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SET FOR SUCCESS: The Countdown To Christmas Is On!!

With just a matter of weeks until Christmas, it’s time to stop putting off your weight loss journey! Make this Christmas truly magical, thanks to our 5 helpful tips to help you take control of your eating and get back on your VLCD total food replacement plan so you can lose some pounds in time for Christmas! Christmas is FAST approaching! If you are overweight and feeling frustrated with your size, the thought of feeling unhappy with how you look at Christmas is enough to drive you to the biscuit tin rather than your VLCD diet box. It is VERY COMMON for people who feel stressed out about their weight to […]

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[Guest blog] Influencer Sherelee’s Week 6 New You Results

It’s a matter of slow and steady wins the race for Instagram influencer Sherelee, who has lost a total of 35lbs in 6 weeks thanks to The New You Plan. Here is what she had to say about her sixth week on plan… “It’s been another hard week to be honest, mainly due to the fact that my daughter has been so unwell and we had 3 nights where only 2 hours sleep was had. Tiredness ALWAYS makes me want to eat …and eat…and eat. As crazy as this sounds, I also seemingly forgot how to drink water. Not one this day have I managed my intake. I’ve drank more […]

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2020 Vision – 5 Ways To Make 2020 Your Dream Decade

There is something crisp and inviting about the blank slate of a new year. Add in the double whammy of a new decade and the possibilities for change seem endless in 2020. At The New You, Plan we used to view a new year or a new decade as a chance to hit the reset button on our lives. It was a way to leave behind anything bad that had happened the year before and start again from scratch. The reason a reset is so attractive is because it offers itself up like a big red button that can blast through all the terrible things of the previous year. But […]

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How To Get Slim When People Say Negative Things About Your Weight

When being bombarded with negative comments, it’s easy to quit your diet. Here, we share a 7 step process to make sure the next time you have your feelings hurt that the moment spurs you on to get slim so you can prove them wrong! From the very start, set out with the determination, that every mean comment, every adversity and every setback will spur you on to achieve your goal of being slim and healthy, and prove them wrong! Most people who are overweight can relate to an instance when someone has made a comment about their weight that has been really hurtful. It is easy to see how these […]

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Is your weight holding you back from living the life you want?

How many dreams do you have that your weight is holding you back from living? How many experiences does being overweight hold you back from enjoying? The person who has health has 1000 Dreams. The person who doesn’t, has one. What is your weight holding you back from doing? Swimming, clothes shopping, travelling, adventures, exercise classes, dating, intimacy, social life, career or business opportunities? How sad is the thought that even though you are healthy, your weight is holding you back from living the life of your dreams?! And then think into the future and how your weight could now impact your health. How much regret will you have if […]

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How a Japanese Tidy Up Method is Based on the Same Principles as New You TFR Diet

Believe it or not, Marie Kondo’s highly acclaimed method of tidying up is actually based on the same principles as The New You Plan. Here’s why… I hate to admit it but my house used to be a mess! Nothing had a home, and every drawer was disorganised. A few years ago I read a book that started a new journey for me and now I am a big fan of Marie Kondo, the Japanese organising guru. My house used to a so disorganised and I hated throwing things out incase I would need them some day, but after following the Marie Kondo principles I am delighted to say that […]

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[Guest Blog] Influencer Sherelee’s Week 5 Results

After 5 weeks on plan, Instagram Influencer @kayceesworld aka Sherelee reveals she has lost 32lbs in 5 weeks and why this week saw BIG changes in her mindset. Well week 5 is over and I am finally noticing a difference in how I look. This hasn’t been my best week. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail… I left the house (twice) without my food. One of the times I was able to wait until I got home. The other, however resulted in a blip. Before I would have really beat myself up for that blip, but this is a lifestyle change for me. This isn’t a quick fix. I’m […]

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This is probably one of my favourite life lessons… BE CONGRUENT…. Being congruent means… that what you say, what you think and what you do are all the same! When all 3 are aligned then this is when you are most happy, because you are at peace with yourself. This ties in perfectly with our theme for this year; TRANSFORMATION THROUGH SELF LOVE.   The first step towards self love, is to be at peace with yourself, by having your thoughts, words and actions in harmony. Mahatma Gandhi summed up Happiness perfectly when he said… “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you feel are all in harmony”  – Mahatma […]

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5 Key Elements YOUR WHY needs to have for you to succeed with your New You Transformation

What is your WHY? If you want to succeed on total food replacement you need to have a good reason to stay on plan, make sacrifices and be disciplined. In this article we dig deep into What Your WHY needs to have to be good enough to keep you on track. It is amazing when you are on your New You total food replacement journey how everyday a new “non scale victory” gives that little buzz of excitement as we can see how our world changes as the pounds melt away.   It is all these little reasons that stoke our fire daily and keep us going.  BUT – the question we get […]

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[Guest Blog] Influencer Sherelee’s Week 4 Results

It’s week 4 on The New You Plan for Instagram influencer @kayceesworld. While she faced a few obstacles, she has lost a whopping 2 stone in only 4 weeks!* “Week 4 is done! I’ve fought tears, temptation, star week cravings, a stomach bug and blips and yet I am still here… still going and I believe in this plan. If I can do it anyone can. It’s been hard… honestly so hard, but being fat and unhealthy is harder though. Week 4 I was only on plan for roughly 3 days. I came down with the most awful stomach bug which saw me nil by mouth for 3 days (On […]

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