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Move It To Lose It – Part 3

Move It To Lose It – Part 3

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Welcome to our third and last instalment (for now) of move it to lose it. Now if Yoga or walking didn’t float your boat, have you ever considered taking part in a team sport? Now for some of you, the very idea of team sports conjures up memories of standing cold and shivering on the school field hoping you don’t get picked last, however, we can assure you that adult team sports are not like that.

Of course, there are many other forms of exercise that you could take up to get your body moving, but the benefits of taking part in a team sport are so vast, we felt we just had to tell you about them. So let’s just dive in shall we?

It’s Great Exercise

Well, duh! You knew that already, right? It’s a great alternative if you’re not a fan of going to the gym or are fed up with trying to keep in time with that Zumba DVD.

What you might not already know is that playing as part of a team creates an atmosphere of healthy competition which improves endurance. When done regularly this builds cardiac strength, bone density and increases muscle mass which all contribute to great health.  

It Improves Motivation

When you work out on your own, it’s so easy to talk yourself out of challenging what you’re already capable of or even getting up off the sofa in the first place. When you are part of a team you feel more of a responsibility to show up and give it your all. You will also feel motivated to train outside of your sport so your performance matches that of your teammates.

It’s So Social

With the global pandemic taking hold of our lives for too long, many of us have missed being social with others. Being part of a team allows you to meet people that normally wouldn’t be part of your life. And for those introverts amongst you, you don’t have to exert yourself to make friends amongst a team. It’s such a fun and casual environment that it will happen naturally by you just showing up on a regular basis. 

It’s a Confidence Booster & Self Image Enhancer

When you play sports, as the weeks pass you will notice yourself become fitter and your skills will improve as you practice. Seeing this will give you more confidence in your ability, and this confidence will naturally spread into other parts of your life. Your self-esteem will skyrocket protecting you from negative thoughts and depressive symptoms. 

It’s a Commitment

Commitment can be a positive thing, especially if it’s something you are doing for yourself. Knowing that you need to attend a team practice can be a relief from the pressure of daily life and even a little break away from reality. 

It’s a Stress Buster and Mood Improver

We’ve spoken before about how exercise in general releases all those happy mood and relaxing chemicals and team exercise is no different. The bonus is that when you mix those chemicals with the emotional responses generated by being part of a team you have a beautiful cocktail that allows you to both unwind and engage in satisfying challenges all at the same time. 

It Makes You Smarter

That’s right! There have been actual studies on this! One particular study showed that those who played as part of a team had the increased ability to track multiple objects at the same time. Team players had the same type of skills you need to be able to drive a car or monitor complex dynamic activities.


In fact, there have been countless studies to see what effects playing a team sport has on people’s lives. Here’s an example of what was discovered:

  • Adults who play team sports are happier, healthier and luckier in love than those who don’t.
  • Team players are physically fitter, tend to have more friends, a better social life and a better work-life balance than those who exercise solo.
  • Players reach their fitness goals quicker than gym goers due to the support given by teammates.

All in all, you will get a massive boost to your health if you take part in a team sport, plus it really does feel good to be part of a team.

Taking part in sports such as football, tennis, basketball and the like are a great way to get yourself into shape, and stay there – which is just what you need for your transformation. And if you think about it, being part of a team will provide you with a ready-made support system that will rally around you when you are trying to achieve a specific health goal – bonus!

As part of your new healthy lifestyle, it’s important that you work on your fitness so you can avoid chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. Whether you start small or go all in, whether you choose Yoga, walking, team sports or something else, it’s essential that you just start.

Move it before you lose it. Give anything a try, don’t give up and let us know how you got on.

For more support on introducing exercise into your day, why not give a shout out in our Secret Slimmer’s Facebook community or contact our friendly customer service team.

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