New You Plan Before & After

New You Plan before and after

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee.

Julie “Ju” Rose Lost a MARVELLOUS 56.5lbs*

Before & After -- Ju Rose

Julie “Ju” Rose went through a divorce that blind sided her and made her believe that her life was in “50 shades of black.” But she took control, got on The New You Plan, and regained her confidence. Today, she exuberantly says, “My future is now multi-coloured!” If you’re like Ju, who’s in a dark place at the moment, take the same journey she did–and move on to a “multi-coloured” future, starting with your self-confidence. CLICK HERE to find out how she did it–with a little help from New You.




Mel Loses an INCREDIBLE 71lbs* 


Mel has lost a WHOPPING 5 Stone 1lbs (71lbs) In 7.5 months! Mel has found that she has a lot more energy, more confidence and she is loving the fact that she has a love for clothes again, instead of the baggy t-shirts she lived in. CLICK HERE to read her full story here.

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Eamonn Loses a SMASHING 80lbs* 

eamonn2Eamonn made a massive difference in his life by loosing an incredible 5 Stone 10lbs (80lbs). He had many bad habits, eating sweets, chocolate and pizza, this caused him to pile the weight on, starting the plan weighing in at 20 stone he has made a massive life change and feels like a new man! CLICK HERE to find out how he completed the plan and get to where he is now.

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Natalie has lost a smashing 7 stone (98lbs) Starting the plan weighing in at an uncomfortable 18 stone 11lbs, feeling ashamed, embarrassed, sluggish, her weight was getting her dow, she made a massive decision to lose the weight and change her life for the better. After loosing 7 stone and 8 dress sizes, Natalie is living a new life with her hubby and kids! CLICK HERE to get instant motivation!




Kevin Loses a WHOPPING 41lbs* 


Kevin has lost an AMAZING 41lbs. Started at 15 st 6lbs wearing a size 42” waist, always feeling so tired — and often feeling bloated. He was ashamed of his shape and unable to buy clothes he liked. CLICK HERE to find out how Kevin conquered his demons and smashed his weight loss!

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Nanda Loses an AMAZING 42lbs*


Nanda has lost 3 Stone (42lbs) She tells us “I feel, happy, more confident in me, no problem in fitting in clothes, I feel pretty, I socialize more and I got my, am enjoying my weight loss and the New Me.” CLICK HERE to read her story and watch her video on how she completed her weight loss journey.

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Fiona Loses a HUGE 60lbs*

fiona allison1

Fiona Loses an UNBELIEVABLE 4 Stone 3lbs (60lbs) She tells us ‘I have always struggled with being overweight. I have been dieting all my life. In my 20’s and 30’s I had lots of fun.’ She was desperate and so upset, she knew something needed to change. CLICK HERE to read her story and find out how she smash her weight loss.

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Keri Loses a WHOPPING 56lbs* 


Keri has lost an amazing 4Stone (56lbs) Keri told us she always loses her, The New You Plan provides her with the structure that she needs to reach her weight loss goal. Keri tells us ”I feel so much more confident. So much sexier and happier. I’m happy to be out with friends or having fun in the park with the kids.” CLICK HERE to Read he interview and find out how she did it!!

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Intisar Loses an AMAZING 28lbs*


Intisar has transformed herself so much with her 28lb weight loss!! Intisar was a comfort eater and the weight just piled on over the years. She knew something had to change then she found The New You Plan. She looks and feels 20 years younger – don’t you think??? CLICK HERE to read her interview and see what challenges she faced a long the way.


Debbie Loses an INCREDIBLE 35lbs*

Debbieunderwood 1


Debbie is feeling AMAZING with her 35lbs weight loss, Debbie had an accident a few years back and this put her in a lot of pain, due to the stress and outcome of the accident Debbie gained weight over the years, making her really unhappy, this in turn resulted in comfort eating. Her Daughter actually said to her that she has a weight issue!! CLICK HERE to read Debbie’s story.

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Belinda Loses an AMAZING 84lbs*


The Beautiful Belinda has lost a shocking 84lbs, Belinda knew something has to change as her weight was affecting her health and her mindset, she says ”My weight has held me back for many years but The New You Plan has changed my life for the better, I am a different person inside and out.” Click HERE to read her interview on our blog to find out how she did it!

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Emma loses a WHOPPING 72lbs* 


Emma lost an incredible 5 Stone 2lbs (72lbs), Starting the plan wearing a tight size 22 and now fitting into a size 14 is life changing! With a lot of challenges and obstacles in her way she has come out so much stronger on the other side! Click HERE to read her interview on our blog to find out how she did it!

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Susan Lost 99lbs* With The New You Plan


Lovely Susan has lost a WHOPPING 7 Stone 1lbs (99lbs) I had a flare up of rheumatoid arthritis and fybromyalgia and the extra medication prescribed to deal with this made me feel very low during that particular time and I knew I had to try something!! I now feel AMAZING I cant believe the difference in my health and happiness! I feel like a new woman!!

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Jennie Lost 68lbs* With The New You Plan

5stone 4

The Amazing Jennie lost 4st 12lbs (68lbs). Her weight was greatly impacting her health and she decided to take action, she now feels fabulous and so fit, she has not set a new goal to push her fitness further for a happy healthy life. Click HERE to read her interview and listen to her video on our blog to find out how she did it!


Lovely Loretta Loses 61lbs* with The New You Plan

loretta 1

Stunning Loretta lost an incredible 61lbs, She says ”The change is so amazing I love it! Shopping for smaller clothes is fab too… I even bagged myself a new boyfriend 😛 I have had so many high points and I am just so happy with how far I have come, this diet has changed my life” Click HERE to read her interview on our blog to find out how she did it!

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Ushma lost 72lbs* with The New You Plan

New You Plan before and after

The beautiful Ushma lost 5st 2lbs (72lbs), dropping from a size 22 to a size 12. Her weight was greatly impacting her health and she decided to take action. Click HERE to read her interview on our blog to find out how she did it!

Click here to read Ushma's story


Javier’s unbelievable 10.5 stone* weight loss

New You Plan before and after

Javier has been on an incredible journey, totally transforming his life. Click HERE to read his interview on our blog.

Click here to read Javier's story

Catherine feels happy and healthy after losing 81lbs*

New You Plan before and after

Catherine LOVES how the plan has made her feel happy, healthy and most of all sexy! Listen to her interview HERE in which she reveals how she has gone from as size 24 to a size 14.

Click here to listen to Catherine's interview


Hannah loses 4st* in 10 weeks


Read Hannah’s heartfelt interview in which she shares her reason for starting the plan and how she lost 4 stone in 10 weeks. Click HERE to ready her story.

Click here to read Hannah's story

Cristina loses 55lbs*

New You Plan before and after



Head over to the blog and listen to Cristina’s interview in which she shares her reasons for starting the plan and why her 55lb weight loss has made her feel amazing.

Click here to listen to Cristina's story

Amelia-Grace loses 4 stone* in 8 weeks with The New You Plan


New You Plan before and after

After a long-term being in denial about her weight, Amelia-Grace took the plunge and started the plan and hasn’t looked back since, losing 4 stone in just 8 weeks. Read her inspirational story and her words of wisdom HERE.

Click here to read Amelia-Grace's story

Maggie’s marvellous 53lb* weight loss


In her interview Maggie tells us how she did the plan and what helped her through. She is a true inspiration and proof that no matter what happens in life, you have the power and control to achieve your goals. Read her interview HERE.Listen to Maggie's interview


*Unique people get unique results so weight loss results will vary from body to body. It’s no surprise that everyone loses weight at varying rates so these should serve as a guide only & are not a guarantee.

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