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How to REALLY FEEL INSPIRED to Get Healthy & Lose Weight

How to REALLY FEEL INSPIRED to Get Healthy & Lose Weight

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If you have a lot of weight to lose it can feel very overwhelming and the thought of what you need to go through to lose it might feel too hard!

To lose weight you need to make sacrifices, change your beliefs, change your habits and say no to things that give you feelings of comfort and connection.

It is a big task. Much harder than a lot of people think. There is a lot of emotions involved in weight loss.

If you want to have the inner strength and conviction to stay on track when life throws a curve balls at you, you need to have an inspiring WHY.

You need to have a WHY that is SO BIG, that anytime you are tempted to come off plan, you can quickly connect with your WHY and find the strength to keep your word to yourself.

I have been studying the work of Dr John Demartini for a few years and I have learned so much about how to live an inspired life. Dr Martini’s work is based on how our life is a reflection of our values.

A lot of people will say things like “Your Health is Your Wealth” but not actually live a life that demonstrates that they value their health.

Your Real Values can be seen by what you do everyday.

If you want to lose weight, be healthy and look your best – you need to have a high value along the lines of “Looking & Feeling Healthy”.

If you don’t have a high value on looking good or feeling healthy then it will be harder for you to lose weight and maintain it.

How can you make Looking and Feeling Healthy High on Your Values?

One of the methods that Dr John Demartini uses is writing out 200 benefits and 200 drawbacks to a particular value you want to have in your life.

The more you can connect with all the reasons WHY getting to your healthy target weight and looking your best WILL BENEFIT your life, the more you will feel inspired to do. The best way to do this is to write out 200 BENEFITS of achieving your goal and how you live your life.

To make your WHY even stronger, take the time to write out 200 DRAWBACKS of staying obese and living your current lifestyle and habits.

200 Benefits & 200 Drawbacks is a lot!

200 Benefits and 200 Drawbacks will give you 400 good reasons, this is a BIG WHY. Ideally if you do the exercise right, you will probably cry at some point because you feel so connected and inspired to make this change and make your health and weight management one of your highest values.

For some ideas on how to get to 200 for each consider;

  • How you feel about yourself and your body
  • What you can / cannot do
  • Your dreams and goals
  • Your health and quality of life
  • Your energy levels
  • Your fitness / mobility
  • Your confidence
  • Your wealth
  • Your opportunities / life experiences
  • The impact on the people you love
  • Who you are a role model for – who will copy you and how will that impact future generations?
  • Your romantic relationships
  • Your career / business
  • The impact you can leave
  • Your legacy

If you are struggling with your weight loss journey, then get a pen and paper and a bottle of water, and do this task.

Do Not Stop Until You Get 200 Benefits & Drawbacks

You are worth the time. Your new you will THANK YOU for taking the time to connect yourself emotionally with making your HEALTH AND WELLBEING one of your highest values.

This exercise could change your life forever!

Creating a new you is all about your mindset and beliefs, yes our diet meal replacement plan can help you to achieve your goals, but you have to want to be slim and healthy in the first place. You have to want to say NO when you are tempted. You have to find the strength to stay on track when you feel tired, stressed, or sad.

The only way that you can do this, is if you feel INSPIRED TO DO IT. To feel inspired to do it, you need to have your health as one of you top 3 values.

It is easy to make sacrifices that bring you closer to living your life in alignment with the person you really want to be.

If you are wondering what your current top 3 values are now you can go to Dr John Demartini’s website and answer 13 questions about how you spend your days now, and you will see what your values are.

You can be whoever you want to be, if you feel inspired! Take action today to write out your 200 benefits and 200 drawbacks.

Get inspired today to make 2020 the year you changed your life and your health and inspired your loved ones to do the same by watching your example.

Much Love,

Julz xox

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