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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

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One of the main drawbacks of being overweight is that it’s uncomfortable. Your clothes are too tight and don’t fit properly, bending down to tie your shoes or paint your nails is impossible and just climbing the stairs can make you sweaty-all these things make you feel uncomfortable.

The strange thing is, is that you allow yourself to get used to a certain level of uncomfortableness because doing anything about it will cause you even more discomfort. You reside yourself to a life where you no longer make effort with yourself. Staying in and laying on your sofa in front of the TV in your joggers is comfortable and is a much easier alternative to anything else that could potentially lead to greater happiness. 

The thought of getting up, dressing up or going for a walk or even going to the gym sounds too hard and will most definitely be uncomfortable. There is no motivation to get you out of this vicious cycle. 

The fact is that you can’t avoid doing something that makes you uncomfortable for the rest of your life. And besides, think about it, no-one was adversely affected by doing something that made them feel uncomfortable, at least for a short amount of time.

There is no escaping discomfort but you can choose the type and level of discomfort that you experience.

You can…

Choose a life of discomfort that leads to ill health, disease, low self esteem and being increasingly overweight.


Choose a life of discomfort that leads to a healthy, slimmer and fitter body – a much more confident you.

Choosing to be overweight can seem like the easy and more comfortable option but it will get harder to cope with over time and will make you more uncomfortable in your surroundings the bigger you get.

Choosing to lose weight, going on a diet and exercising does seem like the harder option that will cause you to feel discomfort at times. However, the hard work gets easier and the discomfort goes away eventually.

If you’re still unsure about the right discomfort for you, ask yourself:

  • What discomforts do you associate with starting a diet and exercise routine?
  • What discomforts do you experience regularly due to being overweight and unfit?
  • If you don’t go on a diet and continue the way you are now, how do you think you will feel this time next year?
  • If you do start your diet now, and build up your exercise routine slowly and start to live an active healthy lifestyle how do you think you will feel this time next year?

In answering these questions you will be able to understand the discomfort you are simply putting up with in your life. Is this discomfort worth the end result?

It was Peter McWIlliams that said, “Be willing to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it’s a small price to pay for living a dream.”

If your dream is to be a healthier, slimmer and fitter version of yourself then go forth and be comfortable being the right kind of uncomfortable. 

Life is truly what you make it, so why not dare to make it magnificent?

But if you want to make your life magnificent then you are going to have to do something different, you have to get out of your comfort zone and move into your expansion zone. 

The New You Plan can help you get uncomfortable in the right way and move towards your new comfortable, magnificent self. 

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