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Make March Marvellous: What’s happening at The New You Plan

Hello March

Hello March – we have BIG plans for you! Spring will soon be here, quickly followed by Easter in April so now is the perfect time to reach for the stars, find that inner strength and get down and dirty with your New You journey. Today is the day to up your gain, commit to the plan and make March your month. Time is of the essence slimmers! You need to feel that sense of urgency to lose weight before the shops are full of gorgeous spring and summer clothes unless you are happy enough to be shrouded in layers?! Perhaps you are already fully committed and you can see […]

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Week 5 vlog: “My TFR weight loss journey”

Hele-Kai week 5 social

In her TFR weight loss journey, customer Hele-Kai has been sharing her weight loss updates in her weekly vlog. Five weeks in, she tells us how she’s feeling, as well as revealing that all important total weight loss amount. Click on her video below where she reveals all!   WOW! Well done Hele-Kai!! We can’t believe it! 26.4 lbs lost in only 5 weeks. Hele-Kai is well on her way to hitting that 2 stone weight loss mark! We love that she’s absolutely glowing in her vlog this week! The change in just 5 weeks is unbelievable. We can’t wait to hear your week 6 results. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Has Hele-Kai inspired you? […]

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My New You Plan Weight Loss Story!

Photo 4

New You Plan customer Peter Baines has an amazing story to tell! Due to the nature of his job as a lorry driver, old habits crept in and the weight crept on. However, after discovering The New You Plan, he has lost a pretty incredible 50lbs, and 5 jeans sizes in just 3 and a half months. Here he shares his New You Plan weight loss story.   I would describe myself as a family person. I have moved around a lot during my adult years and I’m looking to move again to Shropshire by end of May. I have a daughter Demi who is 22 and a son Michael […]

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Smart Goal Setting For Optimal Weight Loss


Customer Transformation Coach, Candida shares her top tips for smart goal setting to ensure optimal weight loss. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound… this is how we set a SMART goal for achieving weight loss. By setting attainable goals for yourself, you’ll increase the chances of achieving your weight loss goals and maintaining those accomplishments on a long-term basis. Often we become overwhelmed, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose, spending too much time thinking about achieving our goals rather than where we actually are in the process. I have learnt through my own New You journey, that if you break the goal down into small, achievable […]

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This week’s weight loss support community update

Banner 3 sq

Here, our Customer Transformation Coach, Candida rounds up what’s been happening in our weight loss support community this week. It’s officially spring! Woohoo! As Julie-Ann so eloquently put it: “The season of new beginnings, fresh starts and blossoming into a beautiful bright new you! Spring is the perfect season to dedicate your efforts to making a rapid jaw dropping transformation! The sun is out, blue skies and longer days are perfect for evening walks or working in the garden. 3 months from now the summer will start in June. Let’s make sure we are all 100% committed to making the next 3 months our time of total focus and dedication […]

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How To Let Go Of Bad Eating Habits

Bad habits social

Today, Customer Transformation Coach Candida delves deep into the topic of bad eating habits and how to let them go in order to succeed in the weight loss and maintenance goals you have set for yourself. “Bad habits are very hard to break, especially if you love them! If you are brave enough to say goodbye to self-sabotage and break the bad eating habits, life will reward you with a new sparkling hello! There are many bad eating habits and that is why we have got to where we are today, trying to lose weight and then maintain what we have lost. But are those bad habits broken or are […]

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Week 4 vlog: New You Plan customer review

Hele-Kai week 4 social

If you haven’t been following Hele-Kai’s New You Plan customer review, here’s the scope… Each week, the lovely Hele-Kai has been taking to the camera to tell us not only how much weight she has lost, but also how she’s been finding the experience, in the hope that she can help, and inspire you on your journey to a new you. Now one month on plan, this week she shares her total weight loss result, and also her inch losses, and we have to say, we’re super impressed. This lady has the perfect mindset to succeed and she’s totally in the zone! Watch her video below to find out how she […]

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Customer interview: Kim lost 2 stone with The New You Plan

Kim social

For Kim Davies, unexpected turmoil in her life, led to her weight gain. At under 5ft tall, she weighed over 11 stone, which definitely showed on her tiny frame. Following the birth of her daughter, she struggled to lose weight, until she found New You! Here, in her customer interview, she reveals how she lost 2 stone, dropping from a size 14 to a size 8. This is what she had to say… My name is Kim Davies and I’m an Aussie living in Belfast with my husband, Simon, our two-year-old daughter, Orla, and crazy cat, Sheldon. I work part-time for a charity supporting victims of crime, and also part-time […]

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How To Finish What You Started

Finish square

In her latest blog post, Customer Transformation Coach Candida shares her top tips on how to finish what you started for success on your New You Plan journey. Watch her video for advice on this topic and get more tips below. It’s a really funny thing commitment! It only works if you actually commit to it! The easiest part about a process is starting. Anyone at all can start. The hardest part about a process is to keep going. That’s where the magic happens. Weight loss is a process. It is not going to happen over night and you will encounter obstacles on your journey that could potentially distract you […]

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New You Plan Diet Support Groups Weekly Update

Banner 2 sq

This is my favourite part of the week when I get to share with everyone what a fabulous group Secret Slimmers and Momentum Maintainers are. Every week I am blown away by the incredible mindset and diet support everybody gives each other. It is wonderful to see how many Secret Slimmers are joining in with all of the challenges, whether monthly or daily. One of the words this week on the daily photo challenge was spirituality and our gorgeous Sabrina wrote the following: “I am a very spiritual person. I believe in angels. I believe that we should do good and cause no harm. I appreciate the beauty of nature, […]

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Don’t Give Up On Your TFR Diet!

Don't give up social

DON’T GIVE UP IF YOU LOSE 1 or 2 POUNDS ONE WEEK. Having seen thousands of people get to their target weight on TFR diet here is an example average weight loss journey*: Week 1: 7.5 pounds Week 2: 3 pounds Week 3: 2 pounds Week 4: 4 pounds Week 5: 1 pound Week 6: 5 pounds Week 7: 3.5 pounds Week 8: 2.5 pounds Week 9: 3 pounds Week 10: 5 pounds Week 11: 2 pounds Week 12: 3.5 pounds Total lost: 2st 10 in 12 weeks*. Or… Size 20 to size 14/16* Size 16 to size 10/12* As you can see the weight loss is different every week. […]

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New You Awards 2016 – The WINNERS!

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