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Don’t Wait to be Confident – Find it Now!

Don’t Wait to be Confident – Find it Now!

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By now, you’ve probably all realised that one of the benefits of losing weight and becoming healthier is an increase in self-confidence. But you may also know that being confident is a fantastic tool when it comes to making your transformation a success. So what if you had that confidence now and didn’t have to wait? Wouldn’t that be fantastic? We think so and so does Pascale, that’s why she’s dedicating November to helping you find your confidence. That way you can make sure that 2021 is an amazing year for you!

Pascale understands that many of you would like to increase your self-confidence but struggle to overcome insecurity, fear, and negative self-talk. However with some reflection, a shift in perception, and conscious work and action you can start believing more in yourself, believing in your capacities and your capabilities.

In week one, Pascale kicks off with developing your growth mindset. It’s the key to unearthing your belief in yourself and your capabilities. It’s an important step to take because confidence isn’t just something you get and then have for life. It’s like a muscle. You have to grow it, build on it, nurture it and flex it every once in a while. If you don’t, it will stop working.

When you lack confidence your thought processes can spiral as you get stuck in your own head. This limits your opportunities and what you believe is possible for yourself. The first step to fortifying your self-confidence is to develop your growth mindset and learn to leverage the opportunities presented to you. Adopting a growth mindset will heighten your awareness, your perception, and increase your actions. You will challenge and expand your thinking, and ask yourself all the right questions.

To develop your new growth mindset, Pascale will guide you through some key areas:

  • Awareness
  • Perspective
  • Action

Your awareness applies to parts of your thinking that need attention. For example how you speak to yourself, what your inner critic is saying and your thought process when trying something new and potentially difficult. In your downloadable workbook, there is space to write all of this down and Pascale even suggests giving your fixed mindset a name or persona. With this, you can then identify what triggers your persona and recognise what your persona dictates in certain situations.

Perspective refers to how your fixed mindset persona reacts. You can’t always change or control what happens around you but you can change and control how you perceive and deal with it. With a fixed mindset, your reaction is limited. A great way to get out of negative reactions is to take situations that have already happened and rewrite a positive perspective and action.

Taking action is where you really make a difference to your confidence. Having learned all about your fixed mindset persona and having challenged your thought process you are now armed with new ways to deal with upcoming situations. You will also be able to see each new situation as a learning curve on how to deal with the future in a more positive and growth-oriented way.

For more in-depth coaching in increasing your confidence, you can find Pascale every Sunday at 5 pm over on the Secret Slimmer’s Facebook group or watch previous sessions in the ‘Guide’ section. Don’t forget to download your workbook, it’s an invaluable resource and something you can revisit time and time again.

Also, if you’re able to catch Pascale live, you could win £25 New You credit!

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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