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Your New Routine To Success

Your New Routine To Success

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Continuing your usual daily routines is easy and old habits die hard. Unfortunately, how you’ve been living your life hasn’t been helping you to succeed in your goals, if it had, you would have achieved them by now.

Here at New You HQ, we understand that making changes can take work and it can be scary, that’s why we’ve got Pascale to coach you into adjusting your routines and habits. She will teach you how to make changes in a smooth way to ensure you achieve a successful transformation.

This week Pascale is showing you how to start, stop and continue. By looking at things you want to start doing, stop doing and continue doing, you will find a clearer path to follow. 

Look at what you want to start

You should investigate habits and routines that will have a positive effect on your life in respect of your transformation goals and happiness. Such activities like:

  • Running twice a week.
  • Going for a walk every other day.
  • Drinking 1L of water before work as part of your 3L daily target.
  • Starting the New You Plan.
  • Starting a fun online course.

As you can see, these are both realistic and specific which is important for success.

Look at what you want to stop

You should evaluate the habits and routines that are having a negative impact on your life in respect of your transformation goals and happiness. Such activities like:

  • Using TV as an escape from your negative emotions.
  • Feeling down or ashamed about your reflection in the mirror.
  • Being rushed when getting ready to leave the house in the morning.
  • Feeling like socialising is a chore.

Look at what you want to continue

You should look at habits and routines that you have that already contribute to your transformation goals and happiness. Such activities like:

  • Waking up at 7 am to have time for you. 
  • Continuing the New You plan. 
  • Spending time gardening.
  • Going to the gym 3 times a week.
  • Visualising your goal. 

Once you’ve decided on your start, stop and continue habits and routines, you can make a plan as to how you will implement any changes needed. But please don’t feel overwhelmed if you have long lists. You don’t have to make every single change today! Plus Pascale will show you how to make smooth transitions from your old habits and routines into your new ones! She’s got your back and so have we. We know you can do this!

Download Pascale’s workbook and join her for her free Sunday coaching sessions over on the Secret Slimmer’s Facebook group. Don’t worry if you can’t make it live, she records every single one so you can catch up when you are able. Oh and don’t forget that Pascale’s coaching is also FREE to brand new customers, so make sure you join our community group.

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