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Win a VIP #MAKEOVERPRIZE & Be The Face of New You 2017

Photoshoot banner

Want to Win a VIP #MAKEOVERPRIZE & Be The Face of New You 2017? Be the Face of The New You 2017 and experience a VIP makeover with travel expenses paid, personal styling session, a new outfit, professional makeup & hair, photoshoot with outfit changes and framed photo of you at your goal weight! And to give you a little insight into just how AMAZING this prize is, and how it had a massive impact on four ladies lives, we wanted to share with you just a few of the highlights from last year’s shoot! We flew Dawn, Maria, Emer & Jasmin over to Northern Ireland for a full day’s […]

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4 Reasons to try The New You Plan

There are hundreds of reasons to choose The New You Plan, if not thousands. These reasons are really dependent on the individual though. Maybe people choose New You because other diets haven’t worked in the past – or perhaps it’s because of the really competitive pricing? A lot of people choose the Plan because of the supportive community that comes with it. The point is, everyone has their own reasons for choosing New You, right? Despite individuality, there are a few reasons that our whole community have in common – and here they are.   The New You Plan is a scientifically proven diet plan that has helped over 27,000 people […]

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#NewYouCookOff Week 4 Winners

Cook Off winners

It’s been another epic week at New You HQ as the fourth round of our #NewYouCookOff got underway. You would think that maybe after 4 weeks things would die down a little but we have to admit that this week was one of our favourites yet! New You cooks, we are super impressed with this week’s offerings, with delights that would make The Great British Bake Off finalists blush! So you’ve probably heard of The Great British Bake Off, but what’s all this #NewYouCookOff stuff about?! Where have you been?! For the past 4 weeks, we have been inviting customers to show us what they’ve been cooking in the kitchen for their chance […]

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[Customer interview]: Nan lost 21lbs with New You

New You weight loss results

At The New You Plan, we welcome all walks of life. At the age of 75 years young, customer Nan was determined to lose weight. Formerly, Nan was extremely active and loved to keep fit, regularly walking and playing squash. Unfortunately, due to a spell of depression, her desire to exercise diminished, which, when combined with overeating, became part of a vicious cycle. Seeing the results her daughter achieved on the plan, Nan decided to take action and commit herself to losing weight. After just 8 weeks, she has dropped an amazing 2 dress sizes and a huge 21lbs. Here’s what Nan had to say… I am 75 years young. At the […]

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[Customer interview}: Kate lost 15lbs with New You

New You Plan weight loss results

One word… WOW! We can’t get over how amazing Kate looks! Following the birth of her child, Kate struggled to shift the rest of her baby weight and with a trip to Las Vegas coming up, she was determined to reach her goal. And that she did! She lost 15lbs, which saw her BMI drop from 28.1 to 25.3. Plus, she dropped two dress sizes and lost 3 inches from her waist and 2 inches from her hips. Like many customers, Kate is proof that when you hit that brick wall where you can’t seem to lose any more weight, no matter what you try, there is a solution… The […]

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#NewYouCookOff Week 3 Winners

Cook Off winners

It’s currently Wednesday night which means only one thing… The Great British Bake Off starts in an hour! Obviously it’s a great show and we love it, but it’s not as much fun when you’re on a diet, right?! Wrong!! At The New You Plan, we firmly believe that just because you’re dieting doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on the things you love in life… cue The Great New You Cook Off! This brainchild was born out of a desire to see just how creative our customers can get in the kitchen! Dieting doesn’t have to be boring! With a selection of amazing meals and snacks (including […]

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New You Plan #MChallenge Week 3 Winner

#MChallenge week 3

We can’t believe we have already completed 3 full weeks of our #MChallenge! If you haven’t heard about it… where have you been?! If you are already on your New You Plan journey, you’ll be well aware of the fact that our #moto has always been about helping our customers rediscover themselves. As soon as just a few days into the plan, the newbies on Secret Slimmers are always commenting that they are already seeing a shift in their #mindset! They are more #motivated than ever before to lose weight and really dedicate some time to their own transformation. You see, losing weight shouldn’t just be about losing weight. We could […]

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[Customer interview]: Christina lost 64lbs with New You

New You Plan interview

What many of our customers share in common is the fact that in the past, they have struggled to lose weight. Many admit they tried every other diet possible with no success before luck brought them to The New You Plan. Customer Christina can definitely relate to this. Starting at a size 20/22 and weighing 18 stone 7 pounds, Christina is proof that The New You Plan works, when all other diets have failed. Struggling with depression, her weight quickly spiralled out of control. Thankfully, she has lost an impressive 63 lbs (4 and a half stone), and three dress sizes. Today, Christina opens up and shares the deeply personal reasons […]

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[Customer interview]: Debbie lost 57lbs with New You


Feeling “Sluggish, fat and frumpy” at the age of just 28, Debbie Fairgrieve knew she couldn’t go on any longer. Having tried every diet under the sun, including two failed gastric band surgeries, Debbie lost 91lbs before she hit a stand-still. Determined to reach her target, and finally be able to ride her horse without feeling guilty, she needed something for that final push. Thankfully she found The New You Plan, which definitely did the trick. Having lost a total of 148lbs, 57lbs of which was with New You, she shares the very real reasons why she needed to lose weight. These are her words… “I can remember the moment […]

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#NewYouCookOff Week 2 winners


It’s #FoodForThoughtThursday at The New You Plan, which means, quite simply, that we devote our Thursdays to educating our customers on the importance of instilling lots of healthy new habits to live by for the rest of their lives! Why? Because losing weight is a pretty big deal, and why go through that if you don’t know how to live a healthy lifestyle afterwards?! Life can be tough enough and so losing weight and keeping it off shouldn’t be a chore. As soon as a customer signs up with The New You Plan, they are getting a total weight loss experience. We pride ourselves in helping customers re-learn about the value, […]

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New You Plan #Mchallenge Week 2 Winners

New You Plan #Mchallenge

This autumn we’re determined to make a difference to as many of our customers’ lives as possible. In a real effort to do this, we thought about how we could keep each and every one of you motivated and on track to smash your weight loss goals before Christmas… Enter the #Mchallenge! Launched earlier this year during spring, our customers have raved about the #Mchallenge ever since! And because we like to do what we’re told, we’ve brought it back… but obviously it’s BIGGER and BETTER! With your New You journey comes a whole change in #Mindset, and the #Mchallenge is all about changing from the inside out. During your time […]

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Win a VIP #MAKEOVERPRIZE & Be The Face of New You 2017

Win a VIP #MAKEOVERPRIZE & Be The Face of New You 2017

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