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Committed Caz Has Been Maintaining Her Weight Loss For 8 Months Now

Committed Caz Has Been Maintaining Her Weight Loss For 8 Months Now

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Before Caz started maintaining her weight, she had lost 2 stone 4 with New You’s Total (12-week) Plan. Back in August 2021, we blogged about her journey and it inspired a lot of you to start your own transformations.

Now, 8 months later we decided to catch up on Caz to see how she’s getting on and to find out her secret to maintaining her goal weight.

NY: How much have you lost and how long did it take you?
CAZ: I  lost 2 stone and 4 pounds in 12 weeks last year. I have gradually, in about 6 months, gained half a stone due to Christmas and birthdays, however, I have gone back on to the Plan and in 2 weeks I have lost that half a stone. I’ve been maintaining it ever since.


NY: That’s great! We wrote a blog on your success last August; how has your life changed since we last spoke? 
CAZ: In general as a person I am much happier and much more confident than I used to be. My weight was always on my mind all the time, every day, I kept thinking, what can I wear to cover my belly but still feel confident and comfortable. I don’t have an issue with that anymore, I enjoy wearing clothes again. I can wear the clothes that I want to wear, not the clothes that I was just wearing to cover bits and pieces. Now I’m enjoying healthier foods and exercise. I’m much happier.
NY: That’s fantastic to hear. What kind of exercise do you do?
CAZ: I never enjoyed exercising before, I think that is one of the reasons why I gained weight. I would either eat rubbish and exercise a lot or try eating healthy and not exercising at all. It’s great to find the balance now. I’ve joined my local gym where I swim most days. I do 45 minutes either before work or in the evening. I enjoy it because it is a low impact exercise.  Also, I do a gym class once a week as well.  
NY: Are you still on the Plan? Are you maintaining your weight loss with Switch? If not, how are you maintaining?
CAZ: Salads, fruit and vegetables make up a big portion of my meals. I try to avoid carbs and I would have low calorie treats, like chocolate bars and crisps. The best part about the New You Plan is that if you put on a few pounds, you can just go back to it and you lose the weight quickly. This is the reason why I could do this Plan, you get instant results, whereas, with other diets, weight loss can be slow. 

Life lessons

NY: What have you learnt from the Plan that you are still using in your everyday life?
CAZ: The main thing I have learnt is drinking more water. When I first realized how much we have to drink on the Plan I thought it would be a real struggle, but it’s quite easy once you are used to it; that is the main thing I still do every day.  I used to suffer from migraines and I think it was due to being dehydrated. Since drinking 4 litres of water every day I barely get migraines anymore. 
NY: Is there any advice you would give to anyone starting the Plan?
CAZ: My advice is if you want the results, this plan really does work. The first 3-4 days are the hardest but if you can push through that you will feel amazing. Even if you have a bad day like we all do, just always remember why you started the plan and that will spur you on.

Then & now

NY: Can you tell us how you felt before the Plan and how you have found the Plan in general?
CAZ: Before the Plan, I was the heaviest I had been in a long time. I was always around 10-11 stone before I had the children. I’d tried to lose weight with other diets, but I just couldn’t get to a weight where I was comfortable again. During the lockdown and Christmas, I’d just had enough. I didn’t like seeing myself in pictures so I thought I will purchase the 2 week Kick Start bundle and I will try and see if this works. I’ve joined Secret Slimmers, which I love. I saw a lady in there who had lost 2 stone 4 pounds, her starting weight was same as mine, so I private messaged her for support. We became really amazing friends, we messaged every single day and we were supporting each other a lot. She lives 2 hours away from me, and just last week I went and visited her, it was great!
NY: That’s exactly why we created the Secret Slimmers! What is your biggest non-scale victory?
CAZ: Probably clothes. When I finished my 12 weeks last year and I got my summer clothes out, everything was huge for me. It felt incredible. Seeing the weight on the scales coming down is great but seeing it on clothes as well is amazing. 

Sound advice

NY: Is there any advice you would give to anyone on how to maintain weight loss?
CAZ: I think exercising is really important and drinking plenty of water. I would also try to eat my meals at the same time I would have my packs. Try not to eat between meals and try not to eat too late before bed either.  
Some really great advice from Caz there. Moving your body and exercising is really great for your health as well as making sure your body is properly hydrated.
We’re so pleased that Caz has managed to get to a place where she is confident and eats the food that she knows aligns with the self she wants to be. We hope she is as proud of her achievements as we are.
If you want some advice on how to maintain your goal weight then we have all the information you need in our Switch Facebook group and on our website. You can do this!
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