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Lucy’s Life Changing Weight Loss Story!

For customer Lucy, The New You Plan has given her a new lease of life. After spending months feeling miserable about her weight, she vowed to do something about it. Here, she shares how she lost a life changing 6 stone in 6 months and feels like a totally different person. Lucy, when did you start The New You Plan? I started in January 2017 after spending Christmas feeling miserable about my weight. I vowed then and there that it would be the last time I would feel down about my weight. January was a clean slate, the start of a new year, and therefore the perfect time to start. I was actually excited […]

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Charlotte’s Incredible, Life Changing TFR Journey!

TFR journey

For customer Charlotte, she only ever imagined being where she is now. Lacking confidence and unable to do certain things with her kids, her weight was holding her back and she knew she had to do something about it. After finding The New You Plan, she has lost 5 stone, gained tones of confidence and has even started online dating. She said if she can do it, anyone can! Here, is what she had to say about her life changing TFR journey… Charlotte, when did you start The New You Plan? I bought a 10 day bundle in July last year but I kept putting off getting started. Then on 31st […]

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Victoria’s Life Changing TFR Journey With The New You Plan

Before finding The New You Plan, Victoria was fed up always being the “fat one!”. Since finding our TFR plan, she has lost 3 stone and feels amazing! The compliments have been rolling in and she has gained tones of confidence. As her wedding day approaches, here she shares her story and how her life has completely changed. Victoria, why did you start your weight loss journey? I always was the fat one in class. On nights out, I was the fat one left on her own in the club when smoochy songs came one, never being asked to dance. I was always being stared at in the street. I finally got […]

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“My 110lb Life Changing Journey With The New You Plan!”

Mindset hacks

Customer Logan has an amazing story to tell. Over the years, he saw his weight steadily increase until he hardly recognised himself. Seeing a photo of himself from years ago, he knew he had to do something about it. A good friend introduced him to The New You Plan & while hesitant at first, he gave it a try. Here, Logan shares how he lost 110lbs & completely changed his life. He urges you to do the same. My name is Logan. This is my story. I’m a 29 year old guy that for the first time in as long as I can remember is genuinely happy with himself and […]

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Week 33: “90lbs Lost Thanks To The Best Diet Plan!”

Best diet plan

33 weeks into her New You Plan journey, customer Hele-Kai reveals that she’s lost 90lbs with the best diet plan! Watch this week’s video and get her top tips for success. Although I didn’t lose any weight this week, my spirits are high. If this had happened even 5 weeks ago, I probably would have panicked, but 90lbs later, I have total faith in this plan. Plus, although the scales haven’t moved, I’m confident that I have lost inches. I’m holding off on taking my measurements until I reach my final goal (as I like surprises) but I’ve noticed that I’m fitting into a lot of smaller sizes this week. […]

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Week 11: Hele-Kai’s New You weight loss vlog

Now 11 weeks into her New You weight loss vlog series, customer Hele-Kai reveals how much weight she’s lost and how she’s feeling ahead of her re-feed next week. Just as she predicted after her 1lb weight loss last week, Hele-Kai experienced a much bigger loss this week, with another impressive 4lbs gone for good. That takes her total weight loss in just 11 weeks to 48lbs*. Like so many of our customers, each week they experience big losses, and then one week, they become disheartened when they see a reduction. BUT, you must always remember that a loss is a loss and the scales are still going in the […]

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Customer interview: “I Lost 74lbs & Changed My Life Thanks To The New You Plan!”

For Laura Whitelaw from Holywood Co. Down, she had tried every other diet under the sun, with absolutely no success. After seeing photos of herself, she felt shame that she had let herself get to 15st 7lbs. She decided to give it one final go and thankfully came across The New You Plan. Here, she reveals how she lost a huge 5st 4lbs and 4 dress sizes and that she now has the confidence to get out there and be the person she’s always wanted to be. Here is her story… Laura, what do you believe led to your weight gain? Before starting The New You Plan, I weighed 15st 7lbs and […]

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Hele-Kai’s week 8 weight loss vlog

Now 8 weeks into her New You Plan journey, customer Hele-Kai’s weight loss vlog has been a source of inspiration to so many of our customers. Click on the video below to hear how much weight she’s lost this week, as well as her 4 amazing top tips for anyone just starting out. WOW! We are so in awe of Hele-Kai. After just 8 weeks on plan, she has lost a total of 38lbs, and is super close to crossing that 3 stone barrier! This week, we are LOVING Hele-Kai’s amazing tips for anyone starting out on their New You Plan journey! To recap, here’s what are her top tips: […]

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New You Awards 2016 – Best Newcomer- Laura Whitelaw

NEW YOU AWARDS 2016 Laura Whitelaw Start weight: 15st 7lbs Lost: 4st 9lbs Current weight: 10st 12lbs Awarded Best Newcomer 2016 truly was an incredible year in our Secret Slimmers community. We really couldn’t let an amazing year pass by without acknowledging the great effort, sheer determination and commitment that the members of our community boast, and so The New You Awards 2016 were born! These awards allowed us to raise awareness of some outstanding members of our community (Check out all the winners here!). Continuing the reveal of our New You Awards 2016, the award for ‘Best Newcomer’ goes to Laura Whitelaw. In Secret Slimmers, we warmly welcome both new […]

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{ Customer Q&A} A lot can happen in a year, it could change your life!

Natalies journey is an inspiration to any new or current New You Plan member. Turning her life around and making the decision to add the plan into her lifestyle was a choice she made over a year ago and now she is still reaping the benefits each and everyday. So how can life be transformed in a year? What changes and most importantly how can you stay focused on the task in hand? We asked Natalie a few quick fire questions to get the answers we all want to know. 1. Is the New You Plan still part of your life 1 year on? A year on, New You is […]

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