Week 2 – 9 Pounds Down!

So today was my week 2 weigh in and I am delighted to report that I am 3 pounds down. I lost 6 pound in my first week, so that is 9 pounds in total now! I found this week much easier than last week. My water intake was consistent at 3/4 litres a day. My Sleep is getting better

Just Show Up

In December I set myself a challenge to blog every single day in 2020. I have really been enjoying this challenge; until tonight. :/ This is my first night that I have struggled to really get my thoughts flowing. I have started about 5 blog posts, written a bit, and then thought nah…. So tonight, I decided to write this

Take a Look Inside My Secret Vision Board

Creating a vision for your New You is a great exercise to do to help you feel inspired every single day to keep emotionally connected to your goals. I have been creating vision boards for about 12 years. Over the years I have played about with various ways to create a vision board. There is no right or wrong way

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