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Win a VIP #MAKEOVERPRIZE & Be The Face of New You 2017

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Want to Win a VIP #MAKEOVERPRIZE & Be The Face of New You 2017? Be the Face of The New You 2017 and experience a VIP makeover with travel expenses paid, personal styling session, a new outfit, professional makeup & hair, photoshoot with outfit changes and framed photo of you at your goal weight! And to give you a little insight into just how AMAZING this prize is, and how it had a massive impact on four ladies lives, we wanted to share with you just a few of the highlights from last year’s shoot! We flew Dawn, Maria, Emer & Jasmin over to Northern Ireland for a full day’s […]

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First New You #Mchallenge winners are announced!

First New You #Mchallenge winners

In case you didn’t know, something BIG has been going on at The New You Plan! It’s that time of the year when we could all do with a little extra push and because we’re more than just a diet meal company our main aim is ALWAYS to inspire and motivate our customers… Cue… the #Mchallenge! If you haven’t heard about it… Where have you been? Here’s the scope… This autumn we’re asking our customers to take a giant leap! So many of us eat and drink too much of the wrong things because it makes us happy. But that is what makes us unhappy and unhealthy, which is why […]

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[Customer Interview] Lynn loses 52lbs with New You*

New You Plan customer interview

“And I know, for the first time, that I have finally broken that yo-yo dieting cycle” When you chat to New You Plan customer, Lynn Stoneman you instantly get a feeling of warmth. This is a fun-loving lady with a huge heart, which is echoed by the fact that she lives in Cornwall with her two rescue dogs, who she has given a new lease of life. For someone so caring, it’s only right that she should be happy and thankfully, Lynn is well on her way to reaching her goal, having already lost an amazing 52lbs. Having tried various other diets with no success, Lynn found The New You plan, starting as […]

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Help ‘The New You Plan’ raise £10,000 to build a school in Kenya!


At the New You Plan we pride ourselves on providing that helping hand when it is needed. This can come in all shapes and sizes, whether it is that little extra push to help motivate a new customer to join one of our plans and begin their weight loss journey or welcome back an existing customer with open arms to guide them on their next step to maintaining their healthy lifestyle. Community is an important factor to our brand and working as a team to help people feel good about themselves is a key factor to our success. This ethos is something that is very important to Julie-Ann and her […]

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#Mchallenge is BACK – Get Your Free Wall Chart, Build in Healthy Habits, Have Fun! £1,000 in Prizes to be Won! :-)


The New You Plan #Mchallenge is all about being building healthy habits into your life and creating a Wonderful Life!  After the success of our April #Mchallenge, we are excited to bring the #mchallenge back! How amazing are you going to make this Autumn? Creating a NEW YOU isn’t just about losing weight, it is about having fun, enjoying life, stepping outside your comfort zone, building in healthy habits, and thinking in a way that empowers you! The #mchallenge is a good excuse to try new things!  We encourage you to share your photos on your social media and #hashtag #mchallenge – this will inspire your friends and family and […]

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Why Chia Seeds put the ‘Super’ in Superfood!


Sometimes a little helping hand is just what we need right? The media is full of new superfoods that are claiming to be the next generation of nutrition. With a new claim appearing every week it is hard to keep up with what each food is meant to do and how it has been branded a ‘superfood’. Over the next few weeks at the New You Plan Ltd. we are going to have a look at the superfoods in question, breaking down the facts to see what makes them ‘super’ and which of them we need to start adding to our shopping lists straight away. First in the series is […]

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AMAZING AUTUMN £20k GIVEAWAY – Registration Information

Woohoo! Registration for our NEW AMAZING AUTUMN CHALLENGE is OPEN! This Autumn, we are giving away £20,000 – £10,000 in prizes to our beautiful amazing customers, and also we are delighted to be donating profits of £10,000 to build a NEW YOU CLASSROOM in a school in Africa.  We have so many fun challenges to keep you motivated and excited to make big changes, so that you can end 2016 feeling AMAZING! CAN’T WAIT TO JOIN IN? ENTER YOUR NAME AND EMAIL BELOW TO REGISTER NOW! The first day of Autumn kicks off on 22nd September and the last of Autumn is 20th December.  This is an exciting time of […]

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7 Weeks From Now Is Halloween! How Fit Do You Want To Be?


  Halloween is coming and The New You Plan customers are getting Slim! On Saturday, the 11th of September, I realised that in exactly 7 weeks, it would be the last Saturday in October, Halloween weekend. Spooky! Time flies, doesn’t it! 7 weeks! Eeeeks! That really is not a long time! This year has flown by, super fast, and guess what? The next 7 weeks, they are going to fly in super fast too! So it is up to us to decide what we are going to do in the next 7 weeks! The time is going to pass anyway, and it is going to pass fast, so we might as […]

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#WhyWednesday: What Is YOUR Why?


  Today is #WhyWednesday in our Support Group, Secret Slimmers. Knowing WHY you want to lose weight is the big driver for your success. When you are clear on what it means to you to lose weight and how it will improve and impact, your health, your family, your loved ones and your general ability to get out and enjoy everything that life has to offer, the more clear your “WHY” becomes. The clearer your WHY, the bigger chance of your success. I read Jackie’s post this morning in Secret Slimmers, and I could totally relate to it. Before Jackie started The New You Plan, she was 238 pounds. Now, […]

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OMG What Did I Just Watch? (Traumatised): Watch The Documentary “Obesity: The Post Mortem?” NOW


Have you heard about the new documentary called Obesity: The Post Mortem? There has been a lot of talk about it in the newspapers in the last few days.  It was released on 13th September on BBC 3. You can watch it online HERE.  One of our Secret Slimmers just watched the documentary today. She wrote in our group:  OMG, what did I just watch!?!  Obesity: The post mortem (BBC 3) Forget Day 1 tomorrow. Day 1 is NOW! I wanted to switch it off :/ but couldn’t! If anyone wants a harsh slap in the face why we need to reduce our weight (Especially me: apple belly fat shape, 19 + […]

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[Back To New You School, Back To New You Basics] Lesson 4 Of 4: Calm Down & Get Your Life In Order


Take a deep breath, and relax. That is probably the first step to losing weight. A lot of the time when we gain weight it is because we haven’t been putting our health first and putting too many things in front of our own health and wellbeing.  At the end of the day there is nothing more important than our health, and we need to make sure we look after ourselves. TAKE THE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE QUIZ (Answer YES or NO) 1.)  Do you get LESS than 8 hours sleep a night? (Yes/No) 2.)  Do you feel stressed out most days? (Yes/No) 3.)  Do you feel tired and lie up on the […]

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Win a VIP #MAKEOVERPRIZE & Be The Face of New You 2017

Win a VIP #MAKEOVERPRIZE & Be The Face of New You 2017

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