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5 Exciting Things That Will Happen to Your Body When You Lose Weight!

5 Exciting Things That Will Happen to Your Body When You Lose Weight!

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You all probably know the standard things that happen when you lose weight, like you improve your health, reduce your risk of getting a chronic illness like diabetes, you need smaller clothes and your confidence improves. But did you know that there are so many more changes that can happen? Some you may have not even considered. 

To keep you in the know and add more reasons as to why you should focus on your journey to a healthier lifestyle, we’ve put together 5 alternative ways in which your life and body will change when you lose weight. 


Everyday Tasks Get Easier

When you are carrying around extra weight your body can become sluggish, your joints stiff and doing even the simplest of daily tasks can be harder and even more exhausting than they should be.

Once you start to lose weight you will notice a difference in how you move about and navigate your space. You will find it easier to get up off the floor, put on your shoes, paint your toenails, reaching over things, reaching up for things and even bending over will seem more of a fluid movement. 

If you’re overweight it’s common to suffer from inflammatory conditions too, but once the weight falls away you will find that your joints will ache less and move more freely and back issues will improve.

No more ‘argh’ as you get up off the sofa!

Your Tastes Will Change

We’re not talking fashion here, although that might change with your clothes size. We’re talking about your taste buds. Scientists have found that if you’re overweight for a considerable time your sense of taste can dull through overuse or loss of taste buds altogether. 

Studies show that after weight loss your sense of taste can return meaning that the fatty and sweet food you once enjoyed is no longer palatable. Whereas healthier food carries more flavour and also fewer calories.

So don’t be at all surprised when you move over to Switch, if you enjoy a balanced healthy diet more than you imagined that you would. It just means that you’ve got your taste buds back!

This is huge because we all want to be able to enjoy food that is also good for us.

Your Brain Works Better

There have been several studies that have shown that people who are overweight suffer from brain fog more than those that have a normal BMI. Further investigation concluded that the brains of those who were carrying more weight were working a lot harder to perform simple functions. 

Losing weight reduces the strain on blood vessels in the brain and increases blood flow. This leads to a brain that works more efficiently.

When your brain is working well, your memory improves, your thinking skills are quicker and you feel more focused when concentrating.

Sudoku anyone?


You Will Snore Less and Sleep Better

Ok! Ok! So you don’t snore, but if you did (hypothetically), losing weight would reduce your nighttime tractor impressions!

People who are overweight commonly suffer from snoring, disturbed sleep or sleep apnea which is caused by carrying extra weight around the neck.

Losing weight will ease up your breathing allowing for a more restful sleep meaning you will feel alert and ready for the day when you wake in the morning…and so will your partner!


You’ll Want More Adult Time In The Bedroom!

We’re all adults here and we all have our needs, which can, unfortunately, be affected if you’re overweight. A high BMI can have an adverse effect on how your body functions, how you perform and your overall confidence in the bedroom.

Studies show that when people lose weight the quality of their sex life increases in several areas. 

People have reported that as their BMI lowered they had more desire, experienced more pleasure, and were less self-conscious around their partner.

…and they didn’t forget to mention the great exercise that sex provides!


There is clearly a lot to look forward to as you continue on your transformation journey. You will wake up refreshed of a morning, everyday life will become easier, you’ll be picked first for the quiz team, you will enjoy a healthy diet and you will want an early night more often (and never have to fear being smothered by a pillow because you weren’t snoring again!)! 

If you’re struggling to keep to your plan, don’t be afraid to contact our friendly customer service team for help and advice, or find support with our Secret Slimmer’s Facebook community.

Alternatively, if you’ve not started on your transformation, then what are you waiting for? Life’s too short not to enjoy it, come and join the New You Plan family today. Live your life to your fullest potential and tick these 5 things off of your why list. You will see the difference in just 7 days!

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