World Kindness Day!

One of the most loveliest days is upon us – World kindness day! Although most of us don’t need a special day just to be kind, Saturday the 13th November gives us the opportunity to really reflect on this vital and unifying human principle.  World Kindness Day, although not yet officially recognised by the United Nations, is celebrated by many […]

New You App Launch!

Did you know that New You has an app? We soft launched it a little while ago but now we feel we need to make more of a song and dance about it, especially as it will make your life so much easier. And it’s FREE to download and use. If you’re like the majority of people, most of the […]

Move It To Lose It – Part 3

Welcome to our third and last instalment (for now) of move it to lose it. Now if Yoga or walking didn’t float your boat, have you ever considered taking part in a team sport? Now for some of you, the very idea of team sports conjures up memories of standing cold and shivering on the school field hoping you don’t […]

Do You Understand Yourself-talk Wants and Needs?

Now you know that you can start working on your confidence by cultivating a growth mindset, you can really examine what it is that you want and what areas of your mindset need particular attention. This week, it is Pascale’s mission to help you become clearer about the areas of your life you want to increase your self-confidence in, and […]

October Transformation Challenge WINNERS!

Our October’s Transformation Challenge entries tipped the scale- literally! With our winners coming in at a combined loss of 20 STONE!!!! We absolutely loved every single entry, and you all really do make it so hard to choose the winners! Thank you so much to everyone who entered.. If you have not entered before November’s Transformation Challenge ends 30th November.  […]

Second Time Lucky For Our Third Place Winner!

Catherine is one of our superheroes who won £150 Cash for coming third in September’s Transformation Challenge. But it’s not the first Transformation Challenge that Catherine has entered. She put herself forward in July and placed as a runner up also! It was her sheer determination that spurred her in to re-enter! Well done! To celebrate her win we thought […]

Why Wouldn’t You Get Started Now?

There couldn’t be a more perfect time to join the New You Plan or kickstart your journey if you have tried before. Not only because of the time of year with Christmas over the horizon, but as a company, we offer more now than ever before. It really is an exciting time! We understand that it’s easier to think of […]

Don’t Wait to be Confident – Find it Now!

By now, you’ve probably all realised that one of the benefits of losing weight and becoming healthier is an increase in self-confidence. But you may also know that being confident is a fantastic tool when it comes to making your transformation a success. So what if you had that confidence now and didn’t have to wait? Wouldn’t that be fantastic? […]

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