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{ CHALLENGE } Put on your dancing shoes! #movement

A diet plan like New You highlights the importance of creating the full package to keep your mind focused on the task in hand. A careful balance of eating right, staying motivated with positive thinking and of course introducing exercise (no matter how big or small) into your weekly regime. Sometimes the idea of exercise can be daunting as the extremes flash in your mind stemming from crazy gym routines, running a half marathon or swimming 50 lengths of the pool.. but it doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Exercise is what you make of it, a 5 minute walk still falls under the same bracket as a 5 mile […]

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MChallenge Recap: The importance of #marriage and #mates on a weight loss journey!

Everyone’s weight loss journey is different, some find it easy and start seeing results early on but others can find it more challenging. The important factor is no matter what type of journey you are on, giving up is not the answer. All our bodies are like jigsaw pieces, each piece is different but they all need to work together to make the end result. It is this idea that can really help evaluate the key components needed for a successful weight loss journey. Eating a calorie controlled diet isn’t the only way you will succeed, you need to think of the bigger picture and that is where the #mchallenge comes into play. We look […]

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New You #Mchallenge – Mindset Week!

It is #mchallenge time again and to make it even more special it is the New You Plans 7th Birthday!! This weeks challenge was focusing on our #mindset. Before we take a look at what our community have been up to I will tell you the in’s and out’s of how the #mchallenge works: If you are new to the plan you will have already discovered that we approach weight loss in a very different way to other companies. We know that taking on the challenge is initially very hard so we like to be there for our customers every step of the way. Working together as a family we help #motivate our #members […]

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New You Plan #MChallenge Week 3 Winner

#MChallenge week 3

We can’t believe we have already completed 3 full weeks of our #MChallenge! If you haven’t heard about it… where have you been?! If you are already on your New You Plan journey, you’ll be well aware of the fact that our #moto has always been about helping our customers rediscover themselves. As soon as just a few days into the plan, the newbies on Secret Slimmers are always commenting that they are already seeing a shift in their #mindset! They are more #motivated than ever before to lose weight and really dedicate some time to their own transformation. You see, losing weight shouldn’t just be about losing weight. We could […]

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New You Plan #Mchallenge Week 2 Winners

New You Plan #Mchallenge

This autumn we’re determined to make a difference to as many of our customers’ lives as possible. In a real effort to do this, we thought about how we could keep each and every one of you motivated and on track to smash your weight loss goals before Christmas… Enter the #Mchallenge! Launched earlier this year during spring, our customers have raved about the #Mchallenge ever since! And because we like to do what we’re told, we’ve brought it back… but obviously it’s BIGGER and BETTER! With your New You journey comes a whole change in #Mindset, and the #Mchallenge is all about changing from the inside out. During your time […]

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First New You #Mchallenge winners are announced!

First New You #Mchallenge winners

In case you didn’t know, something BIG has been going on at The New You Plan! It’s that time of the year when we could all do with a little extra push and because we’re more than just a diet meal company our main aim is ALWAYS to inspire and motivate our customers… Cue… the #Mchallenge! If you haven’t heard about it… Where have you been? Here’s the scope… This autumn we’re asking our customers to take a giant leap! So many of us eat and drink too much of the wrong things because it makes us happy. But that is what makes us unhappy and unhealthy, which is why […]

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#Mchallenge is BACK – Get Your Free Wall Chart, Build in Healthy Habits, Have Fun! £1,000 in Prizes to be Won! :-)

The New You Plan #Mchallenge is all about being building healthy habits into your life and creating a Wonderful Life!  After the success of our April #Mchallenge, we are excited to bring the #mchallenge back! How amazing are you going to make this Autumn? Creating a NEW YOU isn’t just about losing weight, it is about having fun, enjoying life, stepping outside your comfort zone, building in healthy habits, and thinking in a way that empowers you! The #mchallenge is a good excuse to try new things!  We encourage you to share your photos on your social media and #hashtag #mchallenge – this will inspire your friends and family and […]

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#Memories – Win a Camera worth £60

Well done to Ash R – Competition now closed DO YOU WANT TO BE IN FOR THE CHANCE OF WINNING a camera worth £60😀 😀   To Enter Just Answer the simple Questions Down below 😀 😀   This Tuesday we are focusing on #Memories   #Memories – It is important to take note everyday, about your wins, and capture that memory. It is so easy to forget our wins, and focus only on”what we haven’t done” or “what we should do” – make a point every night to write out at least 3 things that you achieved that day that are wins that you want to capture and remember. […]

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#Mapping – Win £100 worth of New You Cash Points

Well done Christina Competition now closed  DO YOU WANT TO BE IN FOR THE CHANCE OF WINNING £100/€129 Worth of New You Cash Points?😀 😀   To Enter Just Answer the simple Questions Down below 😀 😀   This Monday we are focusing on #Mapping   #Mapping – Map out your week every weekend and Map out the next day every night before you go to bed. Planning your days and making sure you schedule in time for your healthy habits will help you to stay healthy and happy and create that sense of momentum and achievement that you are moving confidently towards the life of your dreams. It is […]

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#MagicalMoments – Win a Jo Malone Candle worth £50

Well done Bernadette – Competition Now Closed DO YOU WANT TO BE IN FOR THE CHANCE OF WINNING a Jo Malone Candle worth £50??😀 😀   To Enter Just Answer the simple Questions Down below 😀 😀   This Friday we are focusing on #Magicalmoments #MagicalMoments – Life is all about creating magical moments and appreciating them. The more we seek out to make these moments, the more magical life will be. From the simple; cuddle on the sofa, making someone you love a cup of tea, a walk at sunset, a fun day out to the beach to be big magical moments like the holiday of a lifetime. The […]

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