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Don’t Worry; Be Happy!

“I have spent most of my time worrying about things that have never happened!” – Mark Twain Please click to play the song while reading this blog post! he he 🙂 It can be very easy to get overwhelmed with the worries of life. Worry is a big reason that people are overweight by comfort eating over the stress of things that might never happen!! So we all need to learn how to chill out a bit more and be less stressed, and less worried about life and all the stuff that is happening! I have had my fair share of worries in the last year…. but the last couple […]

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Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone & Into Your Transformation Zone

Are you ready to step outside your Comfort Zone and into your TRANSFORMATION ZONE? I have a question for you… How comfortably are you sitting? Today I want to encourage you to get uncomfortable!  One of the big reasons we stay stuck in a rut is because we wake up everyday and go into autopilot;  Staying in our comfort zone,  being a slave to  the same thoughts,  habits and reactions.  If we want to make a real change, we need to SHAKE THINGS UP! We need to change our thoughts, routines and reactions and we need to step OUTSIDE of our comfort zone to see progress and change in our lives. “The […]

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How To Be Happy NOW!

On what is International Day Of Happiness, we discuss why being happy now is actually the key to losing weight. Rather than focusing on being happy when you get to your target, try it now and be amazed and how this positivity will help you succeed. How often do you hear yourself or other people say… “When I become”…. or “I will be happy when”? It is a common thing to hear…. When I become slim I will be happy When I become successful I will be happy  When I…. I will be happy When I…  I will be happy The thing is, life does not really work that way. […]

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Important Lesson: Success Needs Scheduled

Success doesn’t just accidentally happen… it needs scheduled. Believe it or not, this also applies to your New You Plan journey. Here’s why… When you are working towards a new goal, this is a process of lots of little steps, – you need to have the organisation skills to plan these ordinary things, to get the extraordinary results!   Success needs scheduled… all those wee ordinary things are not just going to happen by themselves. They might be ordinary, but they take planning and dedication to do them day in day out.  So schedule your success, by scheduling all the simple, ordinary things you need to do to achieve your health […]

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[Daily Mail Article] “Major study shows patients put on 850-calorie soup and shake regime DOES beat type 2 condition”

At The New You Plan, we have long been preaching the amazing health benefits that following our low calorie diet promotes and now NHS are on board too! Recently, the Daily Mail published an article highlighting that a study showed that a diet of soups and shakes can reverse type 2 diabetes in the long term. Over a third of patients who were put on the daily regime of 850 calories were free of diabetes after just two years. Patients followed the VLCD for three to five months, before resuming eating ‘regular’ sized portions. The first stage of the research had shown that 46% of the patients were in remission […]

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Spring Transformation Challenge: WIN £1000

This spring, we are on a serious mission to keep our customers motivated to SMASHING their goals so that they can start summer feeling FAB-U-LOUS! Picture this – fast forward to June 2019; You are wearing jeans a few sizes smaller and you just got £1000 cash deposited into your bank account! BOOM! Sounds good? Well that IS going to happen to one of our customers this Spring, and why should it not be you?  Today we are are launching our SPRING TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE for 2019 and we would LOVE you to take part!  You have 11 weeks to create your best transformation and the opportunity to win £1000 cash prize. 🙂  This could […]

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You are more than a number on scales

Here, Julz shares why when losing weight, it is important to remember that you are more than a number on a set of scales. It is so easy to get caught up in the mindset that you value yourself based on the number on the scales. I really think you need to be very careful when you feel these thoughts creeping in, and make sure that you turn your attention immediately to all the things about yourself that make you special! Maybe you are a great friend, a great daughter, a great parent, a great business person or one of the best in your work place. Maybe you have a […]

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5 Key Elements YOUR WHY needs to have for you to succeed with your New You Transformation

What is your WHY? If you want to succeed on total food replacement you need to have a good reason to stay on plan, make sacrifices and be disciplined. In this article we dig deep into What Your WHY needs to have to be good enough to keep you on track. It is amazing when you are on your New You total food replacement journey how everyday a new “non scale victory” gives that little buzz of excitement as we can see how our world changes as the pounds melt away.   It is all these little reasons that stoke our fire daily and keep us going.  BUT – the question we get […]

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Celebrating National Cereal Day With 20 Breakfasts for £20

It’s #NationalCerealDay today and we’re celebrating. There’s no doubt about it, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We know that starting your day right is the first step in setting yourself up for a successful day ahead. Having breakfast within one hour of getting up means that you are less tempted to snack or sway from plan throughout the rest of the day. So with this in mind, we’ve worked hard to offer our customers a super tasty selection of satisfying breakfasts. We take great pride in having one of the BEST selections of Total Food Replacement Meals and this definitely applies to our breakfasts. Whether you fancy something […]

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10 FREE Pineapple Boosts

Quench your thirst and enjoy the totally tropical taste of our Pineapple Boosts! Craving something totally tropical?? Spring is just around the corner and we’re celebrating with the zesty taste of our Pineapple Boosts. A favourite with our customers, these bad boys will give you a little boost, right when you need it the most. Perfect first thing in the morning, enjoy either hot or cold and set yourself up for a successful day ahead. “Those pineapple boosters DO really work x I was nearly sleeping at my desk at 4pm xx now I’m wide awake xx These r good xx”. – Samantha Now is your chance to stock up on […]

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