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Christmas Diet Bundles | Countdown To Christmas Is On

Get your Christmas diet underway and end 2017 on a high, thanks to our NEW Countdown to Christmas Bundles! Halloween has been and gone and as the 1st of November rolls around, it’s a reminder than Christmas is just around the corner. In fact, it’s less than 8 weeks until the big day itself. Does this make you despair? Did you start the year full of great intentions that this would be YOUR year to finally lose weight once and for all? Is it just us or has 2017 been the quickest year ever?? It’s so easy to put things off until tomorrow… until Monday… or next week… or next […]

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Learn To Dance With Your Fear


As the scariest night of the year approaches it’s time to discover if your fears are holding you back from living the life that you want! If everything was easy in life, we would all have everything we want. The reason we do not have everything we want is because we are afraid! We all have fears, and it’s these fears that are holding us back from living the life we want.  When you can recognise your fears for what they are, and learn to dance with them, and get through them, then you really can achieve anything you want! “At the other side of fear is FREEDOM” What fears that […]

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Take Your Mask Off After Halloween


With Halloween fast approaching, now is the time to take the mask off and start living the life that you really want! It’s great fun dressing up, putting on masks and painting our faces, while pretending to be someone different for the day for Halloween. While Halloween is just one day, there are so many of us not being ourselves and putting on a mask everyday! Being overweight and uncomfortable with your size can dominate your life. Every thought, what you wear, where you go, what you do, how you feel… It is insane how much it can take over your life and make you feel like you are not being yourself. Are […]

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How To Step Yo-Yo Dieting Once And For All

Yo-yo dieting

The who, what, where, when, how & whys you need to ask yourself in order to stop yo-yo dieting. “I spent hours yesterday putting away my size 20 clothes and taking out my 14/16’s and I know I will get to wear 12’s thanks to New You! I decided to write myself a letter to pack away with my size 18’s and 20’s. It’s gone in the under bed storage for 6 months so that when I don’t go up a single pound in that time, I can then bring all those clothes to the pink recycling bank (minus my letter!!) Really enjoyed my “Dear me, don’t get fat again […]

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NEW Back To School Bargain Bundles

Back to school bundles

This September, let’s get back to basics! Shop our new Back to School Bargain Bundles and get your diet back on track for less! It’s officially September! With the weather turning chillier, the days shorter and the kids back to school, summer is definitely behind us and we have to say, we’re delighted about it. While we had an amazing summer, the season is often filled with overindulgence. Family outings, fun in the sun and hot summer nights bring with it the excuse we need to treat ourselves, often a little too much. With the kids being off school, and holidays to enjoy ourselves, it’s too easy to fall out […]

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“I Dropped 3 Dress Sizes With The BEST Diet Plan”*

best diet plan

Customer Zina French was feeling fat, frumpy and fed-up! Following the birth of her two children, she gained weight while on maternity leave. She struggled through diet after diet with little to no success. Hearing about how well a colleague’s brother did on the plan, she decided to give it a go! Now, she has lost a total of 35lbs and smashed her goal. Here she shares why she thinks New You is the best diet plan!* Zina, what do you think led to your weight gain? Both times I had a baby I actually put more weight on whilst on maternity leave rather than while being pregnant. I never lost […]

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New You Plan Interview: Jackie Lost 4st 7lbs & 6 Dress Sizes

New You Plan interview

Before finding The New You Plan, Jackie Murphy was miserable. Working in an extremely stressful environment, and being subjected to bullying by her supervisor led to emotional eating, and ultimately, her weight gain. Over the years she has tried every diet plan out there. She was successful once but negative comments led to her piling the weight back on, and more. However, with determination and the correct TFR plan, she has lost a staggering 4st 7lbs, as well as a phenomenal 6 dresses sizes. Here is Jackie’s New You Plan interview… Jackie, what do you think led to your weight gain? Stress would have been a big thing in my life. […]

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Customer Review: Bobbie-Jean tries our new arrivals

At The New You Plan we love all our delicious meals but nothing makes us happier than hearing that you do too! The lovely Bobbi-Jean recently tried out our NEW TASTE Pasta Carbonara as well as our NEW Orange Lemon Zing Water Flavouring. Check out what she has to say about our Pasta Carbonara here:   Love the sound of this? Shop here. Bobbie-Jean adds a little zest to her water with our Orange Lemon Zing. Check out what she had to say about it here:   Want to get your hands on this? Shop our Orange Lemon Zing here.

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Customer review: Belinda tries our new products

So far, the lovely Belinda from Dublin has lost an AMAZING 2 stone 7 lbs* with The New You Plan. Here, she tries out our newest arrivals and gives us her thoughts on each of them. *Results may vary. This is not a guarantee Belinda kicks things off with her thoughts on our Asparagus Soup. Check it out below: Like the sound of this? Shop here. Next up, Belinda declares our NEW TASTE Pasta Carbonara her favourite New You Meal EVER! Want to taste its delicious creaminess for yourself? Shop here. Finally, our Water Flavourings are perfect for helping you drink your recommended daily water intake. Find out what Belinda thinks of […]

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Summer’s hottest dresses!

The spring and summer catwalks were a bold statement of gorgeous graphics and bloomin’ marvellous floral prints and here at The New You Plan, we’ve already added quite a few to our wish lists! Check out these beauties below! 1. Bold stripe dress, £170, Karen Millen 2. Digital floral dress, £42, House of Fraser 3. Patterned bandeau dress, £29.99, H&M 4. Orchid skater dress, £45, Oasis 5. Floral shift tea dress, £39.50, Marks & Spencer Does the thought of getting into a summer dress fill you with dread? DON’T PANIC! With our fantastic BOOM Bundle, you could drop a dress size in just 6 weeks*, giving you plenty of time to slip […]

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