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Top 10 Tips For Your First Week On TFR

WOW! You made the epic decision to place your first order with New You! Your beautifully packaged parcel arrives a day or so later. You rip open the box in trepidation, not really knowing what to expect; and there inside lies gorgeous heavenly pinks and sunny yellows encasing an abundance of packs and bars, snacks and shakers. You unpack your box, looking to see what you ordered thinking: ‘Is this really going to make me thin?’ ‘What happens now?’. You probably feel a little apprehensive and scared. Well I am going to give you my top ten tips to help you get started on your New You journey that will guide […]

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Hele-Kai’s Week 9 Weight Loss Diary

Week 9 of her weight loss diary, customer Hele-Kai has been on an incredible journey! Watch her video below to find out her total weight loss so far, as well as her tried and tested top tips… Hele-Kai is proof that so much can be achieved in such a short space of time. In just 9 weeks she has lost a total of 3 stone* and looks incredible! 9 weeks into her journey, her weight loss continues to be steady, losing another 3.5lbs. What so many of our customers tell us is that often with other diets, their weight loss would slow down or completely stop after just a few […]

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New You Plan Offer: 50 for £55 / 100 for £100

Top Up Your Stash For Less With £1 Meals New You Plan Offer! For many people, today is the first day back to work after the Easter break, and if you’re like us, you’ll probably be (secretly) a little glad! While, obviously, it’s great to have time with family and friends, these events are often marked with overindulgence, whether that be with food, alcohol or both. Plus, you probably spent hours sprawled out binging on the latest Netflix series, when you would usually be up and about, on-the-go and burning calories. But today offers the chance to not only get back to normality and embrace your usual routine, but it […]

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Hele-Kai’s week 8 weight loss vlog

Now 8 weeks into her New You Plan journey, customer Hele-Kai’s weight loss vlog has been a source of inspiration to so many of our customers. Click on the video below to hear how much weight she’s lost this week, as well as her 4 amazing top tips for anyone just starting out. WOW! We are so in awe of Hele-Kai. After just 8 weeks on plan, she has lost a total of 38lbs, and is super close to crossing that 3 stone barrier! This week, we are LOVING Hele-Kai’s amazing tips for anyone starting out on their New You Plan journey! To recap, here’s what are her top tips: […]

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Positive Thinking + Positive Action = Success

Positive thinking

Today, Customer Transformation Coach, Candida shares the importance of not only positive thinking but combining it with positive action in order to lead to success! Positive thinking is a very powerful tool but means absolutely nothing if you don’t follow it up with positive actions. Here is a little exercise created by Mack Machowicz to demonstrate my point… When you have a chance go to a quiet room that has a light switch and bring in a chair. Now close the door, turn off the light switch and take the chair and put it several feet from the light switch. Sit on the chair. Now with all of your vast […]

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Community Highlights Of The Week

Another week and plenty of highlights to share! Today, Customer Transformation Coach Candida reflects on a wonderful week, sharing our community highlights of the week! WOW! What amazing weather we had last weekend, making it the perfect time to get out and about in the sunshine with family and friends. Summer is on its way and we are going to be announcing some amazing deals and exciting challenges for your Summer Transformation. So many beautiful butterflies are emerging on Secret Slimmers at the minute. For me, having the privilege of watching you on your own individual journey is incredible. Karen Lobb, who has only recently started The New You Plan […]

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How To Avoid Easter Food Temptations

With Easter weekend coming up, Customer Transformation Coach Candida shares her top tips to avoid Easter food temptations and stay on track! Easter overeating… all that heavenly smelling chocolate, Easter egg hunts, homely roasts and an abundance of treats only ever seen at Easter and Christmas. This is a mental dread of dieters and maintainers alike! We know from experience that we cannot realistically get through Easter time by willpower alone. We are only too aware of the minefield of family meals and get togethers. Somehow we have to navigate our way through this immense challenge with motivational strategies. I love Easter but without sounding like the Easter Bunny of […]

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“My New You Plan Weight Loss Results: Week 7”

7 wonderful weeks into her journey, customer Hele-Kai has been revealing her New You Plan weight loss results in her series of weekly vlogs. Click on the video below as she reveals her total weight loss and how she’s feeling after 7 weeks on plan.   If you’re worried about your weight loss slowing down… don’t! Hele-Kai is proof that continual weight loss is possible with this plan, with a huge 4.6lbs off* in her seventh week, bringing her total New You Plan weight loss to 2st 4lbs! We love that Hele-Kai isn’t bored at all, and is keeping things interesting by playing around with the packs to create new […]

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7 Tips To Get Your Diet Back On Track

Here, our Customer Transformation Coach, Candida, shares her 7 tops tips to help you get your diet back on track when you fail. So you have fallen off the weight loss wagon! Perhaps life got in the way or you may have been on refeed and lost your way. We can sort this – it’s not the end of the world! I am going to help you get back on the New You train destined for Slimsville. First of all, you really need to stop being so hard on yourself! Losing weight is about forming healthy habits; slow and steady changes will lead to sustainable results. You may think you […]

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Community Highlights Of The Week

Here, Customer Transformation Coach Candida rounds up what’s been happening in our Secret Slimmers & Momentum Maintainers Groups, with her highlights of the week. WOW! Another week has just flown by and you lovely lot have been super busy on Secret Slimmers and Momentum Maintainers. We absolutely love to see your WOOHOO posts! Whether it’s a week one weight loss or a non-scale victory, your upbeat and positive posts are what make our groups such a great place to be! The power of positivity is an amazing thing. It’s uplifting, motivating and will put a smile on everyone’s face. I loved Linsey Donaldson’s post this week. She said: “Anyone just […]

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New You Awards 2016 – The WINNERS!

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