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“2017 has been the BEST year of my life thanks to The New You Plan!”

2017 was an unforgettable year for New You Plan customer, Joanne. Not only did she lose 7 stone, but she has kept it off since reaching her target in the summer. Here, she shares her heartfelt reasons for getting started and offers her words of wisdom to help you make 2018 your year! Joanne, why did you start your weight loss journey? I started my New You journey on 11th January 2017. My reasons for starting were because I was feeling fat, grumpy and had absolutely no energy. I had been in denial for years about my weight and not thinking about the number of calories in the food and drink […]

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“My life changing year with The New You Plan!”

For customer Lucy, 2017 has been a year of transformation. She lost a life changing 6 stone in 6 months after spending last Christmas feeling miserable about her weight. This Christmas, she feels like a totally different person. Here, she shares her story and why she believes 2018 will be your year. Lucy, when did you start The New You Plan? I started in January 2017 after spending Christmas feeling miserable about my weight. I vowed then and there that it would be the last time I would feel down about my weight. January was a clean slate, the start of a new year, and therefore the perfect time to start. I was […]

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“My 110lb Life Changing Journey With The New You Plan!”

Mindset hacks

Customer Logan has an amazing story to tell. Over the years, he saw his weight steadily increase until he hardly recognised himself. Seeing a photo of himself from years ago, he knew he had to do something about it. A good friend introduced him to The New You Plan & while hesitant at first, he gave it a try. Here, Logan shares how he lost 110lbs & completely changed his life. He urges you to do the same. My name is Logan. This is my story. I’m a 29 year old guy that for the first time in as long as I can remember is genuinely happy with himself and […]

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Hele-Kai Vlog: 4 Stone Lost In 16 Weeks*

4 stone

As phase 2 of her TFR journey begins, customer Hele-Kai reveals she has lost another 5 lbs, taking her weight loss to 4 stone in just 16 weeks*. Click on her video below to find out what she had to say about being back on plan. What an amazing first week back on TFR! Hele-Kai is totally in the zone, with an amazing 4 stone weight loss in only 16 weeks!* A 5lb weight loss this week is the perfect boost she needs to keep going and push through to reaching her end goal. The end is definitely in sight! What we love is that Hele-Kai is beginning to experience that […]

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Hele-Kai’s TFR Journey – Week 15

Hele-Kai's TFR journey

Week 15 of her New You Plan TFR Journey, Hele-Kai reveals how she’s feeling now that she’s back on full TFR after a 3 week break. Click on her video to hear what she had to say. 50lbs lost & maintained in 15 weeks! What so many of our customers love about New You is the simplicity of our plan. By simply enjoying x4 of our packs per day, you will lose weight*. There’s no calorie counting, food weighing or embarrassing weigh-in meetings. Our customers crave structure when it comes to their diet. Because they know exactly what they can and can’t eat, this formula works for them. Hele-Kai is […]

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Hele-Kai’s Week 14 New You Plan vlog

New You Plan vlog

Now on week 14 of her New You Plan vlog, customer Hele-Kai gets ready to go back on full TFR next week, ahead of her re-feed and Family Focus break. Watch her video to find out how much weight she has lost this week, as well as some invaluable advice for anyone on plan! While on Family Focus, Hele-Kai has lost another 2lbs, bringing her total weight loss to 51.5lbs in 14 weeks. Often when you follow an unconventional diet plan, people will tell you that it’s a fad and a short term fix and that you’ll put the weight all back on. But, The New You Plan is different, and Hele-Kai […]

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Week 3 Vlog: Hele-Kai’s New You Plan Experience

My New You Plan Experience: Week 3 Weigh-in Results In her series of vlogs, customer Hele-Kai has been sharing her New You Plan experience. Click on her video below to find out how much weight she has lost this week and how she is finding her time on plan. Well done Hele-Kai! We’re super proud of you! That’s an amazing 17lbs lost altogether!! Make sure you check back next week to hear how her fourth week went. We can’t wait to hear about your fantastic inch losses! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Has Hele-Kai inspired you? Start your journey TODAY! This spring, we want to help as many people as possible start their New You […]

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New You Awards 2016 – Cheeriest Cheerleader Award

NEW YOU AWARDS 2016 Christina Stewart Start weight: 18st 7lbs Lost: 4st 8lbs* Current weight: 13st 13lbs Awarded Cheeriest Cheerleader *Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee. 2016 saw the launch of our ‘Cheerleaders’ in Secret Slimmers. Our customers truly are the heart of our community and with so many inspirational ladies leading the way, we felt it was only right to officially call them our ‘Cheerleaders’. This fantastic group of people play an active role in Secret Slimmers, offering inspiration, motivation and words of encouragement by the bucketload! Although it has only been in place a few months, the feedback has been unbelievable. And one Secret Slimmer […]

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[Customer interview]: Delyth lost 24lbs* with New You

lost 24lbs with New You

  *Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual. Facing a potential knee replacement operation if she didn’t lose weight, Delyth, or ‘Delly’ as she’s more commonly known, knew she had to take control and do something about it! As a school teacher by day and performer by night, Delly is very much a social butterfly and seeing the weight creep on, she noticed it was taking a toll on her confidence. Having tried various other diets, including weight loss with a gastric bypass, having two children and being diagnosed with lupus, led to her putting much of the weight she had lost, back on. Thankfully, fate […]

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[Customer interview]: Debbie lost 57lbs* with New You

*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual. Feeling “Sluggish, fat and frumpy” at the age of just 28, Debbie Fairgrieve knew she couldn’t go on any longer. Having tried every diet under the sun, including two failed gastric band surgeries, Debbie lost 91lbs* before she hit a stand-still. Determined to reach her target, and finally be able to ride her horse without feeling guilty, she needed something for that final push. Thankfully she found The New You Plan, which definitely did the trick. Having lost a total of 148lbs*, 57lbs* of which was with New You, she shares the very real reasons why she needed to […]

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