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[ Set for Success ] Was 2016 YOUR year?

[ Set for Success ] Was 2016 YOUR year?

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tumblr_mel2swfe7z1qcpfjdo1_1280With 2016 drawing to a close we take a look back at what has happened over the last 365 days with the help from some of you lovely Secret Slimmers. 2016 marked the start of so many of your New You Journeys. Something brought you to us, a tv ad, email or Facebook, whatever it was it was the first step to you losing those unwanted pounds and start feeling great.

This week I opened up the question ‘Was 2016 your year to find the New You?’ on Secret Slimmers. The responses were mixed as to be expected as everyone is at a different stages of their journey. A lot of your have looked at the year as whole and not primarily focused on the weight loss side of it. In hindsight it is quite a difficult question to answer as everyones perception of a ‘New You’ will be different. For some reaching that goal weight is what you are striving for and what you want to become the New You whereas others will see the bigger picture and want to change their mindset from a negative to a positive one.

When on a plan like ours it can make you think of new things you never would of thought of before. How you see things and most importantly how you approach it can be completely turned around with a change of mindset. When undergoing a weight loss journey your relationship with food will change. Healthy options become appealing and the battle of living for food soon changes to food is for living. 2016 marked the start of so many new journeys for our customers. With the added ups and downs like any new lifestyle change, this year has seen people welcome the challenge to finding their New You.bfc174_9c6a4592f91545eb87e1de61d97d8199

Lets see what our Secret Slimmers had to say about their 2016 experiences..

‘I haven’t reached my goal weight yet, life keeps getting in my way but I am on my way to a much healthier 2017. The turning point was not being able to walk after having knee problems’ Pauline McGivern

Like a lot of customers the turning point can merely be down to health. Our weight can have a drastic impact on our physical fitness. From bad backs, blood pressure and like Pauline shared, knee problems. When something impacts your health you know it is the turning point.

‘As a lot of you know, I made some rather life changing decisions this year and all for the better! My turning point was realising how far I had come on my journey and realising I was now a confident woman again and negativity had to go from my life! I have been maintaining pretty well, weight has fluctuated up and down due to what was going on in my life but now I am happy happy happy! More changes to come in 2017!’ Candida Woolcott

newlife-825x510We love hearing that our plan has completely turned someones life around and made them a more positive and confident person. That is one of the main reasons New You was created, to make our customers feel the best they can. Candida shared with us how before the plan she had a lot of negative feelings. A truth amongst nearly everyone who joins our plan. When you aren’t comfortable with how you look and feel on the outside you aren’t going to have a positive attitude on the inside.

‘2016 has been a very tough year but coming towards the end of the year things are brighter. Hoping for a happy 2017 with some fresh starts’ Jolly Sabs

‘I can’t believe what I have achieved this year. I’ve gained a positive mindset that I know I can rely on through everyday. I’ve risen above and beyond what I thought was possible and found a person I didn’t even know existed. I am nowhere near goal weight nor have I achieved what I want because now I a know my dreams are ever evolving into bigger and better things. What I do know now is that anything is possible and I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for me.’ Christina Stewart

Christina’s recap is an inspiring insight into how a plan like ours can really change you as a person inside and out. A positive mindset is so important to reaching your goal and staying focused. 7308209616_152ea3ba6f_z
When your mind is in the right place your rate of success is automatically heightened as negative inputs won’t be holding you back. Like we say a lot here at the New You, you can be whoever you want to be. If losing those unwanted pounds and changing your mindset will help you achieve that then make the change and start your journey to find the person you want to be.

‘2016 has mostly been a fabulous and thrilling year. I set myself a goal of 4 stone to shed and smashed it plus another 2 stone. I completed couch to 5k and did a charity 5k run and actually love how I feel during and after. I’m down from a 20/22 to a 12/14 for the first time in 20 years. I feel proud, happy, excited and want to go further to look and feel even better but just need to work out why my tummy is so sad first. Hope to get answers soon and look forward to setting lots of new exciting goals and adventures in 2017.’ Jennie Chandler-Stokes

It is perfect to have a goal in mind when starting out on your weight loss journey, when you reach it you can reward yourself a job well done. But when you go past that it is an added bonus you weren’t expecting. Jennie has had a brilliant 2016 and has smashed her goal making her feel fabulous. She kept her eye on the prize and worked hard to achieve it, there is no way you can’t be like Jennie as well and reap the benefits of achieving your goal and feeling great.

‘I lost over half my goal weight this year but lately slid back up a bit again! I want to make 2017 the year I slide back down and keep going to goal!’ Caroline McCrea

‘Haven’t reached goal yet but did go out of my comfort zone last May when I met some amazing SS in Belfast and others in Birmingham last weekend. I’m still lighter than I thought I would be. I’m healthier than I ever thought possible but most of all the real me is shining through with every pound I lose. Life isn’t perfect but simple tasks are easier, life is happier but most of all I’m the me I should be and not the me others want me to be.’ Jackie Murphy

tumblr_mbbrb6wnti1rov4mbo1_500Stepping out of your comfort zone is a common occurrence when undergoing a weight loss journey. After all it is a lifestyle change that both your body and mind need to adapt to. Pushing yourself to succeed is key to getting to that target. Like previously mentioned it is not only just about losing weight, it is the full package. Doing things you wouldn’t of done pre-plan is still a step in the right direction. These little triumphs will all be pieces of the puzzle in creating a whole New You when the time comes.

2016 has been eventful and everyone will remember it for different reasons. Whatever stage you are at celebrate what you have achieved this year and look forward to what 2017 will bring. You never know, it could be the year you find your New You!




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