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22 Reasons Why 2022 Is The Year To Create A New You!

22 Reasons Why 2022 Is The Year To Create A New You!

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Christmas has been and gone and the party season is over.  But there is no need to feel sad because a new year has started and it brings with it new opportunities. The beginning of the year always feels like a great time to plan for your future, especially in terms of your transformation. It’s a new chapter in your life and it’s down to you to decide how it’s going to go.

But why 2022? Well why not? The sooner you start, the sooner you will feel the benefits of the new healthier you, right? 

Since March 2020, our lives haven’t felt our own with the restrictions of several lockdowns, the fear of COVID and the uncertainty of it all. Why not take this opportunity to take control of something that no-one else can? Your transformation. Only you are in charge of that so grab a hold and own it!

If that’s not reason enough, then here are 22 more reasons that our Secret Slimmer’s gave us that might motivate you to make a start: 

22 Reasons Why…

  1. No matter how hilarious and innocently my 4-year-old daughter is in telling me she loves playing with my ‘lost muscles’ (bingo wings), I’m still really ashamed.
  2. Health reasons and so I can fit on theme park rides with my son.
  3. I had got to the point of considering surgery, and I’d rather avoid that.
  4. To be the best me, for my children so I can live a long and healthy life and watch them achieve their dreams.
  5. To look good in nice clothes.
  6. I have high cholesterol and I want to be healthy again.
  7. Because I want to feel proud of myself instead of ashamed.
  8. Because I’m too poor to replace my wardrobe with the next size up!
  9. So I can be fitter to enjoy activities and not have to ask for the bigger size.
  10. For my kids, I need to stop putting off my daughter’s boyfriend’s family due to how I look. 
  11. I realised every holiday abroad since 2010 I’ve been huge & I refuse to have another.
  12. I want to feel comfortable and confident in my own skin and in clothes instead of covering up the best I can.
  13. I’m getting married in May and would like to lose at least a few stone to feel good in my dress. 
  14. So I’m not the fat bridesmaid.
  15. I have just been approved as a foster carer! I wanted to lose the weight before I had a child placed, so I could feel better and fitter to give them and my children the life they deserve! 
  16. I want to reverse my type 2 diabetes. Both my parents died young due to weight-related illnesses and I don’t want the same for my two children.
  17. I want to have a baby and this is my last chance.
  18. I want to progress in my military career.
  19. I’m done with having no energy to do even the simplest of things and feeling out of breath.
  20. I feel completely lost and want the old me back or even a new and improved me.
  21. 50th holiday booked and I want to look fab at 50.
  22. To get my BMI low enough to have the hysterectomy I need.


Now let’s jump forward a bit. Project yourself into December 2022. You’ve achieved your transformation:

  • What do you look like?
  • How do you feel?
    • Proud?
    • Confident?
    • Happy?
    • Full of life?
  • What are you wearing?
  • Who are you with?
  • What events are you looking forward to?

Close your eyes, imagine it, feel it.

Feels good, right?

It’s totally achievable.

Allow yourself to get excited about it!

So now you have your why and others why’s to inspire you (because if they can do it, so can you, right?) It’s time to take the next steps to reach your goal:

  • Go and order your bundle from our website or app- you’ll be amazed at the choice, and there’s more to come!
  • Join our Secret Slimmer’s Facebook group – the support in our community is unrivalled. It’s a real family vibe (the good kind, not the squabbling over the dinner table kind!).
  • Check out the Guide section on the Secret Slimmer’s group. That’s where you will find all previous sessions from our mindset coach Pascale. She’s brilliant!
  • Record your weight, all your measurements and take your before pictures (from all angles – because you lose weight from EVERYWHERE!).
  • Head back over to our website or app and discover what tools there are available to you and read blogs from our nutritionist and from us here at New You HQ (I think you’ll find us both insightful and witty!).
  • Add our email address to your contacts. Our friendly customer service team is there to help and support you whenever you need it, 24/7.

I think we’ve covered everything!

Oh, one more thing!

Set yourself a start date and be kind to yourself and stick to it – you deserve it.


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