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{ SUCCESS STORY } ‘Thank you for changing my life’ – 1 year on!

{ SUCCESS STORY } ‘Thank you for changing my life’ – 1 year on!

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natalie1By looking back at the past you realise how quickly time goes by, it seems like no time ago we were sunning ourselves during the Summer months and now Christmas trees are popping up all over the place. A lot can happen over a year, 365 days of difference that can impact greatly on your life. From new friendships, new career choices and lifestyle changes, these are the foundation to altering your path and changing the route of your journey.

Here at the New You Plan time is a very important, each customer has a different goal in mind so their journeys have different lengths. The initial beginning is the first part of success. Completing day 1 is just as important as completing day 365. With the right mindset and motivation your goals can come by quicker than you think, we are a firm believer that seeing is believing is one of the best ways to get motivated and what better way than with our success stories..

Natalie started her journey EXACTLY 1 year ago and what a journey it was..img-20160709-wa0010

‘I was ashamed, embarrassed, I felt sluggish and my weight was getting me down’ Natalie

Her starting weight was 18stone 11 Ibs and she wore a 24/26 dress size. Like a lot of customers The New You Plan was her first attempt at a TFR diet but she started noticing results straight away! From being on Fast Focus and allowing herself the odd day off for her children’s birthdays, Natalie lost an incredible 7 stone!! That is 8 dress sizes!!

‘Scrolling through my instagram account and see a picture of myself from New You! It’s so strange to see it used like this but such a motivation! New day….new week……and exactly a year since I started my journey!! Thank you for changing my life!!! 💖’ Natalie 


Natalie story is such an inspiration, she wasn’t happy with how she looked and took on the challenge to do something about it. She stayed focused and on track and got the results she wanted that she is still benefiting from. Use Natalies story as the push you need to start your own journey, her transformation took a year so what could you achieve in that time? If you start today this time next year you will be reaping the benefits and feeling great.

‘A year of hard work with a few bumps along the way, definitely worth it! Couldn’t have done it without Thenewyouteam! 💖 Let’s see what the next year brings!’ Natalie

Don’t wait until the new year, if you are uncomfortable now make the change now and start your New You journey. The festive period brings with it a lot of temptation and in a result will make you feel even more uncomfortable when the New Year comes around. If you start today then you will already have your mind set in a positive way to help you stay motivated at the start of the year and throughout 2017.

This is YOUR time, it doesn’t have to be January or a Monday. Your starting date can be today. Make 2016 a year to remember and take on the challenge to lose those unwanted pounds. By starting today you will already see results by the time the New Year comes around. How great would you feel ringing in the New Year one step closer to your target weight? Its only you who can do it and we believe 100% that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.


Top 3 tips from Natalie:
1. Always be prepared, you never know what the day is going to throw at you, make sure you don’t get caught without any products!
2. Whenever you think you done with the water, there is always room for more!! Haha
3. Eat the food you love! Don’t waste your time with meals your not keen on, or try and do 4 shakes a day if you don’t want to. All the combinations work so just do what makes you happy. For me it’s porridge….I could eat it 4 times a day and still want more!

Become your own success story. Take inspiration from Natalie’s incredible transformation and imagine yourself doing the same before and after sequence. Believe in yourself, your time is now, so make the right decision and change today!


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