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The One thing that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to Create Your New You

The One thing that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to Create Your New You

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If you really want to create a new you the one thing you need to do is –you need to let go of the old you.

You need to believe you can change the habits and beliefs that made you gain weight. It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to become a new you and not change. In this blog post we are going to look at what we need to change and how we can practically make that change happen.

You can’t become someone NEW – by staying the same.

What made you gain weight? What habits and beliefs?

Take a while to really think what it is for you. We are all unique and different.

Here are some common habits that people do that result in weight gain – you have to believe that you can become someone who doesn’t do the things that made you gain weight.

  • Eating big portions until you feel stuffed – can you believe that you are someone who stops eating when they are full?
  • Eating too many takeaways – can you believe that you are someone who cooks a home made healthy meal on a Friday & Saturday night?
  • Ordering a 3 course meal with sides when you dine out – can you believe that you are someone who just orders a main and a side salad?
  • Drinking too many high calorie drinks – do you believe you can swap your red bull for coke zero or water?
  • Sitting down all day in work and then on the sofa in the evening – do you believe you can head out for a walk every evening when you get home from work?
  • Always grabbing a treat when you are in the shop – do you believe you are someone who doesn’t snack on unhealthy foods?
  • Always going to the fridge for comfort anytime you are upset or angry – do you believe you can find a healthy way to destress?

It is impossible to change your reality if you do not change your beliefs.

You make your own reality through your beliefs.

You want to keep your beliefs yet change your reality.

But this is IMPOSSIBLE!

Your reality will always be made by your beliefs. It is impossible for you to change your weight in the long term, if you can’t change the beliefs that caused the weight gain.

You cannot be attached to the beliefs and habits that made you gain weight if you want to maintain a healthy weight.

This is so important when you do total food replacement not to fall back into your old habits. Very soon we will be launching NEW YOU SWITCH which we think will help a lot of people to stay in control after TFR.

If you want to experience life as a slim new you who can easily maintain then you have to give up the habits that made you gain weight.

What habits do you need to change?

TASK: List them all out and review them all.

You might read your list and almost get a tight chest at the thought of giving them up. A lot of these habits are our comfort, it is hard to imagine life without them. But we must believe in a healthier happier future without them. We must believe that we need to change.

Last year I started the habit of giving up one negative thing every month, you can read more about that here. This was one of the best things I have ever done. I have changed so much about my life in the last year or more. Most of the change came from self love and letting go of everything that was keeping me stuck in a version of myself that I no longer wanted to be.

Becoming aware of what you need to change, is the first step to change.

First be honest with yourself and become aware of what you need to change.

Start with the inner dialogue that says – I want to change… I believe I can change… I know that change is the best thing for me…

Then start to notice when you need to change, but do it in a positive kind way.

When you notice yourself half way through the doughnut – decide to stop and not eat the other half and feel proud of yourself for noticing and stopping.

When you notice yourself opening the fridge to comfort eat because someone in work annoyed you – say to yourself, “I am only opening this fridge door because that jerk annoyed me, I don’t want him to be the cause of me gaining weight. I want to look after myself better.”

Just Notice & Be Kind

I used this technique and it helped me enormously. Just noticing, and talking kindly to myself to make a small positive change in that moment.

Just start to bring awareness to your actions, so much of what we do is on autopilot. It is amazing the changes you can start to bring about by just starting to notice what you are doing, and talking to yourself kindly to change.

Change is always easier when you are connected with your INSPIRED WHY – click here to figure out how to feel inspired about your why.

Creating your new you is an amazing transformational journey. Everyone is unique, and everyone’s journey will be different. This is why weight loss and weight maintenance is such a complex area and one that I am keen to keep exploring during my daily blogs in 2020.

Big Love,


PS. I am on a mission to lose 3 stone before Easter 2020. This is my main focus now and why I committed to following our total food replacement meal plan. I would LOVE you to join me!


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