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3 Empowering Steps To Not Let Your Current Circumstances Define You

3 Empowering Steps To Not Let Your Current Circumstances Define You

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Current circumstances

The New Year is all about taking what we have an enhancing it. We have bodies, which we want to be slimmer. We have legs, which we want to be more active. We have the ability to work, but we’d prefer it to be¬†somewhere else. We have the willingness to love, but we haven’t met the right person yet.

In other words, your life may not be exactly how you want it to be right now – but that’s okay. In order to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself, you must first come to terms with something – the idea that your current circumstances don’t define you, or what’s possible tomorrow. In other words, don’t let what’s happening now determine your destiny.

How to use your current circumstances to step forward

Sometimes our current circumstances can cause us to lose hope – to let us lose sight of what it is that we really want to achieve. But often, out of these darkest moments there comes light. Use this time to build you character and focus on your goal. During this time, the worst thing you can do is to remain stagnant and not take any steps forward. No matter how small you feel they might be, every step forward is a step in the right direction.

Current circumstances

During these times, remember the following points to ensure your current circumstances don’t define you!

1. How you act determines what can be achieved

While you may not have any control over your current circumstances, the actions you take now can determine your future. This is the choice that you actually have. What you do with each day is entirely up to you. So while you may not be at your target weight, making the decision at the start of each day, that you will stick to the plan 100% is your choice. Or, joining a dating website or making a promise to go out once a week shows your willingness to find love. Waking up each morning and going on a quick 20 minute walk is a commitment to getting more active. It’s these small, simple steps which will determine the outcome and ultimately get you to achieve what it is that you want. Each step in the direction of your dream will lead to new experiences and opportunities, ultimately changing your current circumstances.

Current circumstances

2. Choose what’s best for YOU!

By nature, people are critical. They’ll want to judge your actions. They may even be open about it. You can let this phase you, stopping you in your tracks and prohibiting you from achieving your ultimate goal, or you can remember that this is YOUR life and what path you choose to achieving that dream is your choice. No one else’s. After all, YOU will be living with the results – no one else will be.

Remember, what is more important to you – what people think of you in the here and now, or where you end up. Sure, the journey to achieving your goal might be a little bumpy but they’re called dreams and goals for a reason. Working at something and putting the effort in makes it even more sweeter when you achieve it.

Current circumstances

3. Are you willing to sacrifice a little?

Along the way, you may be faced with obstacles, which ultimately lead to sacrifice. When it comes to losing weight, you’ll discover there are likely to be things you need to give up, or habits which you’ll need to change. Weekends fuelled by binge drinking and excessive takeaways will need to be replaced with healthier choices, not just in the here and now, but in the long term. Why? Because achieving your goal is only part of the process. Once you meet it, you’ll want to hold onto it for the rest of your life. Why put in all that hard work only to see it go to waste. Likewise, if you meet someone you love, you may both need to sacrifice a little, or compromise as it’s known.

So ask yourself this… are you willing to make a short term sacrifice for a long term gain?


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