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Hele-Kai’s Weekly Diet Vlog

This week’s diet vlog from Hele-Kai is perfect for anyone who is worried about re-feeding! Find out how she got on, as well as her top tips for handling it! A planned blip for her birthday led to Hele-Kai re-feeding, which can definitely be a daunting experience. Fearing the worst, Hele-Kai was convinced she would un-do her hard work, but with less than half a pound gain, this is definitely something to be proud of. At The New You Plan, we don’t just give you diet meals and leave you to it. We are there with you every step of the way throughout your journey. We aim to teach you […]

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New You Plan Interview: Jackie Lost 4st 7lbs & 6 Dress Sizes

New You Plan interview

Before finding The New You Plan, Jackie Murphy was miserable. Working in an extremely stressful environment, and being subjected to bullying by her supervisor led to emotional eating, and ultimately, her weight gain. Over the years she has tried every diet plan out there. She was successful once but negative comments led to her piling the weight back on, and more. However, with determination and the correct TFR plan, she has lost a staggering 4st 7lbs, as well as a phenomenal 6 dresses sizes. Here is Jackie’s New You Plan interview… Jackie, what do you think led to your weight gain? Stress would have been a big thing in my life. […]

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6 Steps To Help You Think Thin

Think thin

Is your attitude towards losing weight keeping you fat? Would you like to curb your obsession with constant thoughts about food? Here, our Customer Transformation Coach Candida shares 6 steps to help you think thin in order to change how you think about food. If you want to be successful in losing weight you need to cut the mental fat, change your habits and stop making excuses! Learning to think thin is not going to happen overnight but I am going to give you some guidelines to help you think like a thin person, eat like a thin person and feel empowered to change your mindset. 1. Picture this & think thin […]

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[Julz blog] The second best time to start your diet is TODAY!

Start your diet

New You Plan Founder Julie-Ann discusses why TODAY is actually the best day to start your diet and how small steps will get you to your end goal. The best time to plant an oak tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today. 🌲 The best time to lose weight in 2017 and be 100% on plan for 12 weeks was in January 2017. The second best time is today. ☀️ 3 months from now is mid-August. 📆 What you weigh, your health, your style, your confidence, your fitness, strength and energy, all depends on what you decide to do between now and then. 😎💄🏃🏽🏋🏻🏊🏼‍♀️🎯📸 So many […]

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The New You Plan Community Highlights

Community highlights

Another amazing week has passed in our Secret Slimmers & Momentum Maintainers groups, so we couldn’t let it pass without reflecting on it. Today, our Community Manager Candida rounds up our Community Highlights of the Week! This has been one fabulous week to unite, laugh, be happy, smile and shed those pesky pounds! So many of you have accomplished this, climbed mountains, overcome mental obstacles and together we have united our incredible community. Each sunrise is a fresh start, a brand-new day, a new pencil on an empty page; your weight loss journey is as rewarding and fulfilling as you make it. It may be a journey of many miles […]

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Hele-Kai 12 Week TFR Journey

Now in re-feed of her 12 week TFR journey, customer Hele-Kai shares how she’s feeling. Will she make it into that 50lb weight loss category? Click on her video below to find out! WOW! Well done Hele-Kai. Even during her re-feed week, she has lost another 3lb, brining her total weight loss to 50lb in only 12 weeks! For anyone currently re-feeding, Hele-Kai has the right attitude. Listen to your body and only eat what you feel you should and can. After the discipline and regime of a 12 week TFR journey, it can be feel like you are ‘cheating’ on your diet but with healthy choices you’ll have no […]

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[Part 1] Lucy lost 3 stone in 12 weeks!*

Mid-way through her New You Plan journey, Lucy reflects on how she has already experienced a massive confidence boost, has loads more energy, her skin feels amazing, and the plan easily fits into her family life. Having already lost 3 stone in 12 weeks, she is now embarking on the second part of her weight loss journey. Watch her video below to hear what she has to say and read her words below. Lucy, what do you think led to your weight gain? I’ve always struggled with my weight but in January 2017, I was really feeling fat and frumpy following the Christmas season’s festivities. I was at a loss as […]

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What You Can & Can’t Have Whilst On Total Food Replacement

Total Food Replacement

While on Total Food Replacement, there are a few things which you can & can’t have, which can lead to worry and confusion. So to help with this issue, here, we round-up exactly what those things are in a bumper blog post! It’s always helpful to know what you can and cannot have whilst you are on total food replacement. There are many things that could knock you out of ketosis so it’s worth taking note and keeping a copy to hand. However, there are lots of things you can add to your packs to alter the flavour according to your taste buds. Familiarise yourself with the below and get […]

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New You Plan Highlights Of The Week

New You Plan highlights

  As another busy week passes by, Community Manager Candida rounds up what’s been happening in our Secret Slimmers & Momentum Maintainers groups with her New You Plan Highlights of the Week. From amazing weight losses, to inspirational stories, get the goss and find out what it is that makes our groups just so amazing! Oh you Secret Slimmers do keep us busy! I love it! What an awesome week you have all been having. It has been absolutely fabulous to see so many of you getting together for charity events, making new friends on Secret Slimmers and generally engaging on the page. We all have one thing in common […]

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7 Questions To Get You Motivated And Stay Motivated!


Today, we look at a topic which is key to your weight loss success – MOTIVATION! Plus, we explore the 7 questions you should ask yourself in order to not only get motivated, but remain motivated! Motivation is ultimately what will not only keep you on track, but will propel you forward to reaching your end goal of your dream target weight. And when you get there, motivation will need to continue so that you hold onto that dream size. To motivate is to encourage a reason for doing something, and for everyone, their motivation will be different. As we’re mid-way through spring, many of our customers are using summer as […]

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