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5 Tips For Your New You Spring/Summer

5 Tips For Your New You Spring/Summer

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As we say adios to the cold (and woo whoo to warmer weather) you can happily wave goodbye to some of the things that have been keeping you from working on your health goals. Evenings curled up on the sofa and eating comfort food? Say, ‘see ya!’

Spring is a gateway to new beginnings. The daffodils are in full blossom and the trees are awakening with new shoots and leaves.

It only feels right that you should follow in Mother Nature’s footsteps and start to transform at this time of year. And if you make some changes, you will be happy, healthy and ready for all the fun of the summer sun.

But how can you get in the swing of things for the season, especially when you’ve been hibernating away all winter?

Well, the mild weather has already made many of you excited for what’s to come, and we want to support you in getting started. So here are some tips to get you going:

Set your Spring/Summer goals

It’s time to revaluate and decide what you want and plan how you’re going to achieve it. If you have big goals break them down, and down again to make them more manageable, and then put together a plan to reach those milestones. Make sure your plans are something that you feel you can be successful at. Hitting your mini-goals will give you a boost of motivation to stay on your journey towards your big goal.

Which leads directly onto…

Make the most of your evenings

Taking in daily fresh air is great for both your body and mind; your mood elevates, your blood pressure stabilises and digestion can improve. Plus if you take a little walk your heart will thank you too.

Be good to yourself

Self-care should be a top priority, but for most, it doesn’t even feature on their to-do list which is a shame. Doing a little something to make yourself feel good is great for your mental health which has a positive effect on how you tackle your health goals. At least once a week, put aside some time for something that brings you joy and makes you smile, it can be anything. A bubble bath, reading, painting your nails or even taking the dog for a walk.

Clean up

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind?’ You may not realise it, but living in an untidy or cluttered house all of the time can suffocate you. This could lead to feeling deflated and tired. Try having a spring clean, or declutter. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. You could just do one room or space at a time. You’ll be amazed at how therapeutic this can be and how motivated overall it can make you feel. Try looking at Marie Kondo’s concept of joy. If an item doesn’t bring you joy, get rid!

Eat for your health

Whether your health goal is to lose weight or maintain it, success will be found with good nutrition. That’s where New You can support you the most. Our product range can be used as meal replacements to lose weight or combined with healthy foods for weight maintenance. Each meal and snack are nutritionally balanced and contain over 23 vitamins and minerals to ensure your body thrives.

Now you have some great tips to launch you into spring to get you ready for the summer! You can do just one or all five if you wish. It’s making a start that’s important and will lead you to success and ready for the summer sunshine!

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