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2016 Secret Slimmer Diaries – ‘I am fitter, faster, healthier and so much happier’ – How the plan has turned Jennie’s life around in a year!

In this instalment of the ‘2016 Secret Slimmer Diaries’ we hear Jennie’s story. Jennie started the New You Plan back in January this year. Like a lot of customers January can be the trigger point with the iconic phrase ‘New Year, New You’ being advertised all over the media. As predictable as this saying it it doesn’t mean people shouldn’t adhere to it as the start of a new year does bring new beginnings and opportunities so you should grasp them and make the changes you want to make! That is exactly what Jennie did, the 7th January came around and she told herself ‘today is the today’ and that […]

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‘Almost 7 stone lighter in a year..’, 2016 was Julie’s year, will 2017 be yours?

As another year draws to a close we look back over the highs and lows of 2016 and how for some it marked the start of their New You Journey. In every weight loss journey the trigger is the initial starting pointing. This can stem from falling off the wagon due to unforeseeable life changes, your favourite pair of jeans no longer fitting like they use to or just the realisation that something has to change. Like every year January can be the kickstart that you need. New Year means back into action with a positive attitude to make this the year you will not give up and find your […]

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[ Set for Success ] Was 2016 YOUR year?

With 2016 drawing to a close we take a look back at what has happened over the last 365 days with the help from some of you lovely Secret Slimmers. 2016 marked the start of so many of your New You Journeys. Something brought you to us, a tv ad, email or Facebook, whatever it was it was the first step to you losing those unwanted pounds and start feeling great. This week I opened up the question ‘Was 2016 your year to find the New You?’ on Secret Slimmers. The responses were mixed as to be expected as everyone is at a different stages of their journey. A lot […]

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{ Customer Q&A} A lot can happen in a year, it could change your life!

Natalies journey is an inspiration to any new or current New You Plan member. Turning her life around and making the decision to add the plan into her lifestyle was a choice she made over a year ago and now she is still reaping the benefits each and everyday. So how can life be transformed in a year? What changes and most importantly how can you stay focused on the task in hand? We asked Natalie a few quick fire questions to get the answers we all want to know. 1. Is the New You Plan still part of your life 1 year on? A year on, New You is […]

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New Year Motivation – Top tips for staying on track!

With the New Year fast approaching we know that staying on track can be quite a daunting task. Wether you are planning on staying on plan throughout the festive period or are giving yourself a break and restarting in Jan we want to make the transition as easy as possible. By getting your mindset right now is the first step to staying on track. Think about why you are on the plan in the first place? How close are you to reaching your goal and the progress you have made. The festive period can be what you make of it, it doesn’t have to be dominated by food. Christmas time […]

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{ SUCCESS STORY } ‘Thank you for changing my life’ – 1 year on!

By looking back at the past you realise how quickly time goes by, it seems like no time ago we were sunning ourselves during the Summer months and now Christmas trees are popping up all over the place. A lot can happen over a year, 365 days of difference that can impact greatly on your life. From new friendships, new career choices and lifestyle changes, these are the foundation to altering your path and changing the route of your journey. Here at the New You Plan time is a very important, each customer has a different goal in mind so their journeys have different lengths. The initial beginning is the first […]

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{ OFFER } End 2016 Strong – Start 2017 Right!

Drop a dress size before Christmas

The end is nigh.. can you believe we have reached the last month of 2016? Where has the year gone? Looking back over the year so much has happened us as a company, from celebrating our 7th Birthday to new staff and of course new customers. This time of year is a great time to reflect on past experiences and challenges you have overcome, a lot has changed in the last 11 months but the year isn’t over yet.. In 4 weeks we will ring in the New Year and tackle whatever 2017 has to throw at us but this month could be your stepping stone to starting the year how you […]

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{ OFFER } Happy 41st Birthday Julz :) Let’s celebrate together!

November is a very special month at the New You Plan, as you have noticed all month we have been celebrating our 7 years in business with a birthday offer, special competitions and celebratory activities to mark the occasion but this isn’t the only thing that makes November so special.. On the 30th of this month we say Happy Birthday to our very own Julie Ann who will be celebrating her 41st Birthday. Something this big cannot go unnoticed, after all without Julz we wouldn’t have the New You Plan to begin with. To mark the occasion we want to celebrate with you. For 1 day only we are offering 41% off all […]

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{ OFFER } BLACK FRIDAY has arrived!

It is what we all have been waiting for.. Black Friday has arrived!! The biggest discount day of the year welcomes savings galore on both the high street and online. With such amazing offers appearing in all areas it is the perfect time to get into the Christmas spirit and prepare for the fun times ahead. We have gone BLACK FRIDAY crazy here at the New You Plan and have slashed the price of our 4 week bundle with a whopping 50% OFF. Yes, you read right! We are giving you 120 products for the price of 60. That’s a saving off £119.40!!  But that’s not all.. we are also slashing the prices of our blender bottles, […]

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{ CHALLENGE } Put on your dancing shoes! #movement

A diet plan like New You highlights the importance of creating the full package to keep your mind focused on the task in hand. A careful balance of eating right, staying motivated with positive thinking and of course introducing exercise (no matter how big or small) into your weekly regime. Sometimes the idea of exercise can be daunting as the extremes flash in your mind stemming from crazy gym routines, running a half marathon or swimming 50 lengths of the pool.. but it doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Exercise is what you make of it, a 5 minute walk still falls under the same bracket as a 5 mile […]

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