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Who are you comparing yourself to?

Who are you comparing yourself to?

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I truly believe that the best policy for anyone to have in regards to weight loss, fitness, career, wealth, personal development etc.  Is to always aim to be better than you were yesterday and enjoy every day of your journey.

It is great to have role models and people who inspire and motivate you, but when it comes to comparing yourself with other people, the best thing to do is just to compare yourself, with yourself.

Sometimes when you are on a journey to a goal that will have a massive change in your life, like losing several stones of weight it can be a long journey, and you might not always see and feel that you are making progress.

Always remember that as long as you are moving towards your goal and sticking to your diet plan, that you are getting closer, and that  you are getting healthier and slimmer.

The New You Weight Loss Challenges are great for helping you feel like you have accountability and keep to keep you motivated to stay on course.  Whatever your result as long as you are moving towards your goal that is all that matters!

The race is only with yourself, it is your journey, so enjoy the process, be happy with your progress, and always remember that as long as you stick to the plan that you were closer to your goal than you were yesterday!

*Results may vary, this is not a guarantee.

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