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Why October 1st is the Perfect Time to Start OR Restart Your Transformation Journey!

Why October 1st is the Perfect Time to Start OR Restart Your Transformation Journey!

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October 1st marks JUST Eighty-six days until Christmas and ninety-three days until 2022!

The consensus here at New You HQ is that October is the month where things get a little romantic – putting aside Halloween of course!

The evenings are getting darker and colder. It’s time to get cosy beside the fire and fish out your comfy slippers and fleecy blanket. 

In October you really feel that autumn has arrived with the orange and red leaves rustling between your feet as you take your daily stroll. 

That’s the romance!

But what else is special about October?

Well did you know that October and January always start on the same day of the week? Except on a leap year.

October and February always end on exactly the same day of the week, again, except on a leap year.

On the first Friday of every October, it’s World Smile Day.

October is a month of real seasonal change and with World Smile Day falling on the 1st of October this year we thought that you could use that as your day to move your transformation into gear, make that change and keep on smiling as you think about the results you are going to achieve!

Smiling can help you stay motivated!

When you smile, lots of sciency stuff happens within your brain. All these chemicals are released that can make you happy, boost your mood, help you to recover from stress quickly and make you feel confident. Even faking a smile can help you with positivity.

Being in a positive frame of mind is the perfect time to cement your detailed plans for your transformation. These could include:

  • Mini milestones.
  • How you will celebrate your wins.
  • How you will prepare for social situations.
  • What delicious products to order from New You.

Imagine what your life will be like by Christmas if you kick your transformation into gear on 1st October:

You could be:

  • Slimmer.
  • More confident.
  • Healthier.
  • Happier.

It’s your life and you deserve to live the very best version of it, so embrace the 1st of October, get yourself ready for World Smile Day and look forward to a healthier future.


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