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10 Tips To Stay On Track This November!

10 Tips To Stay On Track This November!

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This time of year it can be easy to slide off track when it comes to your transformation. It’s getting colder outside and you’re looking for comfort and you could turn to food. The shops are full of festive sweet treats and you could succumb to their lure…just. this. once. 

But you’re not going to do that to yourself are you?


No! You’ve done so well and come so far!

Make the most of November. November is your secret sauce. Use it’s 30 days to maximise your transformation. Be so bursting with pride at what you’ve achieved on the 30th November that the ‘blip’ doesn’t even register in your mind as a concept!

But how can you protect yourself from the temptations around you? How can you stay on track? (we hear you cry)

Do not fear! You should know by now that we’ve got you covered. We’ve thought of everything!

Below are 10 top tips to keep your transformation on track (try saying that fast 3 times!):

  • Set yourself a realistic goal for November. There’s nothing worse than setting yourself up for the feeling of being a failure. Don’t do it to yourself.


  • Think about why you are on this journey. In fact, don’t just think about it. Write it down 10 times on post-it notes and scatter them around your house. On the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, on your PC monitor, in your purse/wallet, inside a kitchen cupboard, on your wardrobe door, on your car sun visor, on the corner of the TV and use it as a bookmark. Is that 10?


  • Always have a game plan. If you’re at a social event and it involves food and drinks make sure you’re prepared with some of your New You stash. Don’t feel pressured into blipping. Rehearse what you might say should someone question what you’re eating or drinking. Remember this is your transformation and you are doing it for you. What others think is of no consequence. Be proud that you’ve chosen to improve your health.
  • Don’t keep your kryptonite junk food in the house. If you still buy sweets, chocolates or crisps for other members of your household, try and choose flavours or varieties that you don’t like. Even better, explain to your family the importance of their support during your lifestyle change and request such tempting foods are not brought into the house until you are ready. It couldn’t hurt to ask – right?
  • Ditch that ‘all or nothing’ approach. Remember you’re only human so be kind to yourself. If you happen to blip, don’t write the day off and claim it’s ‘ruined’. One blip is not a reason to spend the rest of the day blipping. Identify what triggered your blip so you can learn from it then put it behind you and continue on with your New You Total Plan products. 
  • Focus on being consistent, not perfect. This flows on from number 5. Throughout November and in fact, your whole transformation, concentrate on being consistent with the changes that you are making. If you strive for perfection, anything you deem not at that level will feel like a failure on your part. This will make you feel deflated and you will have the urge to give up. Expecting zero mistakes is unrealistic. Just keep going, no matter what and keep your end goal in sight.
  • Carry a New You snack around with you at all times. Life can get in the way and disrupt any best-made plans, so make sure you’re prepared for any food-related situation.
  • Be chill. Being stressed can do awful things to your body including making it crave sugar and carbs. It can be hard to avoid stress completely at times so consider introducing meditation or Yoga into your daily or weekly routine.
  • Practice mindful eating. Take the time to eat and enjoy your New You meals. You’ll be able to listen to your body’s hunger signals and develop a better relationship with food. This is a great exercise if you’re someone who has struggled with binge eating.
  • Track your progress. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing the results of your efforts. Whether it’s smaller numbers on the scales or tape measure or the difference between two photos of yourself. Just keep checking in with how you are doing.


So what do you think? Do you feel ready to take on November and move your transformation up to the next level?

We hope so!

You deserve to be successful and we will support you in every way we can. We just ask one thing of you…believe in yourself!

If you find yourself stuck and in need of some help, then head on over to our Secret Slimmer’s Facebook community. They are great at giving advice and cheering you on as they are on their own journeys too. If that doesn’t work for you, then our friendly customer service team is always ready to lend an ear and get you back on track.


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2 thoughts on “10 Tips To Stay On Track This November!

    • Author gravatar

      Is it possible to bulk a meal plan with a green salad, i am desperate to see more colour on my plate? Also,,if it is best to eat 4 meals per day, which order of food is best and at what times to maximise weight loss-?

      • Author gravatar

        Hi John, If you are following our Total Meal Replacement diet, we would not recommend you to add any conventional food to your packs, however we do have a SWITCH plan where you could mix our packs with conventional food. You can have any 4 of our packs at any time of the day, they are all designed to provide your with enough nutrition and vitamins for the day as long as you have any 4 if you are under 17 stone or 5 if you are over 17 stone. I hope this helps, if you have any other questions, please email us on [email protected]

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