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Maria Went From Unmoving to Unstoppable When she Lost 3 Stone 5lbs on The New You Plan

Maria Went From Unmoving to Unstoppable When she Lost 3 Stone 5lbs on The New You Plan

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Maria freely admits that she has spent a lot of time sitting stationary, avoiding walking at every turn. But that all changed in February 2022 when she took on the New You Plan-Now she’s unstoppable.

Not the type of person to shy away from a challenge, Maria made the firm decision to lose weight and get herself moving to ultimately feel better about herself. After nearing a 3 and a half stone loss, Maria decided she’d share her journey (so far) with us in the hope to inspire others to improve their lives and health for the better.



NY: How much weight have you lost a total?

MARIA: I’ve lost 3 stone 5lbs and started the Plan on the 5th of February of this year (2022). 


NY: How did you discover the New You Plan?

MARIA: Scrolling through Facebook! I read the reviews and looked deeply into it, just to make sure that this was a safe plan to follow and that it had all nutrition needed to keep you going. After, I thought it was a very, very good idea. I needed something at that time because I was really annoyed with how heavy I had got – especially with my holiday coming up in March.


Before New You

NY: It’s great that you looked at the nutrition information. So before you started the New You Plan, how did you feel?

MARIA: I was unhappy, and had mood changes. I was being grumpy and in bad form. It was clear that I was very unfit as I couldn’t walk from the car park to the shop; I had to park right outside of it. I used to hate it if I was shopping and I saw anybody I knew and would hide to avoid a conversation. It wasn’t just walking either. My lower back and knees hurt. I’m happy to say that all my pains are gone now. I think my back problems were due to the excess weight I was carrying on my stomach – now that’s gone too!

From a health point of view, I was suffering from acid reflux. It was so bad that I was on medication from the doctor. My reflux has stopped now, so I don’t need medication anymore. I was meant to have an endoscope for my stomach due to the acid reflux, but my doctor cancelled it because I no longer suffer.


First Impressions

NY: Wow, that’s great, because endoscopy is not a nice procedure. What was your first impression of the New Plan?  What did you think when you first started?

MARIA: When I first started I was fully focused. When I have a goal to reach, if I’m in the right frame of mind, I just go for it. I think I went from 14 stone 5lbs to 13 stone 8lbs in that first week of the Plan, it was amazing.  I’d seen comments on the Secret Slimmers Facebook page that it could be tough so I was ready for it. I was one of the lucky ones I feel, as I didn’t suffer from any distracting or painful headaches. Once I got through the first week, I knew it would be plain sailing.

In the beginning, I realised I wasn’t drinking enough water so I upped my water. I found the packs very tasty and very filling. Even my partner tried the carbonara, the 4 cheese pasta and the cottage pie and said they were delicious. I really enjoyed them and I didn’t feel hungry whereas before I’d be up at night searching for food. Eating was a habit for me. It was like I’d got myself into a situation and just got used to it. 

NY: What would you say would be your favourite meals and snacks?

MARIA: The chocolate wafer bar is very nice. Meal-wise, I love the 4 cheese pasta, it’s beautiful and really creamy; it’s really gorgeous and feels like a proper dinner. It doesn’t feel like you’re not missing out on anything. The carbonara and the cottage pie are tasty too. 


Getting Organised

NY: Do you have a routine?

MARIA: In the morning before I go to work, I have my shake or sometimes a porridge. I like to space my meals out every four hours, so my last meal will be about 6 pm. Then if I want to have a snack, I’ll have it after that time. When I’m travelling or at work, I take a shake and water. I try to save my meal packs for the evening if possible. I’m always prepared wherever I go and eating every 4 hours means I don’t feel hungry so not tempted to snack.


NY: What would you say was your biggest non-scale victory?

MARIA: I’m definitely more active now and walk to the shops that I used to drive to. I no longer park right outside. I can tackle the stairs better and before I used to avoid doing things that would involve walking – but not anymore! Stairs or hills or sand – I’ll walk it! I now realise what I’m capable of and don’t miss out on a thing.


Keeping Yourself Motivated

NY: What would you say was your biggest motivator for staying on the Plan?

MARIA: The desire to be healthy and fitter, and the ability to actually look younger! I looked about 70 before I began the Plan and that was kind of affecting me. Every mirror in the house I avoided, because I couldn’t bear to look into it. I never told anybody I kept it to myself but I felt sad about it. I just wanted to feel happier in myself overall. People have said awful things to me regarding my weight. I’ve quite thick arms and a lady at a supermarket checkout asked me if I had something wrong with my arms! I had my children with me at the time so just politely said I didn’t. Remembering times like that has been a massive motivator as I don’t want to be embarrassed like that again.



NY: Can describe for me how being on the Plan has changed your life?

MARIA: Physically I have more energy, mentally, I now have a positive outlook. I have more motivation and the ambition to be successful in what I want to achieve. Also, I’ve gone from a size 20 to a size 12, so every week I try on different types of clothes (I work in a shopping centre), some fit, some don’t, but I know they soon will. I have to say that Pascale really resets your way of thinking when it comes to food which has made a big difference to me.


Getting Healthy

NY: How has your health improved?

MARIA: The pain in my lower back and knees have gone. My medication has been stopped and I can breathe more easily. I don’t snore at night anymore! My skin looks so much better now too.


NY: What’s your happiest memory?

MARIA: Feeling confident when I was on holiday. Oh, and being able to wear a dress that I had bought last year for my grandson’s communion. It cost 140 euros, but it wouldn’t go up over my hips. Now it fits beautifully!


NY: What would you say is the biggest compliment that you’ve received?

MARIA: When My grandson Eli, who I hadn’t seen in a while said ‘nanny, you look skinny!’. Also one of my work colleagues said I looked ‘amazing’ and ‘younger.’



Words of Wisdom

NY: What would be your advice to anyone starting the Plan?

MARIA: Read up all the information on the website so you’re prepared and just try it. It’s easy, tasty, and filling and you can take it with you. Also, make sure you’re in the right frame of mind. You have to want it enough – being half-hearted won’t give you results. And make the most of the support because it’s amazing and use all the tools available too as they’re both free.


Dropping down 3 dress sizes had a positive effect on Maria’s health both physically and mentally. And how cute that her grandson Eli complimented his nanny on her hard work? She took everything that New You provided her with and ran with it; now her results speak for themselves. She’s been unstoppable in every way.

Maia is now loving life and the freedom her transformation has given her. We couldn’t be more proud and will be cheering her on as she continues with her journey.

Thank you so much for sharing your transformation with us, Maria!

If you have a story to tell or have questions about starting with the New You Plan then our friendly customer service would love to hear from you.

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