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Olga Lost over 3 Stone in Just 12 weeks and came Runner Up In our Spring Transformation Challenge!

Olga Lost over 3 Stone in Just 12 weeks and came Runner Up In our Spring Transformation Challenge!

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Olga had been using the New You Plan products on and off since Christmas 2020. She decided to join our Spring Transformation Challenge to give herself more focus and motivation in the hope it would boost her weight loss.

Of course, it did and she lost over 3 stone and her mindset has now changed.

Olga decided to share her journey along with some advice for those thinking of losing weight with the New You Plan.


Before I started my New You journey, I felt fat, ugly, frumpy and I was only existing.

My mental health was suffering over how I felt and it was like a vicious circle, eating because I was depressed and depressed cause I was fat.

Christmas 2020 I decided to look online and see what I could get to try help shift some lbs and I came across New You on amazon. I said I would give it ago and when I received my first order, I was excited to get going and was loving all the different products. 

I really love the coconut shake mixed with the pineapple boosts. One my favourites along with the burger, egg, 4 cheese pasta, brownies and lemon bars.

I decided to take part in the spring challenge because I knew it would keep me motivated as I was having off days and from the 1st April to the end of June I lost a whopping 3st1lb. 

I did find some days difficult for the first few months but I kept getting back on plan because I knew it worked and I kept reminding myself why I started and how miserable I was before I started.


The support group has helped me so much to keep focused and not to give up. No matter what time it is there will always be someone to help if I need it.

What motivates me to stay on plan is how amazing I feel physically and mentally. 

My happiest memories are being able to buy nice clothes and have a new wardrobe along with meeting some amazing people and making friends for life. My proudest moment was when my children told me they were proud of me.

New You has totally changed my life for the better. I’m enjoying my journey of being a happier, healthier and better version of myself.

To anyone joining, enjoy your journey, post as much as you like in support group, no question is a stupid question, we won’t learn if we don’t ask and most importantly keep it in the day, don’t ruin today thinking about tomorrow.”


We’re so pleased that the New You Plan has been life-changing for Olga and that she is making some new happier memories.

Olga was wise and took advantage of the support that was on offer and is right to encourage anyone who joins us to use the Secret Slimmer Facebook page to its full potential. Support is vital in your weight loss journey, you should never (and won’t) feel alone.

Give your weight loss a kick start and check out our blog for information on how you can enter our Brand New Monthly Transformation Challenge! There are some great prizes to be won!


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