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Don’t Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Don’t Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

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Tired of wearing baggy clothes? Fed up hiding in doors? Are you the one who always takes the photos because you can’t bear to see a photo of yourself? Today, we share why you need to be both physically and mentally uncomfortable about your weight in order to lose it.

We’re sure that the title of today’s blog post will resonate with so many people. When we put on weight, so many of us feel like our body isn’t our own. In our heads we feel the same and our personality hasn’t altered but possessing a body which we aren’t used to get make us feel, well… uncomfortable.

So what do we do? For the majority of our customers, the answer is to hide away. Whether that be physically staying indoors, turning down social invites because we worry what others will think or say, or metaphorically hiding behind layers and layers of baggy clothes. We think that if we add a baggy jumper, we’ll become invisible, and we take comfort in those items of clothing  which hide the real truth and mask the emotions that come with putting on weight and no longer feeling like ourselves.


This post shared by one of our customers in Secret Slimmers this week really says it all…

“Sorry for all the posts just lately, but just wanted to say how positive I feel at the moment! 
I’ve been in a very dark place for quite some time about my weight and how I look (can’t stand even looking at myself in the mirror) I hide myself away and keep myself covered up. I live in a big black hoodie and baggy black jogging bottoms as I can’t stand the sight of myself and have no self confidence, even on those boiling hot days I refuse to take my fleece off in fear of what people will say and think! I still have a very long way to go as only started last week and lost 9lb but I know that I have the support of everyone here and I know that I am sticking with the diet this time! 

Feeling so much more positive and looking forward to being able to take the hoodie off in public (will be a while yet) but I’m heading in the right direction for the first time in a very long time!

Sorry for the long post, but wanted you all to know how positive this group and plan has made me already 
Love to you all 


Get uncomfortable about your weight

Believe it or not, but actually feeling this uncomfortable will help you make that first step. You really need to feel like you are no longer living in your own body in order to get focused on your weight loss goal. You have to want to lose weight. And if you ever feel like giving up, you need to get really good at recalling that negative emotion of how you once felt so that you never go back to that stage.

Slowly but surely, as the fat melts away, as the scales reveal her weight loss results, this customer is taking comfort in the fact that soon she’ll be able to shed those layers, both physically and mentally and reveal her new you.


Get ready to shed those layers

This plan works for so many people who crave no longer feeling like they are trapped in the wrong body. No doubt you’ll be keen to feel like your old self as soon as possible, and thanks to the safe, fast and exciting weight loss results that our customers experience, this dream quite quickly becomes a reality. Being spurred on by motivating results each week is the perfect incentive to keep going, as that end goal becomes within reach.

So many Secret Slimmers tell us that one of the biggest joys they experience on plan is finally being able to look at themselves in the mirror. Where they have avoided them for years, they now actually go out and buy full length mirrors and place them throughout their home.

And what’s more than this, where they have refused to be in photos in the past, they now LOVE being front and centre in them, realising that they have missed out on capturing so many happy memories because they couldn’t face being in front of the camera.

If you can relate to this, now is your time to do something about it. It’s time to try a diet meal plan that delivers on its promises. Soon, you’ll be shedding those layers, feeling fit and fabulous and creating amazing memories this summer.

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*Everyone is different, and we can’t guarantee how much weight you will lose. Check out our success stories to see what our customers have lost. 

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