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The Seasons Are Changing, Are You?

The Seasons Are Changing, Are You?

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October is the season of change. Mother nature shed’s the old to make way for the new and it’s beautiful.

As the leaves are falling and the evenings are getting darker, it’s easy to feel sad that you now need to wrap up and your social calendar is looking sparse. Try not to feel that way. Look for the positive. Use the cosy evenings as an opportunity to reflect on your life and transformation goals and see what changes you can make to support your journey.

There are several ways you can do this. One way, in particular, is to look at your overall goal for the future and with that in mind create a goal for the end of the month. Decide what you want to have achieved by the 31st of October. 

Remember, baby steps will be the key to your success. Look to the short term for your long term gains.

Although your October goals are individual to you, it can sometimes help to know what others are hoping to achieve, to judge as to whether your own plans are realistic. So to help you out, we asked the Secret Slimmer’s what their goals were!

Interestingly, they weren’t all number-on-scale related.

  • To get down into the next stone bracket, that’s 8lb to see a 14 stone something so that’s my October goal!
  • Just to keep going down in the right direction.
  • I turn 50 on October 26th and I want another stone gone.
  • I am starting on 4th October so I would love to lose a stone by the end.
  • Hopefully, 10 pounds to a stone and be in the next bracket.
  • Aiming for 7lbs.
  • Would love a stone but being more realistic I’ll be happy with another 10lbs. To be honest it’s the shrinkage that is more important to me.
  • 10lbs but I’ve 2 planned blips. It’ll be the first blip since I started almost 5 wks ago. Still aiming high. I exercise 5 times a week so I am hopeful. 
  • Off the Fuerteventura on the 17th. Hoping to lose 4 by then to get under 200lbs. Will refeed while away and come back to half term. Hoping to maintain and end the month still under 200 and then power on until Xmas.
  • Get into the next stone bracket… I’m 2lbs off so hoping to smash it next week
  • Minuses, lots of lovely minuses.
  • Gain more muscle.



We love some of the details, like planned blips, and the non-scale victories, like losing inches and gaining more fat-burning muscle. It’s also important to notice how varied some of the weight loss goals are. They range from any weight loss at all, from 2lbs to 1 stone and all are very achievable the New You Total Plan is followed

Once you’ve decided what you want to accomplish before November, make sure you’re successful by:

  • Ordering enough of your favourite New You products.
  • Finding accountability by telling someone of your goal. You could let the community of Secret Slimmers know-they’ll keep you in check!
  • Planning ahead when it comes to social events.
  • Making use of Pascale’s mindset sessions to get help in making positive changes.
  • Looking out for our Halloween blog for tips on resisting all those treats hanging about!
  • Following us on social media for daily inspiration!

Is there any other way that we can help you achieve your October goals? Our friendly customer service team is always there to help and would love to hear your suggestions.

Make that plan, get it done and see 2021 out with a bang!

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