Week 37: My New You Plan TFR Journey

Week 37 on her New You Plan TFR journey, customer Hele faced the obstacle of starting a new job and being on plan. How did she do? Watch this week’s video to find out. This week’s obstacle… This week I faced a whole new situation. I started working full time in an office environment. I was very worried about it

[TFR Phase 3] Week 28: 81lbs Gone For Good!

As she embarks on her TFR Phase 3, customer Hele celebrates another 8lb weight loss, taking her total to an amazing 81lbs in only 28 weeks!* Watch this week’s video message to find out how she’s feeling and her top tips for success. First week back on TFR & I couldn’t be happier! All the heaviness that I felt during

Week 11: Hele’s New You weight loss vlog

Now 11 weeks into her New You weight loss vlog series, customer Hele reveals how much weight she’s lost and how she’s feeling ahead of her re-feed next week. Just as she predicted after her 1lb weight loss last week, Hele experienced a much bigger loss this week, with another impressive 4lbs gone for good. That takes her total weight

Hele’s Week 9 Weight Loss Diary

Week 9 of her weight loss diary, customer Hele has been on an incredible journey! Watch her video below to find out her total weight loss so far, as well as her tried and tested top tips… Hele is proof that so much can be achieved in such a short space of time. In just 9 weeks she has lost

Hele’s week 8 weight loss vlog

Now 8 weeks into her New You Plan journey, customer Hele’s weight loss vlog has been a source of inspiration to so many of our customers. Click on the video below to hear how much weight she’s lost this week, as well as her 4 amazing top tips for anyone just starting out. WOW! We are so in awe of

Week 5 vlog: “My TFR weight loss journey”

In her TFR weight loss journey, customer Hele has been sharing her weight loss updates in her weekly vlog. Five weeks in, she tells us how she’s feeling, as well as revealing that all important total weight loss amount. Click on her video below where she reveals all! WOW! Well done Hele!! We can’t believe it! 26.4 lbs lost in

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