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How to overcome weight loss overwhelm on your TFR Diet

How to overcome weight loss overwhelm on your TFR Diet

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Do you feel overwhelmed with how much weight you have to lose? That ends now, thanks to our top tips for embracing a new way of thinking about your TFR diet.

At sometime or another, you will feel like this while on your TFR diet. When this happens, you’ll really need to dig deep in order to overcome these feelings of overwhelm.

Thankfully, if you find yourself in this situation, there are tons of things you can do to stop these feelings of overwhelm from sabotaging your diet.

When it comes to emotions and mindset – one size does not fit all, so you have to find something that works for you. Below, we’ve added some ideas that you can try in order to determine what works for you.

These tips are practical things that you can put into action TODAY, to make you feel happier on your weight loss journey, and deal with the emotions of being overweight on a TFR VLCD diet plan. Ultimately, the happier you feel, the more positive you think and therefore the more empowered you will be.

If you have any further suggestions on how people can deal with overwhelm on their weight loss journey please leave a comment below and share your tips own tips for success.


New You Diet Plan really encourages our customers to celebrate their weight loss success along the way. You can download the rewards and milestones worksheet from our 7 day Kick start course (You get full access to this video program when you are a New You customer).

Setting your mini milestones, planning your rewards and celebrations can really help you to stay on course. By setting smaller weight loss goals you will not feel overwhelmed. Instead, you will be feeling excited and focused about reaching your next mini target! We have a wealth of planning journals and booklets available to help you get clear on your goals. Check out our media and resources section on our website here.

“When i was at my heaviest 17st6 i had about 6 stone to loose.. im now at 14st 9 so iv at least 3.5 stone to go but iv done it by only stting myself small realistic goals my next goal is to get under 14st 7 which is not a long way off then it will be to get into the 13’s.. small realistic goals are easier to reach and yes i do celebrate each time i reach my goal so even tho iv 3.5 stone to loose i will be celebrating when i loose another 3lb” ~ New You Secret Slimmer

Some ideas of treats and rewards are:-

  • New shoes – Get yourself a new pair of trainers, boots or sandals – whatever your preference, when you reach a big milestone, such as a stone
  • New clothes – You might not want to spend too much money (if any) on new clothes until you are at or near your goal
  • New accessories – Scarfs & jewellery are a great way to jazz up your outfits while you are losing weight and you will still get great use out of them when you get to your goal
  • Perfume & make up – Another great treat for your weight loss
  • Beauty treatments – If the budget allows it, then a nice facial or beauty treatment is a great reward. Even just buying a new lipstick or nail polish is a great incentive

6 dress sizes


We regularly run monthly and mini weight loss challenges in Secret Slimmers. These will help you to stay focused on your goal for the month, and help you to do your best every week, so you can share your success with others. Having some accountability will also help you to stay on track. But breaking your big goal into monthly goals is a great way to overcome overwhelm on your weight loss journey.

“New You has helped me massively encouraging smaller goals particularly with the monthly challenges.” ~ New You Secret slimmer


One idea is to colour code your weight loss progress. Say you know you lose 14 pounds a month on average when you follow a TFR / VLCD diet plan (you might know that your average loss is less or more than this – this is just an example).

If you weigh 14 stone now and you want to get to 10 stone, this can feel like a lot of weight to lose but you have to remember that weight loss is a journey with progress and results seen along the way. Colour coding your progress can help you to relieve that overwhelm.

First of all, guess what weight you will be at the start of each month, then choose a colour to resemble how you will feel at that weight.

01 July:  13.5 stone

01 August:  12.5 stone

01 September:  11.5 stone

01 October:  10.5 stone

In this example, we have chosen RED for feeling unhappy, ORANGE for feeling okay, GREEN for feeling good, and PINK for feeling HAPPY! You can chose colours that suit you! You could do this with some felt tip pens or on your computer. Why not stick it somewhere you can see it, so the next time you feel overwhelmed, it helps you to realise that it won’t be long to you are feeling happier in your own skin?

By doing this, you can see that you will not feel unhappy about your weight loss for very long. It isn’t 4 months of feeling unhappy, it is 3-5 weeks and then you will be moving onto new emotions, and feeling happier and more confident.


It is important to have a positive mindset when you are on a TFR / VLCD Diet. Everyone is going to have moments of weakness and feeling low – that is normal… we are all human after all. But when you feel low or weak, you need to immediately recognise that your emotions and feelings are not taking you to a good place, and try to change how you feel as soon as you can. Feeling low, will really weaken your resolve.

When you feel overwhelmed with how much weight you need to lose, 3 months can feel like a lifetime. When you change this around in your head, and think “Wow in just 3 months I am going to be feeling and looking amazing!” rather than… “How am I going to do this for 3 whole months, omg I can’t do this, I am going to cry……”

If you are dishing out the food for the family at meal times and feeling like you want to get tore into the pizza, chips and garlic bread you might be feeling overwhelmed with feelings of “Oh I can’t do this, I want to eat all this pizza, look at that cheese, omg, and I love garlic bread, it is my favourite, I hate this diet, I don’t want to be doing this anymore”.

If you really want to be slim, and stay slim, we hate to break it to you, but chips, pizza, and garlic bread are not going to be a common place in your diet if you want to maintain when you reach your goal. When friends and family are eating unhealthy fatty foods, change how you look at the food ~ “I am so happy I am on this diet, I do like pizza and garlic bread, but I know I won’t be eating it much when I get to my slim target, because I am making life long changes. I am so proud of myself for my achievements so far. My health is important to me and I am going to look after my body from now on.”

Every time you have an experience with weakness/food/feeling low, take a look at how you are thinking. If you are thinking of overwhelm and negativity, then turn it around in your head. It takes some practice to do this, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Put a positive spin on everything, and the overwhelm will disappear, just like the pounds of fat off your body.

Favourite things


If you have a lot of weight to lose, the first couple of stone might not make you see or feel that much differently. It is important that you realise how far you have come. A great way to do this, is to actually SEE IT & FEEL IT!

“very clever lady once told me how she measured her weight loss in packets of butter in her fridge and moved each pound from one shelf to the next when she lost it and picturing what that fridge would look like if it were mine keeps me going!! Focusing on how much already lost works for me. A loss is not just what I have lost that week but I also focus on what I haven’t put on due to decisions I have made xx” ~ New You Secret Slimmer

A great way to SEE and FEEL how much weight you have lost is to go to your local supermarket and buy some cheap and nasty value lard. Buy one packet for every pound you have lost.  It might cost you a few pounds, but if it helps you to see how far you have already come, then it is a small price to pay to help you stay on course with your weight loss goals.

For an example, if you have lost 20 pounds, this just gives you some visual representation of how much fat this is…
new you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fastnew you diet lose fat fast

Go to your local supermarket and buy some lard!! Feel how heavy it is, imagine spreading it all over your body!! Yuck.

Healthy attitude

You have DONE GOOD!!!

Don’t feel overwhelmed, feel overjoyed, that you are TAKING CONTROL. You are on YOUR PERSONAL JOURNEY and in a matter of SHORT MONTHS, you will be at your goal.

Fatty, sugary foods are a thing of the past. They are not part of a slim healthy lifestyle. The New You will not be eating foods like this, so remember that you are not missing out on anything. You are in a transition to a healthier slimmer New You that makes positive healthy choices with a happy attitude.

The new healthy new you, will not suddenly be created when you achieve your ultimate weight loss goal. Learn to enjoy being disciplined and making the healthy choice, and feelings of overwhelm will soon disappear.

Good luck on your weight loss journey.

If you haven’t started yet, then we would love to have you on our team! 🙂

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*Everyone is different, and we can’t guarantee how much weight you will lose. Check out our success stories to see what our customers have lost. 

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