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Allie Lost 3 Stone and Now Walks Instead of Waddles!

Allie Lost 3 Stone and Now Walks Instead of Waddles!

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Out of breath and waddling when she walked wasn’t fun for Allie and she knew she had to make some changes.

Whilst in Spain, Allie discovered the New You Plan. As soon as she came home, she ordered her first bundle and she hasn’t looked back. Now that she’s lost 3 stone, Allie decided to share her journey with all of us and has even offered up a bit of advice to help you if you’re still on the fence about starting the New You Plan.


NY: How much have you lost so far with the New You Plan?

ALLIE: So I have lost 3 stone. I started on the 1st of September, and I did three months. And then I did Switch for Christmas and then 3 months on the Plan from January through to March. So I’d say it took around 6 months to lose that weight.


NY: How did you hear about the New You Plan? 

ALLIE: Through a girl on TikTok actually. A pretty Irish girl with blonde hair. I was in Spain at the time and she was talking about the New You Plan on TikTok. I was thinking ‘oh that sounds interesting!’



Before New You

NY: Could you describe to us how you felt before starting the Plan?

ALLIE: I felt so overweight all my joints were hurting, I waddled when I walked. I felt out of breath I felt like if I didn’t lose weight my organs would start giving up – even though I wasn’t that overweight. I was 13 stone 4 ½ lbs so it’s not like I was massive but for me, I’m 5 foot 2 and it’s a lot of weight to carry. 


NY: When you started, what was your first impression of the Plan?

ALLIE: So I ordered it straight away when I got home from Spain. I have done every other diet under the sun. But I’ve actually found this the easiest to follow because there’s no calorie counting. It’s so convenient. So easy. It’s all done for you. I did find it difficult at first because I didn’t like a lot of the savoury meals so it took me a little while. I’d say it took about 3 orders to get it right. I just ordered the things that I like because otherwise, I wasn’t going to succeed at it. 

You’re better off sticking to packs that you like, I think it’s important and just take a little bit of trial and error. I did find that four litres of water were too much for me, and I wasn’t losing. So I switched it to three litres and the weight came off. I think everybody is a bit different with their water intake and with what’s good for their body or not. 


Making a Start

NY: Can you tell us what was your first week like? 

ALLIE: To be honest, I can’t remember!  I know I was more of a slow loser than a fast loser. That’s probably because I didn’t have a huge amount to lose as some people do. I think it’s important not to compare yourself to others, but it’s hard. I think how fast you lose depends on your body frame, your BMI, your height and how much you have to lose.

My expectations were very high at the beginning, and I was disappointed. I do remember that. But you know, I was still losing.  I think in my first round on the Plan, I probably lost 2 stone. And then I think I had another stone from January to March, so I lost 3 stone. I do have another stone to lose because I would like to be back in the 9-stone bracket for my height and my BMI and for my health. I mean I’m comfortable where I am now but I’m back on the Plan again as from last Tuesday.


NY: We’re sure you’ll smash your goals! So what would you say are your favourite snacks and do you have a daily routine? 

ALLIE: I kind of have a routine because my husband works from home. I try to make my breakfast at about half 10 or 11 and usually have a cafe latte shake. For lunch, I’ll make my rice pudding before I take my dog for a walk and when I come back, it’s ready. Generally, in the afternoon will have vanilla or a cafe latte shake again. Then in the evening, I will probably have a caramel shake for my dinner. The only snacks that I like are cheese and onion crisps and the chocolate balls. I usually have my snack around half 8 or 9 PM at night, so don’t feel like I’m missing out. 



Non-Scale Victories

NY: What would you say was your biggest non-scale victory? 

ALLIE: Being able to fit back into clothes, especially a couple of pairs of jeans that I’d put aside; knowing I was going to be losing weight and be able to get back into them.


NY: What would you say was your biggest motivator to stay on Plan? 

ALLIE: Because my clothes didn’t fit me anymore and I felt like an elephant, that was my motivation! I do live videos in my job and I could see myself getting fatter and fatter on camera and I didn’t like it. I’m an international law of attraction coach, so I teach people about the law of attraction and positivity. I’m an author of the book, The Return To Me. 21 Ways To Love Yourself, which is the book on self-love, teaching you how to return back to yourself. I’ve done live workshops in Las Vegas and held retreats here in Ireland. At the moment I am at UGC, which is user-generated content, where you make ads for brands.


NY: Has being on the Plan changed your life in any way?

ALLIE: Now I’ve lost 3 stone, I feel so much better. I’m not out of breath when I go for a walk. I was just back from Las Vegas for six weeks and there is so much walking in Las Vegas – it’s unreal! But I was able to do it, no problem. Whereas if I had been in Vegas before I lost the weight I wouldn’t have been able to do the amount of walking I did. I just feel so much better. Before I was out of breath and waddling, but I’m not doing any of that anymore. I can walk quicker, obviously, my clothes fit me now and yeah, I just feel overall healthier. 



Happy Memories

NY: What would you say is your happiest memory?

ALLIE: Being able to fit back into the jeans that I love. Definitely. It sounds so cliche but it’s true. It’s awful when you have clothes that are sitting there, but you have to go out and buy bigger clothes. Just feeling comfortable in your clothes is great.


NY: What has been the nicest compliment that you’ve received since you’ve lost weight?

ALLIE: To be fair I don’t go out that much as I work from home, but my husband has said that I look amazing, and so has my friend.


Wise Words

NY: Do you have any advice to offer to anyone starting on the Plan?

ALLIE: Get yourself in the right frame of mind and be positive about it. In two weeks’ time, If you’ve continued in the way you eat, with bad habits and takeaways, nothing will change. But if you start now, in two weeks’ time you’ll have lost weight. 

From the health point of view, it’s so important. If you carry weight around your middle and organs then that can cause medical problems. If I can do it then so can you. 

Give yourself 2 weeks to just do it and tell yourself that you can do it. Then you’ll be on a roll. Don’t get frustrated if your weight fluctuates as it happens, it’s natural. Just carry on and you will get there and succeed.


Allie knew what she wanted, found the solution with New You and dived right in. It just goes to show that with the right mindset you can achieve anything. 

The fact that Allie has lost 3 stone has had a huge impact on her life, especially with her health. She gets about easier and walks instead of waddles and that’s fantastic!

Allie is right that mindset is important in order to be successful in your transformation, but it doesn’t have to be a barrier. At New You, customers receive free professional mindset coaching to ensure your every success. So make today the day that you say ‘yes’ to a brand new and a healthy new you, with the New You Plan


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