted like a springboard.

But, the Americans didn’t invent Halloween! When the Irish emigrated during the potato famine in the 1840’s they took with them their Halloween traditions. And although much of how we celebrate Halloween today was created in the late 19th century, the origins go back a lot further and had more to do with being thankful than being scared!

Obviously, we could go on and on with the history lesson, but that’s not what you’re here for! So, whether you’re taking the kids trick or treating or you’re off to a Halloween party, here are some top tips on how to stay on plan during this horror holiday!

1 Be mindful of your progress to date and where you’re at right now. Weigh yourself and take your measurements. Doing this will make you more conscious of your journey so you will be less likely to want to stray from it.

2. Make yourself accountable. Tell family and friends or even post on the Secret Slimmer’s group that you are intending to stick to your plan. Even be specific by explaining your tactics for resisting the temptation of sweet treats and alcohol.

3. If you’re going to a party, make sure you have someone who has your back. Explain your weight loss goals to them and you’re less likely to reach for the eyeball vol-au-vents for the fear of the disapproving look you’ll get from your friend!

4. Again, if you’re at a party, make sure you have a drink of water with you at all times. People are less likely to offer you a drink if you already have one and water will keep your tummy topped up.

5. At the haunted house, position yourself away from the buffet table. Out of sight, out of mind, right? In case of emergencies carry a New You Bar with you.

6. Follow your normal daily habit and you won’t find yourself hungry when you’re manning the goodie bowl for knocking trick or treaters.

7. If you’re a procrastinator then take this chance to delay buying any sweets for the goblin hoards. Try and hold out and buy on the actual day and don’t open them until the witching hour (obviously not the real witching hour as most kids will be in bed!). If chocolate and sweets aren’t in the house or open then they can’t call you from the kitchen cupboards. 

8. If you want to remove the sweet temptation altogether then we recommend buying the ones you don’t like, then you won’t give them a second thought!

9. If you’re taking your little ghouls out trick or treating then think of it as your daily exercise, avoid taking the car if possible.

10. If you’re hosting a scary soiree, send any leftovers home with your guests. This will make sure that you’re not tempted by that pumpkin pie whilst you’re clearing up afterwards.

11. Don’t send little Satan out with a pillowcase to collect his treats in, because that bag will be overflowing and you’ll have sweets in the house for months. A small bag will carry less chocolate which will be scoffed and all gone before you can think about ‘borrowing’ some! (yeah, we’ve all done it!)

12. Did you know that a study found that the good mood feeling you get from eating sweets and chocolate only lasts 3 minutes? Think about that as you look longingly at a bite-size Snickers and ask yourself: ‘is my transformation worth jeopardizing for 3 minutes?’ It’s really not!

13. Lastly, give yourself a break and forgive yourself. If you do blip despite your best plans and intentions then don’t beat yourself up. Own it and remember that you’ve not failed and you still can succeed. To give up is to fail, to carry on regardless to win.

So there you go! All’s left to do now is to go and buy your costume and make sure you have a very happy Halloween!

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