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Summer Decluttering – Love Your Summer Body

Summer Decluttering – Love Your Summer Body

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Many little things in life affect how we see our bodies, how we feel about our bodies from the comments you first heard at a young age to the filtered beauty the media shares. The first step is to recognize that body image is all related to mindset, regardless of where the voice that says these negative things about your body when you look in the mirror is coming from. Self-love can also be saying “right, I don’t like my body right now” but I’m doing something about it. Change your “I’ll love my body when I lose weight” to “I love my body now for so much more than just its weight”. 

This week in her FREE coaching session, Pascale will be helping you to release both your emotional and physical baggage to make all the space you need for the brand new you and the life that you want.

7 days of Body positivity

Each day of the week for the next 7 days, answer one of the below questions, you will appreciate more and more your body by appreciating that there is more than numbers, your body is extraordinary in many more ways than you, let’s talk positively about it more often.

Day 1 – Something you love about your body?

Day 2 – Say something nice about your least favourite part of your body? 

Day 3 – Write about a scar/mark that has a beautiful story

Day 4 – Share a fun, unique quirk about your body. 

Day 5 – Describe an outfit that make you feel confident 

Day 6 – What is something good about a body feature of yours that you don’t like?

Day 7 – 3 positive words to describe your body

Look at what your body can accomplish

Write down a list of things that your body allows you to do.

Focus on what your body does instead of what it looks like.

Extra: You can be grateful for each part of it Examples:

I love my eyes and my ears that allow me to enjoy my favourite TV series I am grateful for my arms that allow me to hug my grandkids.

My feet help me every day to move around, even if at times suffering, they support me in every step I take.

List what your body can accomplish 

A letter of Love, from You to You Write out a letter, from you as your ideal new future you thanking the yourself from today for starting this healthy journey, for keeping up with the plan, and getting you at your ideal weight. Thank your today self for everything it went through and how you managed to do it successfully.

If you haven’t already, download your free workbook from Our Secret Slimmer’s Facebook Page, so that you can complete the activities that Pascale has set you to ensure your success. And join her on Sunday or watch her recording to find out more details on how you can declutter your mind and your life.

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