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2021 Spring Transformation Challenge Winner – 2nd Place Alison

2021 Spring Transformation Challenge Winner – 2nd Place Alison

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Battling with health issues, Alison was miserable having been convinced by others that she would have to live with being overweight for the rest of her life. 

When she fell to her lowest, Alison reached out for help and thanks to those sneaky Facebook algorithms, she discovered the New You Plan and took a chance.

Encouraged by our community of secret Slimmer’s, Alison sent us her photos for the Spring Transformation Challenge 2021, and came 2nd, taking home £750 in cash and a Fitbit Versa. 

We interviewed Alison to find out about her journey to becoming our runner up and if she had any tips and tricks to share.

“I had recently been diagnosed with Addison’s disease and an underactive Thyroid.  I kept getting told by friends and family that I should get used to being a heavy weight as it will be so difficult to lose it.  I did start to believe this and looking back I was very likely depressed.  I was so unhappy in myself, had lost all confidence in myself and essentially had given up.”

What was your mentality, what did you struggle with?

“I had given up on trying to lose weight and was just eating really badly the majority of the time mainly because I was of the mentality of ‘well it doesn’t matter what I eat, I’m still going to be heavy forever now anyway’.  I struggled with this mind set for a while until I had finally had enough of feeling the way I did.  I didn’t believe in myself and didn’t think I would be able to do anything about it.”

Why did you decide to start the plan, and why New You Specifically?

“Eventually, I decided that I needed to do something about my weight and take back control of my life so I asked a doctor for some advice.  He had suggested a low calorie or keto diet.  I had started researching them but hadn’t really looked into it properly.  A New You starter pack offer popped up on my Facebook and I thought ‘Just do it’.  So, I did! And I have to say that it is the absolute best impulse buys I have ever made.”

What attracted you to New You, did someone recommend you, was there anything that made us different from other companies?

“When the Facebook advert popped up, I liked the bright colours.  The packaging stood out and appealed to me.  I associate bright colours with happiness and a Love-Life energy which is something I wanted to get back!”

How did you feel when you received your first New You Pack?

“I was Super excited when I received my first box.  It was packaged so nicely and came with lots of information which told me everything about the plan and where to go to find more in-depth information.  I spent a fair amount of time sorting through everything and trying to plan my first week.  I was very motivated by seeing everyone’s success on the Secret slimmer’s group.  I was a silent stalker on there at first picking up tips from everyone.”

What was your first week’s weight loss and how did this loss make you feel?

“My first week’s loss was 9.6lbs!  I was absolutely amazed! I couldn’t quite believe it.  It fully motivated me to continue on.  I did struggle in the first week purely with some headaches and feeling a bit dizzy the first few days so it was a massively needed boost for me.  I think it just makes you realise that the plan really works and you need to trust it!”

What are your favourite New You Products?

“I actually love all the product’s however I do have some staples that I cannot be without.  Apple and cinnamon porridge and biscuits.  Sweet and Sour Noodles.  Mexican Tacos. Asparagus Soup. Chocolate caramel Muesli.  BBQ chips. Caramel shake and cafe latte shake.”

Why did you decide to take part in the Spring Transformation Challenge?

“I had seen everyone else’s amazing transformations and people had told me that I was doing really well both in my daily life and on the secret slimmer’s group.  So, I thought I would send my pictures in.”

What is the biggest lesson you have learned since taking part in the Challenge?

I have learnt so much about myself.  To me New You has been more than just a diet.  It’s been literally life changing.  My whole mind set has changed.  I never realised what an emotional eater I was, I would never have said that I was however every time I have wanted to have a blip it has been when I have been stressed, upset or angry.”

How much weight have you lost altogether?

73.5lbs…..just over 5 stone!!!!

Was there a time that you found the plan difficult and how did you overcome these challenges?

I think the first week for me was the most difficult time for me.  The headaches and the dizziness, cold sweats or Keto Flu whilst my body adjusted.  The secret slimmer’s group is definitely what got me through my first week.  I was literally a silent stalker picking up all the tips and hints.  Learning about the Bouillon and Jelly kept me on track.

Do you feel the support offered by New You such as secret slimmer’s has helped you on your journey? If so how?

Definitely, As I said this has been more than just a diet for me.  New You offers so much support.  For me the mind set sessions from Pascale have been a real game changer in the way I see things, react to things and think about certain things.  I also love the magical New You Journals.  The secret slimmer’s group is a massive support network full of amazing people and I wouldn’t have come as far as I have without that group.”

What was your biggest motivator for staying on track?

I think the biggest motivator is for my future.  I am starting my Journey into Policing in September and I want to feel confident and look the part and not feel out of place.”

What is your biggest non-scale victory?

The most memorable NSV is when I got ID’d at the shop and the Lady wouldn’t serve me because she said the picture on my ID was not me.  So, I need to get a new driving licence photo now!”

Since losing your weight what is your happiest memory or proudest moment?

I do have a lot of proud moments, but I think I am most proud of myself when I look at the picture holding those size 20 Jeans up in front of me.  I now wear a size 10.  Literally half the size! Sometimes, I can’t quite believe it and I still look at myself in the mirror and can’t believe it’s me looking back!”

Would you say the plan has changed your life, and if so, how?

New You has changed my life completely, not just physically but also mentally.  My mind set is so much better now, I am happier, fitter, healthier, positive, and generally full of life!  I look forward to going out now and getting dressed because I can wear nice things and they fit!”

Would you have any tips you would give to someone who is thinking of starting the plan but is not sure?

Make sure to join the Secret slimmer’s group and use it.  It’s a massive resource of information and support filled with amazing people who will help you on your journey.  Read ALL the information you find in the files section. Join the mind set sessions on a Sunday, they really are so motivational and sets you up for the week ahead.  Make sure to get some Bouillon and gelatine to make Jelly.  Don’t give up! If I can do it, then so can You!

Now over 5 stone lighter, Alison continues her weight loss journey to cement her future dreams. There’s no reason why your dreams couldn’t come true either.

Follow in Alison’s footsteps with our New Monthly Transformation Challenge! There are some great prizes to be won, including £1000 cash. Although, by just taking part you will be winning back your health, which is priceless!

Alison had all the odds stacked against her but as she says, “If I can do it then so can you!”

Check out our blog for information on how you can enter our Summer Transformation Challenge 2021.

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