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Kerry Lost 3 Stone in Just 10 Weeks AND dramatically Changed her Health!

Kerry Lost 3 Stone in Just 10 Weeks AND dramatically Changed her Health!

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Kerry knew she should be happy in life with her fantastic husband and son, but she wasn’t. Her weight had become the source of her sadness and after receiving news that she needed surgery to fix her problem, she was determined to find another way.

In her mission to find a weight loss alternative, she stumbled across the New You Plan on Facebook. The results and reviews convinced her to take a chance and she hasn’t looked back since.

We interviewed Kerry to find out more about her journey and to see if she had any tips or advice to share with us.


“1. It is making me smile, everyday!

2. My confidence is increasing!

3. It’s having a positive impact on my health, physical and mental.
These are just three things I love about being on the New You plan.”

My story so far

“I had reached a point of desperation with my weight, I was so unhappy and nothing I tried I could stick to. Despite having a loving and supportive husband and an amazing son I was so unhappy. My Dr had referred me to see a bariatric surgeon and was basically told the only way for me to lose weight was through surgery, the idea absolutely petrified me and this is where my desperation set in. I spent a few days trawling the internet looking for the answer, the help I needed to be a slimmer & healthier me without going under the knife. I stumbled across the New You plan on Facebook and knew I had to try it, the transformations and weight losses being shared were amazing and there was a glimmer of hope that I had found something that may help me.”

16 June 2021: Day1 I weighed in at 19st 10lb with a BMI of 44.5

“I started off with a two week kick starter bundle, thinking to myself, well if I don’t like it or I don’t get on with it then I could try something different after the two weeks but I needn’t have worried, I was placing my second order before the end of the first week!  At the end of the first week I had lost a whooping 10lb, I was amazed, and the losses just kept coming over the weeks.”
“I went on holiday during 7th/8th week and initially I had planned to do a refeed prior to going on holiday so I could “enjoy” my holiday as normal but by the time I got to week 5 I decided that I would carry on with the TFR plan whilst I was on holiday too; my mindset had completely shifted, I wanted to go on holiday in the positive frame of mind, I acknowledged that to have a good time doesn’t revolve around what I am eating but instead who I am with, where I am and experiences that I am having. I had the most relaxing week away with family on the Welsh coast and stayed 100% on plan – this served to further my belief in myself that I can and I will achieve my weight loss goal!

Initially I struggled with the texture/taste of some of the packs but I was determined to find a way around it and with the help and advice of the secret slimmer’s group I modified the way I was preparing and cooking some of the packs and adding extra herbs and spices (from the allowed list) to make the meals more my own. I’ve been surprised how my tastes have changed over the last 10 weeks to be honest, some of those I struggled with initially are now my favourites!”

25th August 2021 – end of week 10 and I was weighing 16st 10lb with BMI of 37.8

I can’t believe that in 10 weeks I have lost exactly 3 stone! The plan has been amazing; having meals in individual packets and the structure of knowing how many packs I can have in a day but with the freedom to decide exactly what I want at each meal time has definitely been the winning formula for me’ that coupled with the amazing support of the Secret Slimmer’s Facebook group. 

I have commented on more than one occasion that I had forgotten what it felt like to be happy everyday and since starting New You my mood, a positive outlook on life and belief in myself has increased no end and has led to a happy Kerry, a happy Kerry everyday!  

My diabetic consultant was amazed at my recent review that my average blood glucose levels have almost halved since they were last checked, so impressed in fact he has taken me off my insulin – that was a huge achievement for me and has motivated me even more to carry on and reap the health benefits of a slimmer me.

My journey is nowhere near complete, but I know I will succeed in reaching a healthy weight thanks to the New You plan, the invaluable support and encouragement from the Secret Slimmer’s Facebook group, the weekly mindset sessions with Pascale and the vast array of resources available on the website.

Thank you, New You!

Having lost 3 of her 19 stone, Kerry admits that although she achieved the right mindset to keep herself on track, there have been times when she’s struggled. However, with the support from the Secret Slimmers community she’s managed to stay positive on her journey.

Not having to rely on insulin anymore has motivated Kerry and she now wears a smile on her face every day. The New You Plan can do this for you too!

To realise your health and weight goals head on over to our website and order your New You Total Plan today. Join our community of Secret Slimmer’s and enjoy the benefits of our supportive family.

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