TAKE THE TEST: Is Total Food Replacement right for you?

*Results may vary, this is not a guarantee. Total food replacement is a very strict diet plan that will give you amazing weight loss results.  When you see fast results this can be motivating, especially for someone who struggles to lose weight and is getting overwhelmed with their obesity problems. It is very important that you visit your doctor before […]

Comfort For When You Feel Too Fat

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you feel really overweight. If you have 5 or more stone to lose this can seem like an enormous task, when you think about how long it can take, even on total food replacement then it can really feel daunting and emotional. The thought of tackling this massive problem can seem almost too […]

Christmas Weight Management Survey – PLEASE TAKE!

Christmas time is one of the hardest times of the year to manage our weight.  With so many treats, party nights, big dinners and christmas pudding it is easy to see how the pounds can creep on! New You wants to know your thoughts on Christmas and weight management…. Please take the survey – it is only 5 short questions […]

November Weigh In Results!*

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee Hi everyone who is participating in the November Weight Loss Challenge, this is where you need to post your weight loss results! If you want to join in, please go to the registration post and state your name and how many pounds you want to lose for 30th November! As […]

Losing Weight Is More Than a Numbers Game

OK so are you ready to lose weight for the LAST TIME? YES?! Good stuff. That means it is time to say CHEERIO to the overweight you, every day from now on you are on a journey, gaining momentum to become a slimmer healthier version of you. The overweight person you are now is no more, the future is bright, […]

Free 7 Day Journal from New You Diet

Journalling is widely recognised to be a common denominator when people achieve real change in their lives, as it gives us time to reflect and think things through. When you write down your thoughts, you suddenly become a lot clearer about how you really think about things.  Sometimes life is just so darn busy that we don’t take the time […]

November Weight Loss Challenge Task

HI everyone, As part of the November Weight Loss Challenge I am going to be posting a task everyday!  You can still sign up for the November weight loss challenge here. I hope you got clear on your reason WHY yesterday and wrote it down somewhere that you can look at when you have a hard day this month. Cos […]

How to get a healthy attitude in 5 easy steps

Do you want to break free from the dieting cycle? Do you feel too disheartened to try again? Do you want to enjoy life as a slim healthy person? A healthy attitude can be the key characteristic between long term weight loss success and constant weight gain. In fact, our attitude greatly determines the level of success we achieve in […]

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