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My TFR Weight Loss Journey: 71lbs Lost in 21 Weeks!”*

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WOW! 21 weeks into her TFR weight loss journey, customer Hele-Kai has lost a HUGE 71lbs, plus 50 inches from her body. Watch her video to hear how she is finding her time on plan, as well as her amazing advice.

TFR weight loss

My meal plans this week

My bar eating habit seems to be under control now. I stuck to TFR 100% and I didn’t exceed my daily 4 packs any day of the week. At the beginning of the week I had a bit of a sweet tooth but I used my 3 snack allowance and ate the wafers. I had one a day and by the third day I told myself – ok- now you’ve had them all – and don’t start moaning about it later – remember the feeling and the thoughts you had right now and how you justified this to yourself and remember that all when you start cursing yourself later. And of course a few days later I wished that I had saved a snack for later. But then I remembered – yes, I really needed it that day- so make your jellies and move on!

TFR weight loss

The challenges I faced this week

In a way it wasn’t a small thing at all. I caught a cold this week. My throat was all swollen up and my whole mouth felt like it was stinging. I couldn’t drink water because it tasted awful and felt awful in my mouth and swallowing anything was a painful process. So I had to be creative. I drank loads of coffee as usual, but I also had broth, sparkling water and sparkling water with water flavouring. This all helped me and I still got my four litres down.

I also happened to go to a BBQ with my children. For a while I felt like I would go crazy there – all the smells around me were like a torture but then I had my New You burger. I made it into 4-5 small bits and then smelled the air and enjoyed the burger. It wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t feel for a once that I would stand up and get something from the big plate there. No… I just admitted that I would love to have that all, but not yet!

TFR weight loss

What my TFR weight loss journey taught me this week

We can overcome any situation if we really want to. We will always face some situations where we are used to acting in a certain way. For me it was at the BBQ. I was used to eating everything that comes out of it – but when you are determined, you can easily survive such occasions or situations. Trust yourself – don’t think about failure or the things you cannot have. Think about the good bits and the things that you can have. In my case – the point of going to the BBQ was to spend some good time with my friends. And I got to do that – so I would go again anytime!

TFR weight loss

How I feel now

Being on plan has become part of my life. It is the routine that I follow and it is a normal part of my everyday life. I felt poorly when I had the throat problems but diet wise, I felt very good. Every day that I have been able to stick to it 100% cheers me up – it is a small victory that makes me feel proud of myself.

Until next week,

TFR weight loss




*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee.


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