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11 Reasons You Are Struggling To Be 100% On Your TFR Diet

11 Reasons You Are Struggling To Be 100% On Your TFR Diet

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Can’t get your head in the game? Check out these 11 reasons why you are struggling to be 100% on your TFR diet and what you can do to get re-focused.

1. Your head is elsewhere

You’re not focused on your journey. You need to realise that whatever other crap is going on in your life, YOU need to be your number one priority. Be on top of your game to make the most of your life and to help other people.

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2. You are not excited

The thought of being 4 or 5 pounds lighter next week doesn’t excite you.  You are not happy now but by losing weight you are moving towards where you want to be… slim, healthy, happy, confident, stylish, sexy!! This is something to get excited about!!

3. You do not believe that you can do it

If you think you can’t lose 3, 4 or 5 pounds in a week* you are wrong. You CAN… if you give it 100%. Have 4 shakes or soups and drink 4 or more litres of water. YOU CAN LOSE IT… day at a time, hour at a time… you can do it!!

4. You are not planning your products

You need to plan your products out every day and space them out so that you have four proper set times to eat. Wake up in the morning and know what four products you are going to have and when you are going to have them. This will boost your chances of success massively!

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5. Your water intake is rubbish

2 litres of water is NOT ENOUGH. Your water needs to be ON TOP on your shakes and ideally on top of your coffee. For maximum weight loss you need to be aiming for 4 or more litres of water a day, spaced throughout the day. That water bottle should be glued to your hand… sip, sip, sip. Look at water as a fat melting liquid. Visualising your fat melting away as you drink water will easily help you drink more!

6. You are trying to do this alone

It is a lonely journey doing a TFR diet on your own. You really need to share this journey with people who are on the same mission as you! That is why you need to JOIN IN with our Secret Slimmers group and not just be a spectator. Tell your story, make friends, be real, have fun!! You can do this so much easier if you JOIN IN and become one of our family.

7. You don’t feel like you have accountability

And it doesn’t matter what you lose every week, no one will know. WELL YOU WILL KNOW… the less you care about how much you lose, the less you will lose. You need to get your name down for every weight loss challenge and participate in every daily task. We offer amazing prizes as an incentive to join in, feel amazing and make losing weight the fun process it should be.

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8. You are not visualising yourself at your goal

We hear it all the time… “I can’t believe I can be a size 10 or a size 12” or “I can’t believe I can be slim.” We get this – when you have stones of fat to lose it can be so hard to imagine that your size 16 body can ever be a size 8 and look good. It is so hard to imagine, but you need to. Everyday you should be spending some time visualising yourself at your goal. Look at nice clothes you want to wear. Make this a priority. Every night go to sleep imagining what you will be doing at your goal.

9. You have negative and limiting belief self talk

“I can’t do this”, “This is too hard”, “What is the point?”, “I can’t enjoy my life without my normal food”, “I have too much going on to do this right now”, “It is going to take too long to get to my healthy weight”, “I will just do a healthy eating plan even though I have tried it a million times before and failed”… ALL THESE THOUGHTS YOU CHOOSE TO THINK.

Just like you select your outfit every morning, you also select your thoughts. We cannot help a negative thought coming into our heads – they will come. BUT, when they come we have a choice of what to do with it… we can turn it around, or we can dwell on it and let it consume us and ruin our day and our week. When you have a thought that says: “YOU CAN’T” – make sure you immediately silence that voice and say: “I CAN AND I WILL!”

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10. You’re not feeling proud of your achievements

You are not rewarding yourself or celebrating your success. You should be doing mini fist pumps everyday. Every day you are 100% you should feel PROUD. You should be planning pamper nights, buying new make-up, new clothes, getting your hair done, buying new shoes, buying something new for your favourite hobby, booking a day spa, booking a weekend break or a holiday. Whatever your budget, you need to treat and reward yourself. Remember, you might not be there yet, but you are closer than you were a week ago. Take pride in how far you have come. Have FAITH in how far you can go!

11. You are not trying on smaller clothes

It is amazing what a loss of 7 to 10 pounds can do for your clothes… are you trying on smaller clothes?? You should be trying on clothes every 2 weeks. It is sooooo motivating! It is easy to stay stuck in elasticated trousers and baggy tops… you need to try on different clothes and start thinking about how you are going to become more stylish as you slim down!


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